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november '06




well it's hard to beleive it's November already :blink:


Deer hunting has precedence for the first half of the month, gotta put meat in the freezer ya know.


I'll be ordering my ground school books in a couple of weeks and should see them before Thanksgiving. December and January get rather boring so I'll have plenty of time to study, gawd it's been 20+ years since I did school work :wacko: I figure 2 hours each evening and 4 hours each Saturday and sunday for studying should get me the knowledge I need to pass the ground school portion, just need an instructor to sign me off when I'm ready.


gonna pick up a multi band radio so i can pick up the airport chatter, have 4 airport within about 15 miles from the house should be able to get the hang of what to say, gotta get the frequencies.


I guess weather and navigation will be the hardest parts so I'll have to come up with a method that I can teach myself to understand without going wacko, anybody got any thots on what worked for them?


well enuf for know, more to add after Thanksgiving.



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