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  2. Welcome back…… I run the Gallet LH250. My organization issued me the SPH-5 but I only wear it to remind myself how good the Gallet is…. I have quiet kit, CEP’s (molded earpieces), Zita liner, straight chord, NVG mount which was purchased from Marit Apparel…. Helmets seem to be a matter of; #1, cost, and #2, loyalty… Kinda-like the Ford/Chevy thing…. I tend to stick with the tried-and-true stuff. Stuff that has been worn in the field over a long period of time. The majority of pilots in my sector go with the Gallet… Comfort, lightweight and a narrow CG are the most common compliments. Most of them tell me; the other “newer” brands are “knock-offs” of established models. I’m not sure why anyone would gamble with knock-offs for head protection (not to say in this particular case the “other” helmets mentioned are in fact “knock-offs”). In motorcycle racing, the saying goes; if you believe your head is worth $150, then get a $150 helmet. The helmet I eventually purchased was $600-ish which wasn’t the highest price but was considered one of the top helmets for head protection... The LH350 looks interesting but since I haven’t been in the market for a new helmet, I don’t know much about it. From the info I’ve seen, it appears to be an upgraded LH250, although an “A” model which brings me back to the tried-and-true philosophy…..
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  4. I'm going to keep lurking and follow the other reviews. I'm using an Evo 250 with the Bose earcups and like it well enough but it seems bulky. And I'm not impressed at all with how they attached the earcups inside the helmet. Would love to hear more about the Aspida and like PRJ said, tell us a price! Also, if weight is a huge issue then the Northwall would be the winner at least by looking on the surface. Website says it's 1.6lbs without comms. That's crazy! Love to hear an actual real word review of this one as well. Sorry I don't have more to add!
  5. Interesting stuff. I have not heard of the Aspida. Any idea what the cost is? I typically just pass by things that don’t have a price attached. For what it’s worth, I sport an HGU-56p with “big ear” custom tips on my CEP. Super comfortable on long flights.
  6. Cannot wait for next week, the wait really is exhausting. Does anyone know when the MILPER populates? I know it is usually the ~Wednesday following the board but is it issued the Monday after and posted that Wednesday?
  7. Btw, was a list published, if so where? Or did you only hear from your recruiter? Thanks again!
  8. For May the last day of the Board was a Friday and I believe we found out for S2S the following Tuesday or Wednesday
  9. The board is finally here, now another 2ish weeks to find out the results. Good luck everyone! AGE: 31 RANK: SGT(P)/ 5 Years TIS ASVAB GT: 112 SIFT: 45 APFT: 270 EDUCATION: 29 Credits, 3.85 GPA FLIGHT: No Hours BOARD: July 2021 LOR: CW3 (OIC), O-3 (CO CDR), O-5 (BN CDR), CW4 (AV), CW5 (AV), O-6 (AV) PHYSICAL: Stamped
  10. Anyone know anything about Eagle Aviation Academy in Alabama?? Any students or CFIs that have worked for them recently??
  11. Anybody... students or CFIs familiar with Eagle Aviation Academy in Alabama?? Their job listings aren't very informative. I've tried emailing them in the past but only received very vague responses. Any info, good or bad would be appreciated. Preferably someone who used to work for them. Thanks
  12. The next helmet on my list to buy will be a Paraclete Aspida. They are so light weight it’s kind of ridiculous… a friend with one only really griped about how the earcups attach to the helmet (similar to an HGU but not much Velcro contact area). Other than that, they look well built, same low profile as an SPH, and once again… light as a feather. Scott, the fella who started Paraclete, is a former Night Stalker that designed the helmet to truly allow goggles without a weight bag, and fixed just about every issue with Gentex/Gallet/Alpha/Evo when he designed his. Just gotta get a winning scratcher and the order is going in…
  13. I have been through this for different reasons. Was down for 2.5 years and spent close to 100k on medical testing to satisfy the FAA that I am fit to fly after a near loss of consciousness that was chalked up by my doctors as being due to chronic dehydration. I am back to flying with a special issuance and the bottom line is, you have a class II medical. You are eligible to fly commercially. That's all your employer should care about. There are a lot of pilots out there flying commercially on special issuance medicals due to various reasons, whether it be previous alcoholism, heart issues, or other problems that need to be monitored, treated, or mitigated and require extra surveillance by the FAA to verify you are still safe for flight. TLDR: You jumped through the hoops and got the paper. You are good to go. But I wouldn't advertise it. Better to keep it to yourself unless someone specifically asks.
