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  3. I know this is anecdotal, so take it for what it's worth. I am currently in Honors on hold. (WOBC starts next week.) I can't speak for current selection rates, but I can tell you that right now there is a significant amount of non-prior service flight students. (Maybe a 1:3 ratio) Furthermore most of the prior-service students were E5 and below, mid to late twenties, with not much post-secondary education. Most of the civilian applicants were around the same age group, but with college education, flight time, etc. Comparing street-to-seat and prior-service is almost like comparing apples to oranges, but it appears to me that overall the street-to-seat students are more qualified on paper. (Education, flight time, etc.) Regarding the choice to go 15T: If I can make a suggestion, don't give up on going street-to-seat. The earlier you can get into the program, the better. Myself and several of my battle buddies were picked up on the lower end of the average qualifications simply because we had some factor that made us stand out. If you can find something to set yourself apart for the board, then I would give it a shot before enlisting. If you fall short, see where you land in comparison to the other applicants. At that point, you can go into the Army as 15T, and try again knowing exactly what you need to improve on. However, because the boards are completely separate between the two, what they look for could be different. I can't speak for the Army board.
  4. My info is a bit old as my WOFT packet was completed in 2009, but I'm going to offer some advice anyway. I was in your shoes, 20 years old, restless, wanting to fly and join the military. Back then I was gung-ho on joining one way or another and had I not been accepted I intended to enlist. Hindsight being what it is, I'm very fortunate it didn't come to that. The recruiting battalion leadership has one goal in mind. Getting you to sign up. They're going to offer avenues to you, and some of them are going to be the LONG way around. All of them will result in you signing up in the near future. They aren't looking out for you. Don't let them talk you into something you don't really want. Each board is different, and as long as you have a strong packet you're in a good spot to wait it out. Once you join the military you're competing with a whole new set of metrics, and it may not work in your favor. It's like buying a car. You want the silver GT350, so you go to the dealership looking for one. The closest they can get you today is a silver GT so they're going to try and sell you that because it will make them money today. It's a Mustang, and it's pretty quick, same color, but it's not a GT350. But they talk you into it and you buy it. Next month they get delivery of the exact GT350 you were looking for, and they even e-mail you to tell you it's there! But unfortunately for you, you're upside down on that GT and are stuck with it for 3 years before you'll have the freedom to get out from under it. Bummer. Don't buy the GT, wait for the GT350.
  5. Im pretty confident I'll be held for quite a bit no matter what. Deff guna submit everything asap, but between skipping basic, skipping wocs maybe, and getting bumped up to CW2 for being a prior O, yea too much paperwork=dragged out start date
  6. I emailed my recruiter yesterday and she said they’ll be posted NLT Friday. I suggest following and enabling notifications for the HRC Facebook page. They usually post a status once the MILPER message is out.
  7. Anyone hear anything about this boards selections?
  8. That's how I did it. Drove from Raleigh to Rucker, started WOCS 6 days later.
  9. I'm not sure how the process would work for a prior Officer, but for anyone curious about prior service applicants in general I just signed my enlistment at MEPS today. As I understand I am supposed to show up to the same MEPS in early August and get inspected for height/weight/ still having all my appendages. Then I'll swear in and walk out the door, get in my POV and drive to Ft Rucker for my class date which is roughly two weeks later. They said I could alternatively arrange for airline tickets but I feel like I'd have a hard time collecting all my uniforms and gear I'll need with a taxi. Apparently they do not pay for this move if I do it in this manner- gas and hotels and such are all on me if I choose to drive there.
  10. So when I did my inter service transfer and reverted at the same time I went to MEPS they cut me orders and put me on a plane to Dothan. And yes you should submit your paperwork as soon as you get selected so you don’t get stuck somewhere you shouldn’t be (i.e. in hold platoon at WOCS HHC)
  11. No clue on how I'd get down there. And you're saying I can submit all the supporting docs, which I assume are my commissioning documents, prior to ever getting to Rucker? Or I'd have to wait til I'm down there and just hang around until everything gets approved.
  12. So you guys "PCS" down there via MEPS? Like the boot camp "shipping" process? Or MEPS just cuts your orders? Just curious.
  13. Hello, I have a question about a flight suit. I have a gray Nomex flight suit which I purchased used. It looks just like the green and tan military suits. I haven't been able to find any other Nomex flight suits in this color. It was made by Gibson and Barnes. They no longer sell gray suits and don't have any information about it. I am curious to know if this color was used by any branch of the military or is it just a random color for personal use? Thank you.
  14. No idea about ship date, but I bet MEPS sends you here like you are goin to WOCS. That’s what they did for me and I had to wait here for my 4187 to process for equivalent credit (from OCS). If I were you I would have that and the supporting documents ready to go so the day you get selected you can submit it to the WOCC. Took about a month for mine to come back approved. If you have any questions on it let me know.
