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  2. Hello All, So I'm looking at submitting a flight packet next year for the May board and the only thing really concerning me at this point is my height... I'm 26, female and served 4.5 years active duty working as a 15P before getting out and going to school. My degree is in Aviation and Aerospace science with a concentration on being a flight officer. I'm currently working on my flight training on the civilian side but I've always wanted to fly for the Army. I have 2 W5s writing my LORs along with my flight instructor, but, all that doesn't mean much if I can't pass the physical. I stand proud and tall at 5'3 and I know I don't meet the regs for the height requirements. Does anyone know of anyone my size who's been granted the waiver and gotten into flight school? I'd hate to be DQd for something beyond my control. Cheers! -A
  3. AGE: 25 RANK: E-5, 7 Years, SSgt Active Duty Air Force GT: 124 SIFT: 55 APFT: 271 EDUCATION: AAS Aviation Maintenance Technology, AAS Instructor of Military Science and Technology PHYSICAL: Stamped/Approved LOR: 0-5, 0-6, CW5 WAIVER: Moral/Approved PROFFESSIONAL LICENSE: Private Pilot, Single Engine Land First look September 2020. Good luck to everyone applying!
  4. I just had my flight physical here at rucker, gotta be short form style. Did some visual acuity tests and the usual hearing etc. Basically a full medpros and that's it. Some people needed follow ups, others skipped sections I did completely like no labs. Again your first is gonna be way more in depth
  5. AGE : 25 RANK : SGT w/ 7yrs TIS GT : 117 SIFT : 61 APFT : 261 EDUCATION : 66 credits, 2.8 GPA PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : O-3, O-5, CW4 WAIVERS : Medical, approved FLIGHT : No prior experience DEPLOYMENT : 0 AWARDS : ARCOM (1), AAM (4), Air Assault Selected first look. What I think will set your packet apart is really solid LOR’s and a well written resume. I had a really really good LOR written by my Senior Aviator who reviewed my packet and I probably read my resume over at least a hundred times and had dozens of people review it to make sure it was as polished as possible. Sell yourself well, get it looked over by people who’s opinion you hold highly and don’t be afraid to start over again if it sucks (I did several times). Good luck!
  6. I made the list! For those that didn’t make it, I’m praying that y’all make it on the next one. The struggle makes the man (or woman). I’ll be rooting for y’all
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  8. IIRC the long form goes by age. Every time you pass 5. 20, 25, 30... And it’s just a few more tests. After leaving Rucker I had 2 long forms and 5 short. Each duty station does the testing appointments differently. Some require briefings, some are walk in, some give you the packet, etc. Some of mine I got done in half a day, others took me weeks to get the checklist done. None of them were as thorough as my first one. As long as nothing is wrong with you they’re just checkups.
  9. AGE : 30 RANK : SSG, 10 years AD, 68E GT : 129 SIFT : 61 APFT/ACFT : 290/593 EDUCATION : BS Sports & Health Science, 3.7 GPA PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : CSM (NCOA Commandant which is O-6 equivalent, O-5, CW5 DEPLOYMENT: 2 AWARDS : MSM, ARCOM (9), AAM (5), MOVSM, BAIB, EFMB, ABN, AASLT WAIVERS : AFS ETP (approved), PRK (approved) Selected first look September 2020 board. Good luck everyone!
  10. AGE : 25 RANK : E-5, 5 yrs AD 25U GT : 119 SIFT : 53 APFT : 227 EDUCATION : 53 credits PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : O-3, O-5, CW5 DEPLOYMENT: 0 WAIVERS : PRK 1st time look for Sep 2020. I was skeptical with a 227 pt score but had solid NCOER’s and LOR’s.
  11. AGE : 23 RANK : E-5, 4yrs AD 68W GT : 117 SIFT : 58 APFT : 281 EDUCATION : 65 credits PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : O-3, O-5, CW5 DEPLOYMENT: 1 WAIVERS : None 1st time look for Sept2020 board. Good luck ya'll!
  12. Yea I had the short form between my first long form and coming here (Guard). It’s a bit quicker.
  13. Supposedly there are two different types of flight physicals. The “long form” which is essentially what you get as an applicant and at Rucker, then the “short form” which is what you get at your units. From what I have been told once you leave Rucker the short form is the standard one and the long one happens once every 5 years or so
  14. Unfortunately I didn’t get it, boohoo. Im happy for everyone who did that f*cking wait was terrible. I’ll be heading over to the next board, again congrats!
  15. The initial physical at Rucker is pretty thorough. Full eye work-up, blood work, anthro, etc
  16. You’ll never have another physical as thorough as your first one. “Anything wrong with you? Ok here’s your upslip.”
  17. 1st time selection for September board. Age: 26 Rank: Prior service active duty army 5 years e4. GT: 134 SIFT: 52 APFT: 261 Education: Application was during summer semester with 48 credits. Now have AS with 3.4 GPA Physical: Stamped, no waivers. LOR: Retired CW3 aviator, CW5 aviator, O6 aviator, O7.
  18. Hey, I have recently been looking into starting helicopter flying lessons and I have been looking into Glacier Aviation Flight school in Olympia, WA. I have visited a couple times and it seems great and Mike the owner is very helpful and seems like a good guy. Of course, they would sell themselves to a prospective student who is about to give them 80k, so I was wondering there was anyone who has gone through it or knows anything about them to see if there are any downsides to the school. All the reviews I have read on here seem good as far as I can tell, but it is a big decision and I woudl appreciate any input or knowledge anyone has on this particular school. Thanks so much.
  19. Back in "ancient" times of 1968 (Vietnam Era) everything was listed on your DA Form 20 under item #24 & item #25! The AFAST (Army Flight Aptitude Selection Test) was listed under item #25 in three (3) parts 1.) The Composite Score which could top off at 352, 2.) The Fixed Wing Component which could top off at 176, and 3.) The Rotary Wing Component which could top off at 176. The rumor was that the tested candidate needed a score of "90" or better on one of the two components of the AFAST to qualify to flight training as well as a SCORE of 110 or better on the GT (General Technical = VE [summary of word knowledge and paragraph comprehension] + AR [arithmetic reasoning]/2) of the ASVAB. If the candidate had those qualifications then it was thought that that candidate had the "potential" to complete all of the necessary training to become an U. S. Army aviator, but there were not any guarantees. The highest score I ever saw on the Rotary Wing portion of the AFAST was 173 or 98% of the questions answered correctly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vy1l6svvtaymv0u/item 25.JPG?dl=0
  20. I felt like my physical at Fort Knox was more thorough than the one here at Rucker. That's not to say I haven't seen people get caught up during the physical. I don't remember the exact time frame but I think they give you 90-120 days to apply for waivers and such. I was in that situation after a medical issue popped up during training and was able to get a waiver within 30 days.
  21. As another poster said, you get 10 days of "leave" then wait for a WOBC date, for me it was a 2-3 week wait. Was at Honors that whole time. Plenty of time to take care of personal things.
  22. Last week
  23. It's always been that way with separate OMLs and airframe numbers for warrants and RLOs.
  24. Is it true that Airframe slots are now divided by Rank? Ex. Army needs 6 WO for ch47 and 6 Ah64 CO? I had a buddy go through and they said basically all the O's got Apaches...
  25. So for the street to seat guys, this is when you get billeting and would move your stuff? After you get pinned WO1?
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