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My First Demo Flight




I have started my life long goal and career change as of last Sat. the 6th. I took my first demo flight which lasted for an hour and I am hooked! Which my wife knew I would be but that is besides the point! :D


I have to say that it was the most exciting time I've had in a long time. I've flown before in a Piper Cub when I was just a young whipper snapper. I really did miss being up there!


While up there I had control of the cyclic and did some basic left and right turns. We did a turn while ascending and then while descending which threw me off a little bit. On the way back the pedals were introduced. That wasn't bad. Did some more turns etc. which gave me a good feel for it.


The last part was the hover as it is with everyone as I understand it. It took me some time to get that. I was able to hold it steady for a few seconds a couple of times. Once I remembered to breath and loosen up on the cyclic. Damn gorilla grip! :lol: Then came the pedals again. Damn... Not so good that time. I was able to hold it but no where near as long or as many times. Never did get the throttle or collective but that is just fine by me. Two of the controls were enough. More than enough at times.... I still enjoyed the hell out of my first flight! Can't wait to do it again!


After this hour of flight I decided to pay for another 20 mins. of tour time to get my wife up in the Helicopter. She had to sit in the middle seat which she was not happy about after she was up there she didn't care at all. It was her first ride also. We both had the goofy grins on our faces!! My still shows when I think about my 1 flight time. Simply amazing!



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