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  3. I sent you a message I have the senior Aviation Warrant for the reserves contact info and he can get you set up. But also we can talk more on the guard thing I have contacts in a few states that may be able to get you around the enlisted BS and straight in as a 09W. Also some states will board you as an officer into the guard and a lot of the officers in the guard fly just as much as the warrants.
  4. I am due to swap out the bleed valve on my Enstrom 480B in the next 25 hours. In looking at it, it seems to be what I would be termed in the car world as a "waste gate". I had assumed that it was a control valve but it appears to be simply a preset pressure relief valve. Can anyone share some light on what it does? Thanks Bill
  5. My friend was the "safety pilot" in this accident. His brother is a missionary pilot (as is his dad) currently flying in Uganda. Brother asked my opinion on what happened and what role if any the FADEC played. I have read the report and it is obvious that they were attempting an auto to the beach to take a break. They did not make it. I have no AS time and don't have any idea how low Nr can go before control problems set in. I noticed that for some reasons there were several roll-on/roll off events prior to entering the water. I am not trying to assign blame or criticism etc. I would like to know how low the reported Nr really was and if the FADEC makes any difference to recovery. The safety pilot had lots of B2 time but very little B3. As you will see this was a brand new helicopter being brought home after purchase/training. Thanks in advance Bill CEN18FA391.pdf
  6. I’ll reiterate that this is a constantly morphing situation. The army is doing its best but there is a lot of uncertainty in the short term. Plenty of people have had their household goods shipped out and are living with no furniture/had to buy new furniture given the PCS freeze. Had I not got here the day I did, I’d be in the same boat. It’s impossible to say what the plans will be to make up for the classes missed. Maybe they’ll bump everyone, maybe they’ll just bump the people who missed classes back to a later date, maybe they’ll add/overbook classes. Nobody knows. My advice is just stay flexible. The last thing anyone wants is this current situation. Even here in school things are changing constantly.
  7. Last week
  8. There is an opportunity to ferry a MD600N from San Diego to Florida. 15 hours of flight time available with a certificated CFI/CFII for Turbine Transition training/instrument training to meet your training needs. Flight time will be paid at $325 per hour. Travel arrangements from San Diego and return from Florida is your responsibility, you can be dropped of in Tampa/Orlando/Central Florida. The flight is expected to depart April 13/14 2020. Payment is not required until training is complete. Please contact Adam at 704-796-7954.
  9. Call the POC first. I changed my class date and all I did was call the POC to let him know why. Try that first. He is super nice and easy to speak with.
  10. Hoping to get some wisdom based on the IP's and folks I've read from on this board. Most likely i'm doing this backwards, but I really enjoy flying and Army Aviation. I am considering applying for WOFT seat-street program and trying to evaluate the best options. Situation: 30 years old, Married, no kids, no prior service. Engineer by trade, work as a GS DAC for the US Army as a flight test engineer doing helicopter R&D. Work with test pilots (XP's) every day. US Naval Test Pilot school graduate (test project engineer), BS/MS degrees. Have ~110 hours time front seat in UH-60A/L and UH-72's, been to WAATS, 5&9's tests, etc, familiar with ATM and 95-1 regs, some simulator time. Private Pilot, instrument rated, ~400 hours, own an airplane. Currently wear glasses, will require LASIK or similar. Would need to get in shape, currently don't meet the AR standards but could work towards that. Requirement: I need to keep my day job since I get to work with some of the neatest R&D projects for Army Aviation, and fly with the USAR or NG. I have a co-located USAR unit that flies 47's and a 60 unit that's less than an hour away. The WOFT looks like the best option, I might be the old man of the group but I can most likely deal with up 12-14 months of suck (did it once for USNTPS). Researching looks like I'd drop to E5 pay for the duration of WOCS / IERW (no fun but perhaps manageable) but the big stickler I keep seeing is the 3-year active duty service obligation. I've tried to dig up USAREC Regulation 601-91, but no joy. I'm not positive the job would hold my GS slot for 3 years. The 6 year ADSO is not a big deal for me. Any guidance and help would be much appreciated. Perhaps i'm missing another option. Local NG looks like a multi-year enlisted spot prior to consideration for a flight slot, but I need to ask the local unit still. Right now I'm in the supporting data gathering phase. Thanks, and safe flight.
  11. Mine was very short and to the point also. Something suggested to me by a current WO was to research the actual qualities and values of a Warrant Officer and include some of that verbiage in there which I did. I was accepted with a relatively short essay so I don't think it is necessary to fluff it up with anything not relevant.
  12. Someone I know was supposed to ship this morning for basic (not for a woft contract though), and got a new ship date in late June. They had already moved out of their place, quit their job and put everything in storage. Apparently that has happened to quite a few people over the last few weeks. Not sure if that would push everybody out or if they're just fitting all these people in where they can and that's why their new date is so far out.
  13. Just a heads up, there’s a new article on Army.mil that says the Army is placing a temporary hold on new recruits to basic training. My recruiter just let me know we may run in to issues and that he will keep me posted. The article says it’s only a two week pause but my report date is May 6th so we will see if it pushes everybody.
