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Still here. . .

Kelly N.



Hi all,


In case anyone else was wondering (although that may be a bit of hubris to think that more than one or two people actually followed my blog), I'm still around.


Between a promotion at work, tightening the budget and some other activities going on here locally, I haven't flown for about a month.


I plan on flying again this week and will be doing some solo time (I'll be taking it slow to make sure I don't do something boneheaded after having not flown for so long).


I'll be at the RH Safety Course from 02/02 - 02/05 in 2009 with a good buddy so, I'm looking forward to that and want to get some time under my belt before then so I don't look like a complete idiot during the flying portion.


Thanks rodrop for prodding me into typing some random, semi-helicopter related text into the ether :D


Safe Flying,




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