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#601 steve0


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Posted 04 October 2016 - 17:51

I will never understand scoring on the SIFT, not completing 2 sections and a known wrong answer and still a perfect score....

The only correlation I have noticed has been the perceived difficulty in comparison to score.

The more someone says "This section and that section were really easy", the more likely it was they score closer to a 40. Then everyone who scored over 70 says the math and reading were really tough.
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#602 kschwar



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Posted 04 October 2016 - 17:52

I took the SIFT today as well. Mine was a little more painful than most simply because the people at my MEPs first told me it was 1st and 3rd Wednesday and then got me locked out of the test for more than an hour after the Army Aviation Section. I really wish I could retake the 2nd half because the general idiocy of it had me fuming.


Simple Figures


I double-clicked a few times but got to 97.


Hidden Figures


This was definitely the hardest section for me. I got to 20/50 but I am pretty sure I got every single one of the ones I did right.


Spatial Orientation


The pictures were slightly worse than the ones I practiced with but as long as you knock out wrong answers and follow the rules the study guide teaches you, it's not hard.


Army Aviation


This one was a bit easier than I thought it would be. I am definitely glad I read the FAA book but there was not one question about Bernouli or Venturi which I found really odd (know it anyway). Know  specific US Army helicopters and their role. I'd also know anything that could affect pilots ability to perform.


Reading Comprehension


Unnecessarily convoluted. Read carefully and apply the process of elimination


Math Knowledge


I thought I would be okay here but the section ended much quicker than I thought it would. I may have accidentally hit a wrong answer after I thought the page was stuck. I kept getting hit with exponent questions so know how those work I guess.


They had all the geometry formulas provided but I would not rely on that.


Mechanical Knowledge


Understand simple machines, Newton's Laws, and centrifugal force. It was not that bad.


Score: 59


Thanks for the help everyone as I have been lurking these posts since August!



#603 Nrets


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Posted 04 October 2016 - 20:23

My guess is that there's more than one way to get a "perfect' score on this test. It's not linear. It's a selection instrument and weights several factors to determine your "score". 

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#604 Seminole


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Posted 09 November 2018 - 10:14

Just tested. I appreciated the after action reports on here so time to give my own.

Simple drawings: Easy, but didnt finish all 100 as I thought I could. Likely made it to the high 80s low 90s before timed out. Know for a fact I mis-clicked only one wrong answer.

Hidden figures: Easier than anticipated, but still struggled with time. 21/50 completed with 2 educated guesses to keep moving. Had the same 5 shapes for my questions.

Aviation: Easy after moderately thorough reading of the FAA handbook. Had to guess on a question about airspace and a few about night flying that I neglected to read about. Overall easy content when concerning aerodynamics and flight controls.

Spacial apperception: To quote someone on this board, laughably bad image quality Not hard, used all the extra time to double check answers.

Reading comp: English is a strength of mine. This was harder than anticipated, but not terrible.

Math: Abysmal, I got smoked. Concepts I recognized, but applied in more complex manners than I was able to work through. Confidently answered 2-3 questions at best. Many educated guesses, answered maybe 10-12 questions total before running out of time. Logs, complex fractional exponents, and geometry gave me trouble. Very few classic algebraic equations.

Mechanical comp: For me this was also tough. Some questions involved calculations that required knowledge of units (Joules, gravity) which caught me off guard. Questions on metallurgy and electronics which I was unfamiliar with. Lots of deduction, logic, and instinct was used in this subtest. Again ran out of time, was not booted.

Score: 64

Overall takeaways: The general idea I have seen conveyed on this board is many who find the test difficult do relatively well. This was my experience. By the end of the test I was very surprised to see my score. I knew I would at least pass, but thought I had blown it as far as a solid score was concerned.

I feel I really could have done more in my preparation to get a higher score. I studied for a month in May and for the last week, most of which was centered in the FAA handbook. All in all I am happy with my score and happy to be finished with this hurdle.

#605 Simpsj17


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Posted 10 November 2018 - 18:58

Overall it was difficult for me. But I still got selected with a 42 soft score so dont give up if you dont score great.

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