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  2. Find a CA National Guard aviation unit or call up to Ft Irwin and find the number for the aviation OCs.
  3. I saw this video back in 2006 so its a long time ago.
  4. Its a stunt helicopter flying low to the ground over trees to the song Crazy Train. Want to watch that one again if anyone knows where I can find it.
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  6. Well its about that time to do my do diligence and reach out for some LoR help from the community. I spent seven years in the Marine Corps as an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter, honorably discharged as and E-5. I have been in the civilian would for a little over three years now and have come to the realization that I would love to serve again. I have been working on my packet since May and have only taken the SIFT so far, which I received a 50. I had some delays, but I am back on track now with the process. I am hoping to lock down some solid Aviator Lor's to accompany my military and civilian LoR's so I can submit my packet within the next couple of boards. I am located in Southern California, I am not really sure if there is any Army aviation groups around me. I don't think there's much Army in CA in general. If so, any info/help would be appreciated! To all you hard charging vets in here, today is Veterday's Day, Happy Veterans Day! And thank you for your service! Stay motivated
  7. Stocktrader pretty much covered it all. Your experience will vary based off your unit climate and your attitude when you get there.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply. All the best to you!
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  10. My packet is in for the Nov. Woft and I’m starting to get nervous. I am curious which parts of the packet are most important?
  11. How has your experience been? Its had its ups and downs. The flying is great. The additional duties can sometimes wear you down, especially if you are tasked with something like supply/PBO. I’ve been fortunate to have a pretty good experience so far. What was your first unit, what's a typical first unit? Im in an Air Cav unit at a post that not a lot of people request. Its been a blessing in disguise because of the people and support I’ve had. Typical first unit can vary wildly just based on the command climate. While I’m here having a good experience, I know of another unit where entire troops are dropping UQR’s. Any regrets or missed opportunities? None so far. YMMV. Advice for an "older" (late twenties) junior enlisted applicant looking to make the jump? I joined in my late twenties but was street to seat. Just be open to learning upon arrival to your unit. Guys younger than you may have a lot more experience and you can learn from them. What's your day-to-day like? Flight schedule dependent. If im not flying it was usually 9-430 plugging away at additional duties or getting some study time in. If I’m flying then duty day revolves around that. What's it like working at your unit, with peers, etc.? Like i said above, very unit dependent. Ours is pretty tight knit. As far as working with peers, as my SP said, the cream will always rise in this environment so you can see whos putting in the work and who isnt. Those that are will get their shot at PC quicker. Did the ADSO change to 8 years? I looked for the most current info in AR 350-100 but I can't find anything to verify a change (i'm sister service and still getting used to where to look). Not sure its official yet. After flight school, is there pretty much an equal chance of going to any large aviation unit? Yes.
  12. Waivers are near and dear to my heart. You should have a sample WOFT packet pdf from your recruiter or from USAREC's page to go off of for guidance. Near the bottom are the guidelines that spell out what is asked for in a waiver (prereq, moral, age/AFS). It highlights are those items you just mentioned: 1. " This ETP request will not go before the selection board once approved. Please use as much space as required to give all the information. A short and simple approach may cause a returned request." 2. Mention what you offer to the Army that can be a mitigating circumstance to your waterfowl foul (special experience, skillsets, etc.) Sounds like you have time, so rebuild that packet and use the sample as an example for next year. Good luck!
  13. I had a moral waiver approved for my packet. I have actually never looked into that AR. I simply had a general understanding of what I needed to do from the USAREC site and my CW5's guidance. I essentially had a 2 page memo fully explaining what happened, what I learned from it, and how I apply those lessons learned now. I made sure to include every single supporting document related to my case, which ended up being a few dozen PDF files.
  14. Hey all, I've been through the WOFT application process and have been fortunate enough to interview a couple active duty Warrant Officers. They had atypical first unit experiences. I'd like to hear from any current aviators, flight school students, recent graduates, etc. I have a few softball questions to pitch after months of reading posts that are pretty recent to severely dated. How has your experience been? What was your first unit, what's a typical first unit? Any regrets or missed opportunities? Advice for an "older" (late twenties) junior enlisted applicant looking to make the jump? What's your day-to-day like? What's it like working at your unit, with peers, etc.? Did the ADSO change to 8 years? I looked for the most current info in AR 350-100 but I can't find anything to verify a change (i'm sister service and still getting used to where to look). After flight school, is there pretty much an equal chance of going to any large aviation unit? Thanks in advance. I know the information is out there (and i've read it) but want ensure i'm as up-to-date as possible.
