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Private heliport requirements

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#1 Kc135Delta


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Posted 04 September 2007 - 21:48


Does anybody know if the FAA (or any other governmental body in the U.S. in general) has set out minumum design requirments for private heliports? Any rules on fuel being kept on-site?


#2 delorean


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Posted 04 September 2007 - 22:03

The FAA general document on heliport design is AC-150-5390-2a. You can download all the hundreds of pages for it on the FAA's website under "publications". Keep in mind, these are recommendations. If you choose to build a pad, this is a guide to help you. But, for 135 ops, insurance reasons, state reqs, whatever, you may need to abide by it 100%. It spells out the size, lighting, markings, grade of surrounding terrain, etc.

States tend to govern the particulars on "private landing areas". An LZ may need to classified as one if you plan on landing there more than X number times a year. It's a tax thing....not a safety thing, no matter how much they like to preach about it. If you don't need to build a true "helipad", DON'T! Just put a concrete pad in with a windsock nearby.

States will also control all the fuel stuff. Tier I, Tier II, all that bs. If you don't need a whole lot of fuel, there are small fuel trailers (400 gallon) in the back of Trade-a-Plane which will do the trick. They are very well made and will get you out of any state req's since they are a trailer. Or you can make one yourself for less out of a small lawnmower trailer. The fines on improperly inspected or maintained on big fuel tanks (above or below ground) can be in the tens of thousands of dollars PER DAY.

#3 FauxZ


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Posted 04 September 2007 - 22:04


Well there ya go, Delorean beat me to and provided something useful. Thanks D.

#4 Paisley


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Posted 04 September 2007 - 22:36

I actually just finished getting a private heliport approved in Oregon. I contacted the Oregon Department of Aviation and they met me at the site, took measurements, pictures, aproach/departure angles, diamater of the proposed helipad, elevations etc. They then wrote up a report and requested some additional information such as distances from schools, other houses, churches, city hall etc. After I rounded up this information and sent it back to them they sent me a letter of conditional approval stating that the site was safe and adequate for a heliport (they will let you know what the minimum requirements are). They also forwarded there report to the FAA and the local city officials (planning department). It's then up to the city or county (depending on where your property is located) to approve it or disaprove it. The FAA is forwarded all the information but dosen't have a big say in the matter.

I was very suprised at how easy the process was. The Oregon Department of Aviation charged $350. This was the only fee that I paid. It only took about two weeks for the conditional approval. The hardest part was convincing the neighbors and the city that they needed a heliport next door. Your states department of aviation can guide you through the entire process. As far as fuel being kept on site - thats up to the local government. The key is that it's a PRIVATE heliport - that cuts out a lot of red tape.

If you have any specific questions let me know.

#5 Goldy


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Posted 05 September 2007 - 00:54

In California, we have an entire division that regulates heliports at the state level...in addition to the FAA req's..

Fly Safe !!

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