  15. Last week
  16. Civ applicant here. If accepted, I will not have to go to basic (prior Army) and probably won't have to go to WOCS (prior Officer). If this turns out to be true and I report straight to WOBC, does anybody know if lack of basic and wocs requirements will push my ship date to the left or the right?
  17. Missed the past 3 boards. Oh well. Maybe March will be the month. Anyways. Stats are: Age: 28 Sift: 61 APFT: 300 Education: B.S. degree, one semester of M.A Flight time: 13.5 hours. Some aerobatic flight. Prior Service: Army SGT, Navy O-2 Flight phys: approved LOR: O-5, E-9, CW-5 No waivers
  18. I have Lightspeed in ear with custom moulds had 2 sets made by different Co neither feel comfortable, tend to use Pilot ANR A friend had some moulds made by one of the Co I used & borrows the Lightspeeds, love them I think it is down to personal preference. The ones I use on Bike annoy me after 1\2 hour as well different mould Co again
  19. Look WEAMS on the VA site to find VA approved schools. Definitely more than just those states. VA won't pay for private pilot privileges (because it's not professional training), but some degree seeking programs will enroll you w/o ASEL private privileges. This way you can always get your private privileges 'paid for' by taking the checkride under Part 61 when you meet the requirements, but the VA won't reimburse you for the checkride. They will reimburse you for the checkride for professional ratings; I think it's https://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-22-0803-ARE.pdf to get reimbursed. If your program of choice requires private privileges in category and class prior to enrollment then you're sh*t out of luck and you'll have to pay for it out of pocket like everybody else. You can enroll in a VA approved 141 course and take the checkrides when you meet Part 61 requirements as well. You'll need a 141 school that will play ball. You'd do this if time is of the essence, as you burn through the GI bill quick this way. I know our local degree affiliated program milks your GI Bill for all it's worth, which means it'll take you all 4 years. You can only burn through so much $$ in one academic year, this year it's just under $14k. For those rating folks reading: If you've got your poop in a group, you could buy a cheap airplane, say a Piper Tri-Pacer, and do most of your time-building and instruction in it, while enrolled in a 141 school and use the 141 school instructor in your airplane. Use the 141 school for the complex, instrument and multi. Do all your instrument training at night. Sell your airplane when you're done. If you're lucky it'll be worth about what it was when you bought it. You'll need an IA, and don't cheap out on the pre-buy. The VA academic year starts on 1 August, IIRC, so you could own the plane for less than a year, and get ~$28k of 141 training, and nug out just about all of your ATP required flying, minus maybe some MEL time. If you managed to get your MEI along the way, you'd be golden like a shower.
  20. Am taking a non flying job in Stewart NY, but would like to do some part time helicopter flying, and am wondering about AAG? Do they hire part time / use contract pilots? How are they to work for? 13,000 hours helo, including S-76C+, ATP Rotor, A&P, I.A.
  21. My kid is planning on going heliskiing in Canada this March. He is an accomplished skier and good with powder. He has never done heliskiing before. Any hot tips from anyone who flies these tours ? Of course, he *knows* to tip the pilot ;). He is incredibly looking forward to this and will have 2 other buddies. I'm guessing all of the pilots are quite skilled so I'm not really asking about any particular operator. Huge thanks for any input. H
  22. Go to milsuite.mil Click milbook (blue icon on left) If you have a get started page, at the bottom should have a "dont show this again" type link. Click that. Click Places on the top center-left Type "wocs" in the filter/search box Find WOCS class 20-15. Click Follow at the top right. Next time you go in and click Places, on the right click "Following" and it'll appear
  23. AGE: 28 ASVAB GT: 121 SIFT: 46 APFT: 273 EDUCATION: 37 SH towards BA in Criminal Justice 2.8 GPA. Military Ed: ALC, Advisor Course, SHARP, UPL, HAZMAT, Airborne. FLIGHT: None LORS: O-3, 0-5 and CW4 OTHER INFO: Active Duty, E-6(P) 8 years TIS. Currently on third Deployment, all top 20% NCOERs and currently serving in SFAB. PHYSICAL: Completed: qualified WAIVERS: AFS, Moral (Pending approval)
  24. I know how to get you selected for flight training with 100% guaranteed chance of acceptance...enlist. Enlist, apply WOFT get accepted cool (your a pilot), dont get accepted apply for a civilian school (you will get accepted and oh your a pilot now). Enlisting will 100% get you in the air no matter how you slice it but if your applying civilian WOFT, beef your packet up. Remember guys, WOFT is not the only way for free flight training. Ill keep saying this, the Army will get you in the air on the controls of a flying machine thats not suppose to be flying.
  25. Not true at all. I can name six guys off the top of my head that were accepted before they even graduated high school. Shipped to basic the July following graduation. Its about how you can explain why you will be a benefit to the Army. Also, it ebbs and flows for selection rates. For about 2-3 years it was 100% pickup on the civilian side of the house.
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