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Boiled it down

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#21 takefootoff


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Posted 03 July 2018 - 18:13

Ok,can't stand it anymore.This thread has been to positive/productive/insightful.

Don't feel right.

TailEndCharlie...why did you just quote the OP and not say anything?

That's really creepy you frickin creep.

Butters, back me up man!

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#22 r22butters


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Posted 03 July 2018 - 22:36

I gave it my best shot in post #12 :)
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#23 johnnyb


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Posted 08 July 2018 - 19:46

 In my original post I was looking for advice on personal helicopter. It would be my first purchase. I did the research and there are many that has potential. MD helicopters are nimble and fast but cramped for space so that's out. I am familiar with Bell but that's about it. The first time I had seen an as350 I fell in love with it but never flew in it.

The AW119 seems to have everything that I liked but it's made oversea and I'm concerned about support. It looks like a choice between Bell Longranger/407 or AS350/H125. 

How do they compare?



MD nimble? Which model?


If nimble is important to you (I can't imagine why it would or should be) then a LongRanger / 407 is definitely not a choice that makes sense.

I'd think for a first-time owner, stability, comfort, range cost, maintenance etc. are usually the characteristics that important.


LongRanger?! Good grief. Thankfully my 206 days are long behind me.

The L is history. Thankfully. It's not being produced anymore. Meaning Bell has stopped making them.This might become a problem? It's SLOOOOOW. Annoyingly slow. The PIC seat is extremely uncomfortable. With decent tail rotor blades you have enough authority and it handles wind well, but even then you need to know what you're doing or at least be more than vaguely aware of LTE and related over torques. Anything older than a L4 or one that has been upgraded to the L4 performance is a waste of money. It does have space, but then so do the others.

A more recent 407 or Astar is a far better choice. An AS350 B3 is going to out-perform any 407. It has better tail rotor authority. It has a better main rotor design. I'm a fan of the flex-star. I've flown Astars in conditions and altitudes that I would never go into in a 206/407.

But of course a 407 is a Bell.


And for many just because it's a Bell makes it better. Personally I think the B3 is a better all-round aircraft.

But then it's impossible to know what exactly it is you're looking for so those are just things that stands out from back when I flew those.

Hope some of this is useful.

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