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Pilot Wanted: Free flight time in *Experimental* R22

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#1 UgleeBarnacle


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Posted 09 May 2017 - 14:36

An interesting opportunity that I thought I'd forward for anyone who may be interested. I've attached the local news article about it as well as the man's craigslist ad below. 


Essentially, Mr. Lowell Newsome suffered a stroke 2 years ago and has been grounded as a result. He's itching to get back in the air so bad that he's looking for someone to fly him in his personal R22, and he'll cover all expenses.


I looked into it myself, but I've only ever flown the H269c and don't meet the SFAR requirements to fly the Robinsons. That, and I believe his R22 is under the "experimental" category, which may have certain implications as far as maintenance goes... Even if I could fly the R22, I don't know enough about the Mx to make an assessment over whether he's kept up on inspections and if it's airworthy ("experimental  R22" was a red flag for me personally).


PM me and I can give you Mr. Newsome's his contact info.


Columbus Dispatch Article:



Craigslist ad:


#2 r22butters


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Posted 09 May 2017 - 21:28

...Even if I could fly the R22, I don't know enough about the Mx to make an assessment over whether he's kept up on inspections and if it's airworthy ("experimental  R22" was a red flag for me personally).

Depends on why its now experimental?

I flew a 22 like that once. It was experimental because it had a digital sign attached to the bottom. I wasn't concerned about the 22 itself, but my uncertainty over how it would perform in an auto in this experimental state was my "red flag" and one of the reasons I did not take that job.

I also went on a ferry flight once with a private owner. While checking out his 44 I asked for a ladder to check the main rotor, to which he replied, "Oh' I never check that." BE EXTRA CAUTIOUS OF PRIVATE OWNERS!
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Posted 10 May 2017 - 07:47

Doesn't look sketchy at all.....

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#4 Guest_pokey_*

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Posted 10 May 2017 - 09:01

Doesn't look sketchy at all.....


Like butters said, it all depends on why its in the experimental category. I came up with a heater for the 300 once, based on the proven airplane type heater muff. When it was installed? it was 'experimental' category, when off? back to normal.  I also had a guy want me to build him a 300 out of timed out parts and put it in experimental category--you know how that ended up. (showed him the door). I suppose if you bent the right ear, you could get an experimental certificate for timed out parts, would i do it? NOPE, would i have anything to do with something like that? NOPE. 


He may have a legit reason for it being experimental, but? i'd wanna know the reason and see the books B4 i fly it with him.

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