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  2. Think less specifically. More about the principals of how helicopters fly; which is why I suggested that YouTube channel. I don't recall anything that was aircraft specific other than something generic. Also make sure you study a bit about night flying, there were a few questions related to NVGs that stumped me. 18C brought up a very good resource - SAT test prep for math would be an excellent resource and should be easy to find one cheap.
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  4. Selected: Yes, SIFT: 71 This is only how I prepared, and obviously is not the only way. I have not taken a college level math course in about 12 years, and only a few other college courses since that time. Overall: I had three different SIFT books. Trivium, Barons, and some other one I forgot. I ignored all the prep sections in them and used them solely for the practice tests. The books are not well refined or edited. One of my answer sheets only had 50 questions for the simple drawings. It just skipped every other number. I think it is most important that you are ready for the speed and layout of the test more than anything else. I think it was extremely beneficial to have taken 5 or 6 test condition practice tests to get a feel for the exam. Math: After I took the tests under test conditions, I studied the questions that I got wrong and went to google to find more examples of similar questions. I also went online and downloaded official SAT prep tests, which are much harder questions than you will get from the SIFT. Make sure you pick the no calculator section of the SAT prep. Hidden Figures: I completed all of the hidden figures during the test. I thought the hidden figures in the test prep books were much harder than the actual SIFT. On my SIFT I had the same shapes to choose from for almost the whole section. They would just take them and rotate them or make a minor change. It actually felt weird, since the practice tests switched shapes every 5 questions or so.
  5. As far as knowing what each military helicopter is used for such as the AH-64, UH-60 and CH-47. What specifically is the test looking for (knowledge on all military helicopters or just a certain few) more so should my attention be on all helicopters or a few.
  6. For the math portion you should focus your studying on college level algebra but also make sure you know simple things like long division as you do not have a calculator. You more than likely won't answer too many hidden figures questions before the time runs out (for reference I'm pretty sure I answered less than 10). I had zero aviation experience and still scored a 59 and was subsequently selected. I wouldn't stress, especially with the timeline you have to work with - I'd focus a bit on the stuff you feel uncomfortable with but I would spend more time reviewing your aviation knowledge. One really great resource that helped me along was the youtube channel "Helicopter Lessons in 10 Minutes or Less". Good luck with your SIFT and the board to follow!
  7. Like everyone else said, only way to know is to try. With your dual bachelors degrees and solid LORs I'd guess you have a decent shot. I was street to seat as well and the acceptance rate on the board I was selected on was about 66%. Good luck brother!
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  9. I’m projected to take my sift test next Thursday 10/28/21 and am really nervous. I feel pretty confident in Reading comprehension, mechanical comprehension, army aviation, special apperception and simple drawings but am really uneasy about math and hidden figures. My question is how’d you guys go about prepping from A-Z all steps taken and if you’ve already taken, what’d you get and were you selected. I feel like I’m going to go in and get a 60-70 but still uneasy. Extra info I have 40 flight hrs on fixed wing and wondering if that matters at all.
  10. In this thread you can find guys, whom get selected with the SIFT score 40. Drop your pocket and cross fingers.
  11. So far none of my crewchiefs have changed their mind about putting in a packet despite those changes. I have yet to see them have an effect on recruiting on the active duty side.
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  13. With how many people have withdrawn / gave up on their packets due to the ADSO, Rank Reset, etc. you'll probably have a higher chance.
  14. Scored a 41 on SIFT a few months ago and I am about to drop my packet. Prior service USMC, 2 bachelors degrees Solid LORs, former company commander (MAJ), former ops Chief (Mssgt), former Platoon SGT (Ssgt) CW4 Army Aviator, CW3 Aviator, Texas Congressman Tony Gonzalez (Prior Navy Mssgt). Despite all that… how screwed am I with my puny sift score? Unable to retest due to technically “passing”.
