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Getting ready for my check-ride. . .

Kelly N.



I don’t feel anywhere near ready, but my check-ride is scheduled for the 30th of August.


I’m a bit nervous right now, however, I’ve got several lessons scheduled between now and then to get ready for the big day.


Here’s my main problem areas as of today:


  • Shallow/run-on landings
    • I am still hesitating to let the ship come all the way down and and think this is just a function of doing the maneuver a few more times.


    • I do one lesson where I’m in pretty good form and the next I’m hosing up something that I had solid the time before. I need to get these more consistent before my check-ride.

    [*]Confined Areas

    • I’m in decent shape on these. Just need to review the acronyms - I’ll cover in another post - and make sure I keep ETL a bit longer. I tend to slow down too early and come in steep and slow.


    • Just needs some additional practice on theses. I have a tendency to rush them down. I’m doing the steps correctly and not really making any procedural errors, I just need to slow it down a bit and get comfortable on one skid. . .


I’m sure I’m missing something but, for the most part, I feel comfortable on my knowledge areas and emergency procedures outside of what I listed above. Everything else, I think I’m in good shape.


I’m close to being comfortable with everything. The main, recurring item in the list above is practice so, I think that I can get to a place where I’m ready by the 30th with my current schedule based on my schedule between now and then.


I know my CFI won’t sign off on me for the check-ride if she doesn’t think I’m ready and I tend to be a bit over-analyzing and hyper-critical of myself (to say I tend to over-prepare would be an understatement). Since I know that about myself, I’m o.k. going outside my personal comfort zone a bit and committing to the 30th based on my CFI’s assessment.


I’ll post a few entries about confined areas and hover-autos in the next day or two.


Nervous and excited,




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