  14. I'm currently an MS-2 enrolled as a contracted cadet rolling towards the end of my sophomore year. Only months ago not only did I find out that Warrant Officers fly in the Army, but that flying is their primary duty as an aviation specialist. Initially I had supreme interest in becoming an aviation officer, however I understand that accessions don't always serve every cadet's wants whether they truly deserve a specific branch or not. Aside from that point, even if I were to branch aviation, I'm more invested in learning everything there is about the fleet of aircraft the Army employs, and focusing my career around becoming a great pilot all while serving at a higher capacity. That all being said, how can I make myself as marketable as possible in preparation to send off a packet for WOFT? What's a great fitness plan to max out the APFT and possibly the ACFT? What can I do to prepare myself for interviews for LORs? What might be the best study guide for the SIFT? At this point I am open to all suggestions and recommendations as I am willing to pour everything I've got into this.
  15. Does anyone have an example format for the DA Form 4187 HRC is looking for in order to voluntarily change WOCS classes? I am tracking from the Selected letter that was emailed out after the list is published it's looking for selected MOS, class number, start date, requested deferment date, and any supporting docs. Just looking for a little refinement from there and who the approving authorities would be. Any assistance would be helpful thanks!
  16. Lots of things have changed since that picture was taken. It’s now more of a reveal than selection these days
  17. This is how it was done previously. They were separate numbers. I wonder why they chose a new format.
  18. You could absolutely be correct in stating that it's too short for what It needs to be, but as it seems most of the websites that provide the information on the proper length, formatting et. are either shut down or pushed to the back of the google search results. But compared to what I've seen on other civilians doing the same thing I am, it's right on par with what it needs to be. But I'll be sure to look into it more, thank you. I appreciate that, thanks!
  19. I selected 2 weeks before Shadowlurker and there was only one set of numbers that included WO’s LT’s and Guard/Reserve. We had 3 C12 (2WO, 1LT), 3 47 (2 guard, 1 active warrant), 20 60M (mix of all), 13 64 (mix of all)
  20. I don’t know much about the civilian selection process, but what is the length requirement for the essay? It seems a bit short. other than that, it appears well written.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z8Idrl4f7Y 1. Introduction of our own designed turbocharged altitude compensation system in South Africa. (As you Rotorway Helicopter Manufacturing Co discontinued the non-reliable supercharger and replaced it with a turbocharger) 2. High altitude performance with our turbocharged engine 3. Advanced precision flying 4. Formation flying in Cape Town 5. Advanced manoeuvres in the air with the turbo Rotorway helicopter
  22. Thanks Mike. I guess that one could be debated - for example if i want to put a turbine engine into a R22 and need to modify the frame then there is no ways it will be able to be reverted back to a certified R22. However i get the picture, thank you!
  23. Hi, I'm currently putting together my packet for the WOFT program and I needed some second opinions on my essay portion. I'm primarily concerned about my second paragraph, but a overall look and critique on the essay would make me more than grateful to you for taking your time to break it apart. Please be as honest as you can Andrew Mueller 4/3/2020 Aviation Why I want to be an army aviator. I have wanted to serve in the military since my adolescence. I come from a family rich with military service, and I have come to admire the camaraderie, loyalty, and sense of purpose that accompanies a military career. To be able to serve my country and contribute to an organization as fine as the US Army as an aviator and leader would not only be an honor, but build on my strengths and experiences. The American doctrine of tactical Air Superiority has always been a significant interest throughout my youth. Specifically, the freedom that accompanies rotary wing aviation and the challenge of being an aviator has always appealed to me. From going to airshows and inspecting Apache helicopters in person, to hearing stories of my Father who served as a SMSgt in the U.S airforce, I have decided to settle on no less than to fulfil the U.S mission of air dominance from the cockpit of a rotary wing airframe. Being a Warrant Officer appeals to me because it provides the opportunity to refine my leadership skills and test them by setting the best example for my men. The position allows me to challenge myself to become part of the prestigious three percent of technical and tactical experts of my field. Being a slight perfectionist, mastering the criteria of my career is what I strive for. Though I have only had limited exposure to warrant officers, their willingness to help prospective candidates is inspiring towards following that path -Andrew
  24. As we did not do a proper selection, I do not know how it is regularly done. In general afaik, every class has a certain amount of slots, based on what the Army needs/whatever slots the advanced airframes have available. The OML is split so LTs only compete with LTs and WOs with WOs, but if there are only two LTs, one gets what they want (generally) and the other is needs of the Army. Same for Warrants. The other reality is that criteria can most likely change for any reason as needed for the Army's purposes, so no selection is quite like another. Some classes will also get weird things like the class where everyone including the number one person were slotted for AH-64Es (this was not their airframe of choice). Go in having an open mind about all aircraft, do your best, don't believe the propaganda, and you won't be disappointed if you don't get your "first" pick. Or you can change it in the system later and just say it was your first pick. No one will know but you.
  25. Great idea! Will definitely try this once the pandemic is over. Thank you.
  26. I'll definitely reach out to more stations in my area to see if they can offer any additional guidance on this.
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