  15. So quick update cause I would hate to hear about someone in a similar situation I was previously in concerning moral waivers. I will take ownership in not doing enough in arming myself with knowledge to better navigate this situation. My memo contained to arguements as two why my waiver was denied. First, was that my waiver "did not contain compelling content to support a moral waiver in accordance with AR 135-100." I would highly recommend anyone submitting a moral waiver to look up this regulation. After reading portions of this, I have a better understanding of what should have been mentioned in the waiver request (my written statement about my waiver). I dont think they spend much time going through the whole packet and all that was mentioned in the memo was my higher education success and prior military service. Going back if I were to have known this, I would have written more than just a 5 sentence paragraph explaining my situation and mentioned my Commercial-Instrument and Instructor Rotorcraft rating endeavors. Does anyone that has had a moral waiver approved fimiliar with this AR? Second, due to not having compelling information with regard to that AR, it was also mentioned that an adequate number of board packets are being considered for selection not requireing a waiver for mandatory prerequisite, therefore I will have to wait a year to reapply. All in all, I made a mistake two years ago hunting, it was not out of neglect or malpractive and am paying the price for it. Pilots take learning from other pilots mistakes to a new level. Hearing stories of an altimeter setting being 50' to low and pilots succumbing to CFIT mortifies me. I hope my situation can get some of yall woke and do what needs to get done for that coveted FQ-S status.
  16. Advice is to submit your packet. Your chances are good based off of your stats. The boards select you based off of your potential. You are exceeding physical fitness standards and working towards higher education. Strong LOR's and Resume will speak volumes.
  17. I was selected in the July board with a 44 SIFT score.
  18. No one really cares which model iPad you use. I personally like having the cell plan on mine, makes it easier to update weather, notams, etc. on the go.
  19. Call your nearest Guard unit and politely ask one of their CWOs if they would be able to sit down with you for an interview. I got a LOR from a CWO4 after going to my nearest guard unit. He sat and talked with me for a couple hours then agreed to write a LOR. I wrote one up which he didn’t use, wrote one even better than the one I provided. I did give him a resume and a background of my service as a Marine. All these dudes at one point or another we’re in the position of looking for LORs. As they say in the streets, come correct and I’m sure they’ll entertain you. Good luck, bro.
  20. I guess they could choose to use the value but I think most common sense personnel on the board would not compare candidates based upon values not everyone has. I agree wholeheartedly that they should apply. There are many people who take the SIFT and never pass. Let the board decide if you are qualified.
  21. The board members can use whatever they want to make selections. For Army soldiers their ERB is included in what the board sees, therefore the GT score is included unless that section is blanked out. I've seen guys not selected on promotion boards or for special assignments simply because their DA photo looked bad. Regardless of all that, Aricamp needs to submit the packet and let the board make the choice rather than disqualifying himself by not applying.
  22. Sister service have different scores which do not include Army GT conversion, exactly why we have to request the REDD report. On my version of the ERB it shows my service computation or version of GT which is calculated differently. All services compute those values differently. How would you compare everyone? I would bet that 25% of each board is sister service. That would not be fair would it? If this was included, the REDD report would be in the top section of the checklist along with everything else the board can see. Like I said before the board can't use it as a factor for selection.
  23. Your ERB is included in the packet the board sees and it has your GT score on it.
  24. GT is not a factor. It is not included in your packet before the board. Look at the checklist. If you are sister service it is on the REDD report which is part of the qualifications section (supporting documents). That section of the checklist is to verify you have the minimum qualification to apply for Warrant Officer selection. I don't know why so many people are hung up on GT. The minimum score is a value that you only need to be above. Don't worry about it so much man, I have viewed almost every page I can find on the internet and there are numerous examples of people with low everything to include GT and SIFT. You have an EXCELLENT APFT score so that is a great start. Work on fine tuning your packet in your resume and letters of recommendation. Specifically key on your resume summary as it is one of the only areas you can address the board directly on why you are such a great candidate. Your LORs can be great platforms for this as well but are more limited due to whether the recommendation authority knows you well and document format. My advice is to forget about your SIFT score now and move forward. Almost every packet will have weakness. Best of luck!
  25. Put it in and see what happens. I would say your chances based off your GT and SIFT are quite low since both scores are barely over the minimum but that can be made up for in other areas of your packet if the board likes what they see. The worst that happens is you don't get selected. Don't let all your time and effort go to waste now and not submit it.
  26. I wouldn't sweat it too much. Ensure your packet is strong in other areas, well written LORs, and anything else you have direct input over. I only say this because I've know a wide range of scores get selected.
  27. BLUF: passed the SIFT w/ a 43. Not happy. Anybody else get selected with a similar score? If so, what advice can you offer? (other stats detailed below) Just wrapped up my SIFT with a score of 43 and I am extremely discouraged to say the least. Really upset with my score because I studied my tail off using the FAA helicopter handbook, the Barron's study guide, the Accepted INC study guide, hand written flash cards, and I scored above 90 on every practice test I could find. I saved the SIFT for last to allow ample study time and it has taken me a year to get to this point where my packet is about ready for submission. Not sure what went wrong but there's nothing I can do about it now but fine tune the other areas of my packet. I would really appreciate any advice that this community has to offer. Thank you all. STATS AGE: 26 MIL/TIS: AD USAF/6 YEARS E-5 GT: 111 SIFT: 43 APFT: 294 LOR: O-5, O-6, CW5 (aviator) EDUCATION: 44 CREDITS TOWARDS BS/2.9 GPA PHYSICAL: STAMPED NO WAIVERS NO MORAL WAIVERS
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