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Army Flight Warrant Officer Questions




Hello, I am curious if anybody could answer some of my questions about my chances on getting selected for WOFT.

  • AGE - 22
  • GT - 118
  • SIFT - 53
  • Active Army E-5 (Infantry) 4 YRS TIS
  • APFT - 290 average
  • College - 9 credits (english class / Criminal justice) 3.3 GPA

I haven't completed my packet yet it is almost done, I am trying to get in by the May 2015 board.
My flight physical was a very difficult to get because I had a previous spontaneous pneumothorax (popped lung) back in Afghanistan in 2013. It took 2 years of bugging the flight surgeon, but it finally went up to FT. Rucker and got accepted. Also does anyone know how many people apply to these boards and get selected?

If there is anyone who can help fill me in on ANYTHING that would be great! Thank you.



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