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Just took the Sift

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#1 redskins4789



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Posted 26 March 2017 - 17:48

Not sure if this is thread worthy but I figured my experience could be of help to some others. Ill first start by saying I had no aviation experience other than being in a sim a few times. I knew from researching this forum that this test was gonna be tough. I had about 3-4 months to prepare and I studied about an hour or so a day. The two study guides I primarily focused on were the accepted inc book and one just called the sift study guide. I'll link them at the bottom. These two books were very helpful I learned them inside and out. On top of these books I also read through the FAA manual and reread the important chapters multiple times. 


Simple Drawings- Be sure not to double click!! That got me in trouble a few times. The time pauses when switching to another question. Look over the study guides for this but don't spend too much time studying for this. 


Hidden Figures-They weren't as convoluted as I was expecting them to be but were tough regardless. I had a decent amount of practice going in but it wasn't of much help. Only got through 27 of them and I guessed on a handful.


Army Aviation Information-This was the second easiest section on the test, those study guides and the FAA manual will adequately prepare you for this for the most part. There were a few airframe specific questions on Army helicopters and their roles. Mostly aerodynamic questions.


Spatial Apperception-This was the easiest section on the test. You are given plenty of time to finish and the concepts are simple to understand if you read over them once or twice in the study guides you'll be fine.


Reading comprehension-This was the toughest reading comprehension test I've ever taken. It was only about a paragraph per question but all of the answer choices were hard to choose from. It does give you plenty of time though.


Math Skills- I did well on the asvab math sections but this was another animal. I thought it would start off easy and get harder as I answered more questions right. But right of the bat it was pretty tough questions. This is where I lost most of my points. I was cut off 18 minutes into the section. Make sure you study distance/rate problems and work problems they gave me a lot of trouble. As far as geometry they provide most of your important formulas but know how to use them. I have heard a lot of good things about Khan Academy. Dont be like me and rest on your laurels since you did good on the asvab, the sift is much harder.


Mechanical Comprehension-Both the study guides provided me adequate information to do well on this sub-test. Easier than I expected.


I ended up with a 62 which I'm satisfied with. I really wanted a 65+ but my math really held me back. This test can be studied for, it takes a lot of preparation though because of how broad it is. Here are the two study guides I used:





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#2 mezz


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Posted 26 March 2017 - 19:34

I take the sift test on the 6th.  The hidden figures section is something I have practiced and yet still am terrible at. Thanks for your input.

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#3 wheelsup


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Posted 26 March 2017 - 20:41

I always tell people the hardest part of the test was hidden figures and the math portion. Hidden figures: you're either good at it or not, I'm not. Math: I wish i could remember specifically what I struggled with, but it was much harder than I anticipated. 


side note: mechanical comprehension was super easy

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#4 mike0331


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Posted 27 March 2017 - 08:21

The bigger question is how each section is weighted... which we don't really know. Also, apparently on HF (I'm not great at it, only made it through 25-26, but I don't think I got more than a couple wrong at most) you aren't supposed to guess, as they look at your accuracy in addition to how many you get through. The math was pretty tough, but it wasn't crazy. I probably lost a few points because I completely forgot what a log was. 

The mechanical comprehension was mostly easy, but I got some curve-ball questions about some particle accelerator type thing. I have a science degree and I had NO idea what was going on haha. The trend seems to be the harder the test felt, the "better" you are doing. I felt like crap finishing the test as I was completely in the dark at the end of the math and mechanical sections, and I did pretty well (75). 


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