  14. Hey everyone. Been a while since I graced you all with my presence on these forums. Hope everyone is well after all this pandemic mess. I'll get straight to the point though: I currently am running an EVO 252 with bose installed. It's a lot better than my issued SPH-6, but I am wishing I had gone with the Gallet LH250. Now that I am looking around, I am seeing several different options out there and looking for anyone who has used any of these and has opinions. Gallet LH250 and LH350: Particularly curious about the 350. People don't seem to like them for some reason. Paraclete Aspida and or Aegis. I read somewhere that Air Methods is now issuing these to their pilots. Anyone running one? And what are your thoughts? Northwall. Anyone have one of these? Alpha Eagle. People either seem to love them or hate them. Any opinions welcome.
  15. Howdy. I am a S2S candidate and the wait is making me go crazy. I know we don't get put in the MILPER message with in service candidates. Would other previously selected S2S mind sharing how and when they heard they were selected? I've heard this coming board they will look at S2S packets Monday-Tuesday and Wed-Friday will be for in service... would we have a chance to know by Wednesday, would it show in the recruiters system before they proceed with in service? Any idea how this works? Or should I just go forget about the world until about August 2nd? Any light on this would be very appreciated! Thanks everyone! And good luck to all submitted for July!
  16. As someone who is in, and was also selected; GT score unimportant. You over 110, you're good, SIFT score you can't do anything about, but 48 is fine. People have been selected with worse. Pray. My stats were wild the first time and I didn't get picked, second time around (like next month after) bam, was picked. Its just random AF.
  17. Yeah technically, for a PT test, by regulation you need 4 people to take it. We know that doesn't always happen, but for covering thine ass (since I would never coerce someone to break the rules) you should get some peeps to take it with you, even if for THEM its not a record test. As for it matching; if you submit an SRB and you're including weapons or ACFT/APFT, DTMS access (or someone with access to make the changes) is needed. If they don't match, then you'll run into the same issue of "anyone can make this DA 705; why wouldn't you". The SRB matching the 705 is the golden ticket. If anything, make a DA 705 that matches your SRB and you'll be fine; or someone in your Orderly Room/Training room should have access to make the changes. If you know someone @ the BN or BDE that has access to your unit, you can always take your DA 705 to them and just say that no one in your OPS has access. Have them update and select "Verify" and your SRB will reflect usually within 48 hours As for the S1 comment, that is also an option, however the system defaults to the DTMS information. If you have S1 change it in eMilpo, you may break the connection between DTMS and/or subject your SRB to reverting to what is on DTMS. That being said, if you have both pieces of paper and they match for the board, you're gucci!
  18. Age :23 service: AD SGT(P) 4.5 years TIS GT:111 SIFT:48 Flight: none APFT: 264 Education: 50 credits towards associates physical: 1W stamped no waivers LOR: O3 CO , O5 BN CO, CW5 CCWO, LTG CG waivers: Moral, approved
  19. Super nervous due to lower sift score and GT
  20. Age :23 service: AD SGT 4.5 years TIS GT:111 SIFT:48 Flight: none APFT: 264 Education: 50 credits towards associates physical: 1W stamped no waivers LOR: O3 CO , O5 BN CO, CW5 CCWO, LTG CG waivers: Moral, approved
  21. This would mean part of the purchase cost would be paid on 1) day one of acquisition, 2) part at end of year one after acquisition and 3) part at end of year two. The two deferred payments to possibly vary against an agreed metric such as EBITDA remaining at level of day one. This makes sure the seller isn't handing you a "dud"
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  23. Yeah, yeah. Definitely. Three tranches, minimum.
  24. Even if a smallish deal, I'd have financial, technical and legal DD done by a third party. I'd structure with a deferred comp payout to vendor of at least 2yrs on agreed parameters - possibly three tranches. Lastly, this is not a growth business, so don't pay any more than 3-5 times EBITDA maximum.
  25. AGE : 32 SERVICE : AD, 18C, SFC- 12.5 yrs TIS GT: 125 SIFT: 70 Flight: None APFT: 300 EDUCATION : Associates, 4.0 GPA PHYSICAL : No waivers LOR : O-4, O-5, CW-4 WAIVERS : AFS
  26. If you are in the USA stick with your heli job and get yourself as close to ATP mins as you can. Look it up in part 61 and do your best to get that flight time. There’s a strong possibility the regional airlines will start back up the rotor transitions and you can apply and get them to help with your training costs, and get your foot in the door to the fixed wing world.
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