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  2. Honestly if you’re relying on foreflight to remind you to make radio calls you’re way, way behind the airplane. Maybe for the first couple weeks of flight school where everything is a challenge to do while also trying to fly it’s not a bad idea but past that time it’s a crutch you shouldn’t need.
  3. Do you have to set that up or does it do it automatically? When did it give you reminders? Like coming out of holding calls or just prior to entering airspace calls?
  4. Downloaded Aero and the website seems to be a pain to keep an updated account. I have flight plan go for approaches, but I'm in school and these IPs all saying it's pretty necessary to get Foreflight. Who knows, the one thing I've learned is you get a LOT of opinions here and have to figure out which makes the most sense.
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  6. Depending on what you’re doing it’s not worth buying foreflight at all. I haven’t had it since the Army stopped giving it to us for free and I don’t miss it. If you just want to avoid carrying paper pubs you can download the Army’s Aero app which is basically a crappy knockoff of foreflight.
  7. Is the $200 MFB subscription worth the extra $100 or is the basic all that's really necessary? Opinions?
  8. Selected first look November 2019 S2S Age: 22 ASVAB/GT: 95/135 SIFT: 61 APFT: 250 College: BA Communications Studies, Business Minor, 2.5 GPA, 120 Credit Hours High School: 3.5 GPA LOR: Private Pilot Flight Instructor, CO ANG O6, Ret. LA ANG O6 Flight: 43 Hours Fixed Wing Towards PPL Waivers: None Notes: It wasn't an easy path to selection but it was so worth it. I missed the May board because of expired finger prints, then found out the Army changed it's mind on how long flight physicals are valid for (6 months before you board, 18 months after you board even if not selected is what my recruiters told me). This caused me to miss the July board. I submitted for the September board but my packet was lost in the weeds at the battalion level even though it was approved by them. Finally was looked at in November! I agonized over my GPA, I thought I had tanked my chances at selection because of my time in college. Looking back on it I think my essay, letters, and flight hours are what made the difference. If you're serious about this, you can do it. My WOFT packet was a part of my day every day for 18 months and I don't regret one second of it. I leave for BCT at Ft. Jackson in March and will finally step foot on Rucker in May, keep your nose down and don't ever quit! Good luck to all you future aviators!
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  10. unfortunately packet due date is Monday, if i dont get selected this go around then ill go to an avation unit, can i pm you my essay? its pretty strong imo,
  11. I had a 42 man it’s just a qualifying factor that you passed so just put it in and go for it. I know people not selected with 60s so the packet quality is significantly more important.
  12. I used it in the th-67 course and having the cellular was awesome bc foreflight has reminders to get ATIS and call tower, the charts also updated automatically. No one seemed to care I was told by other IPs they really don’t care no one is going to make you pull up the model number and check it. Just make sure the charts are up to date.
  13. Axesteel I think you should try and get in touch with a army aviation unit and try and get an interview with at least a W4 to get a letter of recommendation. When you do the interview dress nice and get a haircut. All the guys 18 year olds in flight school with me at least had one Warrant Letter of recommendation.
  14. I live off Rucker blvd the rent is 850 for two bedrooms for military in my area
  15. im not sure as NG is alot different than regular boards
  16. Hello, as we all are aware civ board deadlines for January are Monday, and i wanted to redo the essay was wondering if someone with decent experience could help me to read it over and give a second opinion, Pm if you would like to help!
  17. No I haven’t gotten anything. But it usually takes like two weeks from what i’ve heard. Im willing to bet the end of next week is when they will start popping up.
  18. Has anyone received an Attrs reservation yet? My 1sg asked me today and I told him I haven’t received anything, he said he heard guys have gotten reservations already.
  19. Happy Holidays from Rotorcraft Pro!! Read the Nov-Dec 2019 digital issue here! http://bit.ly/RotorcraftProMag_NovDec2019 INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Airbus 50 Years in USA + VIDEO | ABLE Aerospace Expands + VIDEO | Thai Aviation Services + VIDEO | Best of 2019 | Pilot Liability | Exec Watch: Ty Genteman, Boeing Global Services | Meet a Rotorcraft Pro: Michael Jupp | Mil2Civ Transition | Maintenance Minute | My 2 Cents Worth | Rotorcraft Checkride Thanks for reading and be safe!!
  20. AD or Civ? packet deadline for civilian is December 16th and that's from my recruiter's email strait from Jacksonville Battalion, but it could differ based on your Battalion.
  21. I'm going for my 2nd look on the Jan board. In the email I got saying I was FQ-NS from the Nov board, it said that any updates to my packet needed to be submitted "no later than 15 days prior to the selection board." The board meets on Jan 13th. However the website (https://recruiting.army.mil/ISO/AWOR/BOARD_SCHEDULE/) says the packet update deadline is Jan 6th. Which one should I go by? I ask because retaking my APFT on Dec 29th, or Jan 5th could have an impact on my score. My APFT was 230 my first time around, so I know it was a place I needed to improve on. I've been training hard and smart for my retake, but even 1 extra day of training gives me a chance to score 1 point higher in the categories.
  22. If you want to get your license I would recommend looking up 702 helicopters in Las Vegas. Almost always flying weather, available helis, good instructors and great rates.
  23. No worries dude it's just a thread on a forum just wanted you to be aware. Let me know if you need anything further.
  24. Thanks for all the help. Sorry I’ll get out of this thread then.
  25. Also, this thread is for people attempting to apply for the January Active Duty board. Just FYI.
  26. I don't think anyone thought he was lying. It was unclear whether you were referring to active or NG. Best source for NG would be your state's WOSM (Warrant Officer Strength Manager). https://www.nationalguard.com/contacts/wosm The process is completely different for National Guard which is why it was important to know which you were applying for. Each state conducts their boards their own way outlined within manuals pertaining to the process. I would say get your sh*t together as fast as possible for the next National Guard board and see what happens. The worst that happens is you have to tighten up and try again on the next one. At best you get selected and go to WOCS. You can also consider a packet for active duty as many of the requirements are the same. Shoot me a message if you like. I went through a NG board this January and was selected before I opted to go Active Duty. My board was both the State and Federal Recognition board all in one. I'm not sure if all states do this. You can also search around on here as many have posted about the NG specific process.
  27. Right. So he’s lying. He literally told me next board 25th of January then have to wait for June.
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