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#21 Kur


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 07:24

I was specifically told by one of the secretaries of the board that if you have 6, include them all.  The way they explained it,  whether you submit 3 or 6, they will probably not read too much into them, but they will at least glance at each one.


For what it's worth, this is my take and what I did/why I included 6.

Call me confident or arrogant but I knew I had good chances. How to show them I'm worthy? By highlighting how I embody the whole-person-concept in these letters.
One LoR was about how I am committed to physical fitness beyond what the APFT requires.
Another focused on my high GPAs which demonstrates scholastic aptitude.
Another one focused on my leadership abilities. Even in the one from a run off the mill retail job, my former boss made sure to emphasize my work integrity and trustworthiness.

See where I'm getting at? Not everybody knows/respects you for the same reasons but all these different reasons show what kind of person you are.
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#22 texmex11x


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Posted 18 May 2019 - 17:24

July will be my first look since, after some neglect, my packet never made it to this last board. My recruiter has taken ownership of a part of it, and so have I, we drive on with lessons learned.


In yall's opinion do yall think a waiver for an illegal waterfowl I shot two seasons ago is grounds for denial? Also, I am a prior service civilian applicant; I felt that I lacked the luxury of getting eyes on my packet with my recruiter doing the bulk of the work. To civilians reading, were yall able to get eyes on yall's packet and make corrections yourself on the spot? Also in terms of waivers, do yall have any contact information for as to who I can get with in checking the status of a waiver? DM me that info if possible. 


In hindsight, I thought for about 24hrs I was non-select, to find out my packet was never event looked at. I'll take that over a nonselect having only more shot in a fiscal year. Someone mentioned this in the May board feed, and I am paraphrasing, "if it doesn't feel right, think, and act." I couldn't agree more. 


Civilian Male Applicant 


Service: 6 yrs an infantryman 


ASVAB: I dunno but my GT is 112


SIFT: 52 (took me two tries, in yall's opinion do yall think that will hurt me, have yall known people to get selected with two SIFT attempt?)


Physical: Stamped and approved 


Flight: 135ish hrs, instrument rotorcraft cert


APFT: 260 but will improve


LoR: 3: GM to the Crossfit Gym I coach at, CFII who trained me, retired CW5 and DPE who did my PPL. 


Waiver: Still pending approval illegal waterfowl I shot two seasons ago. 

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#23 SwissK31


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Posted 18 May 2019 - 22:17

July will be my first look since, after some neglect, my packet never made it to this last board. My recruiter has taken ownership of a part of it, and so have I, we drive on with lessons learned....




I was not able to see my packet whatsoever.  You kind of just have to find a decent recruiter and contact up the chain of command to make sure everything is right.  Like I mentioned in the May board post, I would get in contact with the Battalion Ops guy.  They should have a direct line to the board and can check waiver status's.  There is a number listed on the FAQ part of the warrant officer section of the USAREC website.  Have your recruiter call it to check waivers.  If you can't find it, let me know and I'll DM it to you.  Even though the phone number is in the public domain, don't call it yourself.  

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