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  3. Try to find a place with a pool. My only regret about living on post. Summers are f*cking brutal and having a pool is 100% worth it.
  4. Why not list here ? there are people on here who maintain 300s & Robinson I expect
  5. I recently was accepted to attend WOCS. I report in two weeks. My class starts in June and ends at the end of July. With that being said, I’m trying to get a jump on finding a place to live following WOCS. Trying to live off base so I can pocket extra BAH plus currently at Stewart it’s a headache to even have family visit if you live on base. Does anyone have any recommendations to good places to look or certain parts I should sway towards or avoid? Any info helps. Thanks!
  6. I have a bunch of Schweizer and a few Robinson tools for sale. Does anyone know of any helicopter-specific classified ads anywhere where I might be able to list them?
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  8. As far as the Bay Area goes, there are no other "closest" options to SF or Oakland...... BTW, Hayward is close to Oakland so you'd need to clarify what your boss means when she says "too far".......
  9. I can’t believe they let us solo when they did in that thing
  10. If you can trust two idiots who barely know how to fly to safely solo in TH67s and 58A/Cs from the 60s you should be able to trust them in a helicopter that practically flies itself.
  11. Make sure you report the skids are down and welded on final. Do you solo outside the traffic pattern with your stick buddy?
  12. My class is the first to start. Our first flight is this week.
  13. Hearing rumors you can now solo in the UH-72A. Is that a recent change in IERW?
  14. I would suggest giving Northeast Helicopters a call in Ellington, CT. https://www.northeasthelicopters.com/ Here is another resource for you - https://www.verticalreference.com/Helicopter-Schools Lyn Vertref Admin
  15. That’s correct… Most U.S. manufacturers will turn the tail rotor clockwise when viewed from the helicopter's left side, taking advantage of the tip vortices coming off the main rotor. When the tail rotor turns in the same direction as the primary rotor vortices, it reduces the relative airspeed of the tail blades, and the available thrust is limited. When the tail rotor turns against the central rotor vortex, the performance increases because of the square-law connection between thrust and increased relative airspeed. Two notable helicopters turn their tail rotor in the so-called
  16. He still has to do another one prior, I was in the same boat. My packet flight physical expired before getting to Rucker so I redid it, PCS'd a couple weeks later, finished WOCS and did the flight physical on Rucker that they require. As for the ETP you should be good to go. I had PRK and the only time I had to submit the stacks of paperwork from the surgery was on my initial physical. Not quite the same as an ETP but I think it's a similar process.
  17. From what I’ve read from other posts... you will do another physical upon arrival to flight school. The process should be streamlined including any required ETP.
  18. Does anyone know if an exception to policy on an initial flight physical continues to carry over, or do I have to get the exception to policy every time? I am currently scheduled to report to Rucker for BOLC 10 September, which is unfortunately 8 days outside of my 18 month window for my initial flight physical. Everything was good to go on my physical except for an issue with ADHD medication for a short period of time when I was 18 (technically an adult.) I was granted an exception to policy, but was not sure if that will carry over to this next flight physical I have to do
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  20. Hi, I am helping my boss research helicopter training in the following areas: - San Francisco or Oakland, CA - New Haven, Shelton or Oxford, CT The places I found in the Bay Area are either Hayward or Palo Alto which she thinks is too far. In Connecticut, I found a place in Danbury which she also thinks is too far. She is currently training for fun in Florida and have done at least 20 hours so far in an R44. She works out of San Francisco,CA and New Haven, CT at least one week per month and wants to keep up with training still. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
  21. Do you have a 4yr degree? If so, try the AF Res or AF Air National Guard. They even have helos in their fleet as well as their own Street to Seat program. From AF Officer Training School (OTS) in Montgomery Al to AF pilot training (SUPT). No basic training required. The AF is conducting a new trial helo only program pipeline. Possibly no longer getting fixed wing training in the T-6A at SUPT for helo students. AF ANG has HH-60Gs in Westhampton Beach NY, Sunnyvale Cal, and Anchorage/Fairbanks Ak. AF Res has HH-60Gs in Tucson Az and Coco Beach Fl. Regarding the Navy and Marines, you mu
  22. Awesome thanks brother, I have reached out to many states including Texas, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Minnesota. Non is takings civilians, I reach out to couple more states and see what I can find.
  23. US citizenship is a non-waiverable requirement.
  24. https://www.nationalguard.com/contacts/wosm There are the contacts. You can try calling the states around you to see.
  25. Good morning everyone, I'm an Italian military pilot and I'm attending IERW and BWS in Fort Rucker. Spending my time here I'm really enjoying American Army aviation, I really appreciate the American Army values, and also I've found a really special person for whom I would like to move here. I'm a O-3 of the Italian Army, I'm 30yo, I have a bachelor degree in Strategic Sciences, I've got a fixed wing PPL (EASA), 20h on Italian military Fixed wing and all the rotary wing hours foreseen by the IERW course at Rucker (about 90H plus 30h of sim). Is there any chance I can be a
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