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#1 r22butters


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Posted 08 April 2018 - 17:29

Its kinda slow this weekend so I might as well regail you with this funny little tale,...don't think I've mentioned it before, but if so, well, sorry I am getting old.

A little while back a guy at my new job says to me, make sure you log your lunch break (we have a computer logging system in the trucks)! I said why, and he said, 'cause if you don't you'll get fired!

That's crazy I said!

He then said, well a few years ago we had a couple lawsuits from guys claiming they weren't able to take their break, so now the company is really serious about it. First time, is a verbal warning, second time, a written one, then third time,...you're fired! It actually happened to a guy not all that long ago he then said.


I quit my job on the East Coast because my a**hole boss wouldn't give me a lunch break, and now on the West Coast I'll be fired if I don't take my lunch break (dinner break too if I work twelve hours)!

,...just found that amusing. :)
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#2 Eric Hunt

Eric Hunt

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Posted 08 April 2018 - 18:17

In a similar ironic vein, but little to do with helicopters, other than I was learning to fly them at the time:


We were newly married, possessed few things, and in a rented apartment. Garbage night comes around, we didn't own a garbage can, so we put it out in a black plastic bag.


Next morning I am out when the truck arrives, they look at my bag and pass by. I ask them why, they say "We can't touch bags, it all has to be in a metal bin" (this was in 1973, no plastic wheelie bins then).


OK, next week we have a metal bin, but still put the plastic bag inside it. Along comes the truck, the lads lift off the bin lid, reach inside and lift out the plastic bags and toss them in the truck.

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#3 overtorque


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Posted 08 April 2018 - 18:32

As long as we're all sharing stories here:

A few years ago I visited some relatives in Russia. This particular relative worked in a children's summer camp and I visited them there, on their break at their job. 


When you drive up to this camp, on the outskirts of town, it exists in a foresty area. The whole place is surrounded by an 8 foot wall topped with barbed wire and cameras. No one but me, the foreigner, found this odd. Why would a children's camp need such a wall, it's like a prison. It had a gated entry and you had to go through a security guard to get in. The answer to why this was necessary I got was that it was there due to terrorism, to keep the children safe from the terrorists, and this just made sense to them.


Really, are the terrorists going around raiding children's camps now? But the people let this happen so passively and they don't even think about it or question it. They let some fears significantly degrade their quality of life. The whole country is on edge.


So take moments in your day to think about if something is ridiculous. Is it okay to let TSA shake down passengers for their drinks? Is militarizing the police not the best idea?

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