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Becoming a Pilot




Becoming a pilot is a huge step for anyone. The first area of concern is finances. Aviation altogether is expensive as many can appreciate! So in a sense thats step number one. In order to be productive you have to have enough money to keep flying. Now what type of pilot 👨‍✈ 👩‍✈ do you want to be? Youd be surprised there are more career choices than airline pilot. Also there are more air frames than airplanes ✈. Many people forget to consider this when becoming a pilot. One of the first things I wish I would have done before heading out to my local airport was instead going to a gliderport and simply enjoy the amazing experience of a clean, quiet & extremely relaxing flight. Eventually I would find my way to that gliderport, but hindsight I wish it would have been sooner.


Choosing the right Flight School
A critical move and something not to be taken lightly. This step will ultimately define who you are as a pilot. I started flying when I was 16 years old and personally been to a number of flight schools. My personal view is to stay away from huge operations. Personally, I enjoy the attentiveness a small operation or even an individual owner/operator can provide. Remember a flight school is a business at the end of the day. So while they are there to teach you how to become a safe pilot, the schools has bills to pay and guess who will be 💰 paying the lionshare of those bills indirectly? Dont get scammed!! the most dangerous thing to do in aviation is pay ahead if you are not aware of how reputable the company you are doing business with is. Also look at what you are paying for and ask for itemized receipts.


This a good time to personally do some research, on the next blog I will discuss part 61 and part 141 flight schools. Hope you have found this blog informative so far. Please be sure to comment with questions or comment related topics.



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