  15. Now I see how Tucker Gott gets away with everything!
  16. Wow, iChris, thanks for that amazingly educational reply! I’ve wondered about Tucker and some of his antics, but he is always able to explain away any questionable acts, and he seems to be pretty responsible in general. I forgot that there were other sections of FAR besides 91! LOL. The more I learn toward licensing the more I know that I don’t know. I hope that I can learn enough to pass the tests and to be a safe pilot. Now I wish that I’d stuck it out and gone to law school! 🤪
  17. Can anyone explain that? Tucker Gott has been lucky so far. He’s been able to stay under the FAA’s radar. His antics may be questionable, but nobody has ever presented that to the FAA, and the FAA is probably not aware or concerned otherwise. It appears that most of his flights avoid any congested area of a city, town, or settlement or over any open-air assembly of persons. A powered parachute is an aircraft… "As such, the takeoffs and landings of a road able aircraft would be governed by 14 C.F .R. 91.13 and 91.119. Section 91.13[a] prohibits the operation of an aircraft "in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another." Section 91 .119 sets out the minimum safe altitudes for aircraft flight. In light of NTSB precedent, the FAA would consider a non-emergency takeoff or landing that is conducted at a non-suitable location and/or in a manner that endangers a person's life or property to violate these two sections. See, e.g. , Administrator v. Schwandt, 7 N.T.S.B. 1375 (1991) (finding that a pilot who landed his aircraft while other people were in close proximity to the landing site operated the aircraft in a careless or reckless manner); Administrator v. Hart, 6N.T.S.B. 899 (1988) (finding that the minimum-altitude-flight regulations are violated when an aircraft descends in order to land at non-suitable landing site); Administrator v. Hollis, 2 N.T.S.B. 43 (1973) (finding that a pilot violated the pertinent regulations when he made a decision to land on a highway, which ultimately resulted in his aircraft colliding with a truck)." REF: https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/agc/practice_areas/regulations/interpretations/Data/interps/2011/Buckholz-BuckholzTraffic_2011_Legal_Interpretation.pdf The POLICE Were Waiting For Us To Land!!! I don't get the "are you part 135" comment: The flight started out as an aerial photography flight under exemption §119.1 [e][4]. The flight thereafter took on a dual purpose after dropping off the passengers making the flight pursuant to a part §119.1 [a][1) operating certificate. A person who boards the aircraft at the survey's starting point must be returned to the starting point. Otherwise, the flight would take on the dual purpose of transporting the passenger from "A" to "B. "In general, when a flight involves the carriage of persons or property for compensation or hire, the operator is required, by part 119, to hold an air carrier or commercial operator certificate and operate such flights in accordance with the appropriate rules found in parts 121 or 135. Section 119.1 [e] provides an exception to that rule for several categories of operations such as "aerial work operations," which includes "powerline or pipeline patrol" and "aerial photography," and "nonstop commercial air tours." See 14 C.F.R. § 1 l 9. 1[e] [2], [4]. Persons conducting operations described in§ 119.1[e] do not need to hold a part 119 operating certificate and may conduct these operations under part 91 rules." "However, the FAA has also recognized an exception to the general rule for landings for aircraft or human needs. See Administrator v. Southeast Air, Inc., NTSB Order No. EA- 1825 at fn 8 (Aug. 26, 1982), 1982 WL 44935 (N.T.S.B.) ("The Administrator concedes that a landing for the purpose of aircraft refueling or human needs would not take the flight out of the aerial photography exception.")" REF: https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/agc/practice_areas/regulations/interpretations/Data/interps/2011/Bonilla-Ray%2C%20Wood%20&%20Bonilla_2011_Legal_Interpretation.pdf
  18. Hi everybody. We don't know much about aviation, but we were given a brand new in the box and original packaging helicopter helmet, I think from the 80's. The box says Gentex SPH-4 size regular. It has the manual, miccrophone, ear cup spacers and an extra lense. All wrapped in original wrapping. Although it's neat and my son would like to play with it, we would like to see if anybody is interested in buying it. I can provide pictures if you'd like.
  19. The cutoff for uncorrected vision for a flight physical is 20/70. It sounds like you will be fine without going to get an eye exam. You just have to be correctable to 20/20 which it sounds like you are. Don't think you have anything to stress over.
  20. Hello all, I am scheduled to take my 1st class flight physical in Ft Hood on Nov. 4th. I have a question about the vision portion. last week MEPS got me at 20/20 vision both eyes used together. (I don’t own or use any corrective lenses). Now I am fearful that each individual eye is less than 20/20, a couple years ago I was tested at 20/25 each individual eye, and 20/20 overall. That being said, should I go get an eye exam prior to the flight physical and bring any corrective lenses with me to Ft Hood if necessary? Or will I be ok to go without any corrective lenses and see what happens? Thank you to anyone who assists with my question.
  21. Thank you for all the information! Super helpful. Do you have any recommended guides that should be studied prior to arriving?
  22. I figured that would be the case. I would assume there is some sort of process to get it administratively approved for certain circumstances if you have sufficient justification to show that you need to be near family.
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  24. The new website is https://areo.health.mil You need to be on a government computer and have cac access for it to work
  25. I can't find any way to follow the topic than to reply again.
  26. I don't get the "are you part 135" comment: https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airline_certification/135_certification/general_info/ Also, I find it odd that NJ would prohibit landing anywhere the FAA considers allowable. I see https://www.youtube.com/c/TuckerGott landing all over the place! Even at the Dunkin Doughnuts with nothing more than a phonecall to the shop (probably not even the landowner!) Can anyone explain that?
  27. I'm studying at kingschools.com. I like the video then test format, although I have a few nits to pick with their "physics" explanations. 😛 I have a friend who is a CFI, so once I've done the "ground school" with King, and read through the briefcase of books my pal handed me, I'll figure out how to get some seat time with my him--probably just rent the cheapest two-seater we can find. I plan to get a one-seater that I can zip around in, and then who knows.... If $30k is the going rate for enough seat time to get certified (as I saw in an earlier post), I'll just get an ultralight and teach myself! (hold on... let me put on my asbestos suit here)
  28. I have been in contact with the Warrant Officer recruiter for my state. I gave him information about the charge but I don’t want to badger him until I have at least completed the SIFT (which is a problem as well because I’m not currently in my state). I would hope that they would accept my enlistment waiver. But at the same time, Flight Warrant is a much higher tier than a junior enlisted grunt. I signed on for an MOS facing a huge shortage, so they may be more inclined to grant a waiver for that than a highly competitive WO slot.
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