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  2. I have a question - for example, WO with 3 years in serviceafter the flyight school ( 6 years obligation), goes to OCS and finnish it, receiving 2LT rank. In this case 3 year obligation after OCS is adding to the 3 years left on ADSO ?
  3. You're issued a helmet. You can also use issued CEPs which stands for something I can't remember but are basically foam headphone/earplugs that plug into the helmet and provide a better level of noise reduction than just the helmet earcups alone. There are options for custom fit CEPs as well but that's about it, you won't fly with any helmet but what you're issued.
  4. Kinda off topic, I assume students are given helmets/headsets? Are there options for ANR headsets that are compatible with the Army helmets?
  5. street to seat NOV 2020 SERVICE : Prior Service Army 7 years active duty as a medic / Flight Paramedic - 2 Deployments to Afghanistan, 1 rotation to Europe. GT : 113 SIFT : 51 APFT: 300 - Heavy on OPAT FLIGHT : 80ish all non-rated crewmember. Civilian flight paramedic flight hours unknown. EDUCATION : Business Major in progress - 115 hrs completed 3.56 GPA PHYSICAL : Stamped, No waivers LOR : CW4 BDE Stans Pilot for INNG, EMS service Operations manager, Ret. CW2 / Base pilot supervisor for AirEvac AWARDS : ARCOM (4), AAM (3), Aviation badge,
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  7. Opposite story as of mine, I was asked to join helicopters by my girlfriend and family. As they knew one day I'll make them proud!!
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    Hey everyone, Looking hard at buying a Bell 505. Any one who can give me some thoughts I'd appreciate it. Some have said it is a must to get one with Frahm Dampers installed. Is that really necessary for the ride. Also, what is a credible cruise speed for 4,000 to 5,000 altitude. Thanks. R
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  10. Don’t forget to post your stats on the selected members stats page.
  11. Company LOR comes from your company commander. Battalion LOR comes from your battalion commander. Order that LOR should be written: company, battalion, senior WO aviator. What should happen is you approach your Co CDR and ask for a LOR (you might need to draft it based on the example on the recruiting website). Prepare the admin data in the form for the CDR, and provide your completed packet. You will probably have a sit down counseling to discuss it. Rinse and repeat for battalion and WO aviator LORs, but also supply them with the previous LORs (Co and BN). The BN CDR and WO aviator us
  12. Hello So apparently I need a BTN LOR to attend the flight board. Can I get this from my company commander or does it have to be someone higher? Recruiter isn't the best helping at me out. Thanks
  13. Hello everyone, I am a street to seat & prior service WO applicant for the NG. I will be boarding in the next month or two. Would any of you mind privately critiquing my packet?
  14. Winnebago flying motor-home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJRlQrN8RAY&feature=youtu.be
  15. That’s a nice bag. Those compartments are pretty sweet, much better than the stuff everything in with the helmet routine I used to do. Exactly what they say not to do, LoL Shame you had to buy a new one over some broken buckles, since they are easy and quick to replace. Next time talk to your ALSE guy about sewing some new ones on.
  16. A few of us use one from Red Rock. You can look at it on Amazon under the search string “Red Rock Duffle Bag.” It is the one with three internal sections that can be worn like a backpack. It fits my alternate visor, helmet, and ALSE vest. There’s another company that makes the same exact bag but is two or three times the cost. my first one lasted about five years and two aviation deployments to AFG. Finally ordered a replacement when some of the plastic buckles broke. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0085P716I/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_HlHUFbVJETZW8?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  17. My son is looking hard at traveling to Quantum to get his flight training (there is nothing around where we live and we have family he will live with in Chandler). There have not been any reviews in the forums that I can find that are recent. Anyone out there have recent experience that can provide pros/cons/opinions of the program?
  18. I never saw anyone using anything other than the one issued to us.
  19. nah, I've been at my unit two years now. Just asking a broader pool of people.
  20. I use an old ratty torn up ruck sack. Since you're asking here I'm assuming you're still in flight school. Use what your issued for now and when you get to your unit see what other people are using in person and make up your mind.
  21. Hey what are y'all using for helmet bags? I'm looking to get one of the ones that I can wear as a backpack that will fit my alse gear and helmet. Maybe plates too? Thanks
  22. 1.) For most jobs, it won’t be a huge leg up. Meeting all of the experience requirements, and knowing someone at the company is what will get you the job. That being said, test pilot positions occasionally come up at the various helicopter manufacturers, and they do require an engineering degree. I have never done it myself, but it seems like a pretty cool job. 2.) Yes and no. Flying helicopters is my greatest passion in life so far, but doing it professionally can definitely be a grind. Jobs like tours can be fun for the first year, but then quickly become monotonous. Most pilo
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