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JAG Captain 34 y/o Wanting to Go to WOFT - Advice

Officer to Warrant Age Limit

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point taken


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Posted 23 May 2018 - 18:44

34 year old Captain in the JAG Corps here. I've had a lifelong dream of being a military pilot, but between undergrad, law school and my first years of practice, I never attempted to try.


I recently made some contacts with my local CAB and am encouraged that I may still have a slight chance of fulfilling this dream.


I want to know if I am being foolish in wanting to apply to be a Warrant and fly.  I'm of the opinion that I have a very slim chance of getting into flight school given my age. But I'm motivated enough to seek a waiver and put in a packet at the upcoming board. 


Does anyone have any insight to my chances?


Is giving up my commission foolish? 


Any advice would be welcome. 

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Posted 24 May 2018 - 12:09

My law school graduation is tomorrow, and I never considered JAG for a minute, even though they tried to poach me from the Warrant recruiter. I am guard though, so take it for what it's worth. You only live once -- at least that's the theory I'm operating under.


Definitely make sure you have a plan to articulate to them why the change. From what it sounds like, you are probably in as good a position as you can be in to make the change given the state of the aviation community and need for aviators. It also probably helps that once you're accepted, you pretty much can revert and go straight to IERW from what I understand. 

Best of luck,



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point taken


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Posted 24 May 2018 - 13:41

Thanks for the response Mike. Congrats on getting through law school.

I had another question regarding branch transfers for any COs who have gone through the process. How hard was it to get your branch to allow the conditional release?

Is it advisable to get top cover to help with that process, e.g. O-5/O-6, or is it sufficient to just submit the DA form?

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Posted 26 May 2018 - 12:15

Point taken-


I just went through the process and got selected in the January board this year.  You'll hve to get your branch manager to sign a conditional release.  I'm not too spun up on the JAG Corps, but they shouldn't have too much pushback unless your branch is significantly understrength.  I had to pester my branch managers just due to the fact that they are constantly busy and usually TDY.


You will likely have to do an age waiver and an Active Commissioned Federal Service Waiver.  Both of these go through the Chief of Staff G1 Army for approval.  I had to have an ACFS waiver signed.  


The great thing about your resignation memo is that it is conditional, based on that you are selected.  So if your waivers don't get approved or you don't get selected in the board, you don't resign your commission.


I spent 8 years as a commissioned officer in the Infantry.  I finished Company Command and in my opinion, had a pretty good shot at making 20 years and retiring.  It seemed like a race already though, get to 20.  I easily see myself being a pilot and being in the army for as long as they have a job for me, because I will absolutely enjoy it more than my current disposition.  Yeah, the pay cut will initially suck, but it will catch up in about 6 years.  Worth doing something you know you will enjoy.


PM me if you'd like with any additional questions.  I will be out this weekend, but generally check this forum weekly.



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