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Commissioned Army Officer to Aviation Warrant Officer

commission warrant officer woft revert resign commissioned ROTC flight school CW2

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#281 AngryJoe


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Posted 07 August 2018 - 01:33

Well fellas, I can start to see it coming full circle.  Spent my last day as the Brigade Chief of Operations, outprocessed Fort Wainwright, and am currently in British Columbia making my way toward Fort Rucker.  I resign my commission 18 SEP and swear my oath on 19 SEP.  Report to Rucker on 28 SEP.  Enjoying some much needed leave in between.  


It's been an adventure thus far, and it hasn't even started yet.  Cannot thank everyone enough in this thread for the advice and lessons learned that you have shared.  It is an ever changing process until it becomes more common, which it is becoming more common.  My sole piece of advice for anyone who is interested in making the conversion is to stop and make something happen for yourself.  If you're like me, the Army has engrained the selfless service attribute into me, and I felt selfish oftentimes taking the time and effort away from my duties to get this done.  Remember that the Army always has a replacement for you.  You will be a better Soldier and a more valuable member to the team if you are doing something you enjoy.


If anyone has any questions or needs any advice, I'm pretty fresh.  Hit me up if you'd like.



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#282 12Ato153A



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Posted 21 August 2018 - 17:45

Thanks to all who have posted on this forum, it has truly demystified the whole process!


Anyone out there have experience going from Guard to AD as a WO revert? My packet is almost complete, pending the DD368 (which I should have by the end of the month). My CoC has been super supportive, which has definitely made things easy.


I am primarily interested in how and when the resignation as a CO and appointment as a WO would take place, if selected. Best I can tell is that folks aren't getting school dates until 6-8 months after selection, just trying to paint a better picture for everyone as this process moves forward.


Thanks in advance!

#283 Silver236


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Posted 02 September 2018 - 07:57


I am glad to see many COs reverting to become an aviator as a WO. I am pretty much on the same boat, except I am an AD Marine Corps O-3 (non-aviator). I already passed the SIFT and completed flight physical with the intent of applying for the Guard. However, after some deliberation, I think it will be beneficial for me to go AD considering retirement, transfer of GI Bill (will hit 6 years next year, would like to pass them down my kids), and financial stability.

The Guard recruiter in my state sounded very assuring that I will be accepted even with my low SIFT score (48) based off of my leadership experience in the Corps and my flight hours (private pilot license fixed wing, 110hrs). The most neat thing about the Guard is that it does not require for me to obtain a conditional release from the HQMC. However, being a guardsman will require me to secure a full-time job in order to provide and maintain the O-3 AD lifestyle for my family. I was looking into GS-12 positions in my home city but the federal retirement system appears to be less appealing compare to the military retirement system; lower annuity and higher minimum retirement age. Yes, I have the option of buying back my AD years, or simply convert my AD time to Guard and start my federal time from zero so that way I can have two retirements but neither option beats the benefit of retiring at 20 years from AD and starting a whole new career at age of 43!

It is my fault for rushing to take the SIFT, trying to get everything done before my deployment but I am yet to hear a non-Army CO being selected for the Jan board. A fellow Navy CO who applied for the past Jan board was not selected and he definitely had a higher SIFT score than I did but I cannot speak for the rest of his package. I am planning to submit my Guard package for the April 2019 board (FEDREC), then submit a package for the Jan 2020 board once I am complete with my current service obligation in Dec 2019. Please let me know if you know of any non-Army CO selectees from the past Jan boards. Any comments/suggestions are much appreciated.


#284 Steve L

Steve L


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Posted 30 October 2018 - 10:12

Hello everyone,


I recently submitted my packet for the JAN Board. Thank you all for providing so much information on this forum to assist applicants throughout the process. 


I had to submit my packet 6 weeks before the deadline of 30 NOV because of a Waiver request for having over 48 months of commissioned service.  I will receive one more OER before the deadline to send in packet updates. Do you recommend that I submit that OER as an update?  The most recent OER I currently have in my packet is a MQ. Would your recommendation vary on submitting the additional OER if it is HQ vs MQ?

#285 AngryJoe


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Posted 30 October 2018 - 20:09

Totally your choice. I received an OER in December right before my board and didnt send it in. Still got selected.

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