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Posted 28 September 2018 - 15:45

Good afternoon everyone!
I've been going through the WOFT process and while there is information out there, it's not all that easy to find in one place. I figured I'd do something to help others out there that might be in the same boat.
My goal isn't to replace the other sources of information or forums out there but instead to create a community solely for folks interested in the WOFT program. 
The platform is obviously in it's infancy so it's up to everyone that's interested to help make it a great place!
To get started I've created groups that contain information on all the aspects of the program that I needed help with including (and probably most importantly) a document repository that contains everything you need to get started.
If you're looking for another resource or want to help/mentor come and check it out.
There are no ads, or other money making gimmicks- just a place that I hope will help others get the help they need to succeed!
To help keep things clean you'll be required to register, but my hope is that this will allow for more open and honest communication instead of anonymous trolls :)
For now here's a list of some of whats available
A complete and organized packet with with fillable pdf forms
A complete library of books to help you with the SIFT test
The medical regulations
Templates for medical waivers
Templates for moral waivers
Templates for tattoo waivers
The SF-85 in fillable pdf
Guides to board selection, including criteria sheets
Groups are also there to help with all the above, and even more. Each document is uploaded individually and posted in such a way that you can post questions directly in the document area. This was designed so that if you have an issue with a particular document (for instance how to fill out xxxx) you can navigate directly there and get help. That help will then be available for the entire community so the next user might not have to ask the same question.
This should make it easier to get the help you need, as well as stop all the duplicate posts across forums and make getting responses a lot faster.
Please be a bit patient if something doesn't work exactly as expected. Ill fix any issues as soon as they are brought to light :)
If you have spare time and would like to help administer the site please let me know.

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