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Safety Course and since. . . ??

Kelly N.


I'd like to report that I've been flying several times a week and getting close to my instrument, commercial ratings. Sadly, the reality is that work has taken a precedence for me right now and I'm watching my finances pretty closely.


I'm still involved with aviation in general (between school work at UVU and some other flying related business ventures), however the actual flying part of the equation is blank for the past 3-4 weeks.


That being said, I did get to go to the RHC Safety course from 2/2 - 2/5. I learned so much while I was there that I didn't really mind only getting about 30mins of actual flight time due to getting rained out (go figure, I get rained out in LA?).


If anyone reading this hasn't been to the course yet, I highly recommend it. The instructor is very knowledgeable and there is a ton of info that will make you a safer pilot before you ever leave the ground; not to mention the information you'll receive that will make you safer in the air.


I'd like to say I'll do better about keeping blog entries more frequent, but I'm afraid that would just be wishful thinking on my part at this point in time. For those who do read this blog (you know who you are), I really do appreciate the messages you send periodically and it helps me keep motivated about the day when I'll be back in the air on a regular basis and once again making progress towards my flying goals. Drop me a line anytime and let me know about your own progress so I can fly vicariously through your experiences :D




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I totally agree about what you said regarding the RHC Safety course, I took it this last November and would recommend it to anyone interested in or currently flying Robinsons. I too am working on Commercial and Instrument. Only about 30 more hours to go, yea ! ! !



Keep the faith and hang in there.



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