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    Saw this on Reddit and thought that I'd share: "For anyone wondering, per MILPER 20-082, the March WOSB will convene 15-19 June 2020. The May WOSB will convene 22-26 June 2020. No change to July and September WOSB."
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    I have an applicant for the WOFT I am processing for the May board. When I talked to the Warrant Officer Recruiting CW4 on Tuesday, in regards to this delay, she said specifically they are still accepting and processing packets. Which makes sense because the packet is a virtual PDF sent through email or an online packet submitted by recruiter. I would still follow the deadlines. Recruiters are working form home but we can still set up shop and Submit packets. I’ve been working on one all day.
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    Just go with AR 95-1 and avoid getting into the weeds. It's a strategy that will help you later too. LoL
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    I’ll reiterate that this is a constantly morphing situation. The army is doing its best but there is a lot of uncertainty in the short term. Plenty of people have had their household goods shipped out and are living with no furniture/had to buy new furniture given the PCS freeze. Had I not got here the day I did, I’d be in the same boat. It’s impossible to say what the plans will be to make up for the classes missed. Maybe they’ll bump everyone, maybe they’ll just bump the people who missed classes back to a later date, maybe they’ll add/overbook classes. Nobody knows. My advice is just stay flexible. The last thing anyone wants is this current situation. Even here in school things are changing constantly.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z8Idrl4f7Y 1. Introduction of our own designed turbocharged altitude compensation system in South Africa. (As you Rotorway Helicopter Manufacturing Co discontinued the non-reliable supercharger and replaced it with a turbocharger) 2. High altitude performance with our turbocharged engine 3. Advanced precision flying 4. Formation flying in Cape Town 5. Advanced manoeuvres in the air with the turbo Rotorway helicopter
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    March NSs will be on may’s selection board.
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    Is there any insight as to how the back-to-back WOSBs will factor into first and second looks? For example, would a FQ-NS packet for the March Board (15-19 June) be automatically pushed into the May WOSB (22-26 June)? Or will all FQ-NS packets be pushed to the July board?
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    Nobody knows. The only solid word that came from higher is that there will be a 2 week pause in common core and that WOBC/BOLC and SERE will still run. Hearing some other rumors now, but who knows. I think it's safe to say all said and done, at the very least this will cause some turbulence. We are lucky in that the CG here seems to be awesome, gives weekly briefings on the facebook page, and fields questions from viewers. The entire country, the army included, is taking this thing as it comes. Things are are changing constantly.
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    However we did just get word that academics are still happening via distance learning platforms like Zoom and Google Class
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    Is anyone here working on private or commercial certificates and would like online instruction. I’d like to offer my services if possible. One on one instruction via Skype or Zoom. I’m not sure if anyone already offers one on one services, so I’m looking to find if there is any interest in this sort of thing for starters.
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    You could go to NTC and fly a Lakota.
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    haha 😁 mine got submitted today. After I sent my recruiter a picture message of your previous post. See, there's bad recruiters, good recruiters and better recruiters 😉 thanks for being the better recruiter
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    I just got off the phone with CW4 of Warrant Officer Recruiting and they are still accepting and processing packets both active duty and civilians. “Yes we still have a job to do.”
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    I am aN active duty Army recruiter. I called the Warrant Officer Recruiting CW4 and she confirmed the board has been postponed until further notice. The official Milper message was in process when I called her at 11 am this morning. It doesn’t get more inside than that. My file is in this board as well so I understand your frustration but remain patient and hopeful that the issue will be fixed soon and things back to normal. As of now all DoD travel has halted, including PCS and TDY, however we still shipped someone out to Basic yesterday. And we are processing people at the MEPS. IDK how long this will last or how much further the restrictions will go but I’m sure it is for the best. P.S. idk why it can’t be convened from a distance, it’s literally an online pocket and it’s literally 2020... but that’s just my personal view.
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    I know that curiosity kills, but don't spend too much time worrying about something you can't change. Its not your fault, its not their fault, everyone is being set back in one way or another. Just have to ride it out..... Also, welcome to the military, where things can go from good to bad in a second. Get use to it son....But again, there's literally nothing you can do but wait.
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    FYI, the civilian board convenes at the same time as the active board with the same board members. I highly doubt that the civilian board process is excluded from the delay.
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    That was great advice I got for check rides. Answer the question and shut up. If the IP wants too know more they will ask.
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    The first recruiter I talked to was telling some other dude about the Army’s A-10s. I found a new guy, LoL
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    Also, he's probably not lying, he just doesn't know. Recruiters are dumb. I dumped my first one for reasons like yours. In fact, they told me I had to enlist in order to even take the flight physical. Which is not true at all.... Its quite common to go through recruiters. Some now what they're doing, some think they know, and some just really don't want to help because its a lot of work. Find someone that's willing to do the work.
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    We operate two Bell Long Ranger L3s in Papua New Guinea for missionary and humanitarian/community development work. Our machines are not getting any newer and we're looking at what will be our next machine. Cost is a very large consideration for us, since we are a non-profit organization. We are wondering about the Airbus H130 T2 as a replacement, but don't have many real world numbers for comparison. Can anybody help fill in some of the blanks? Fuel burn per hour: Actual airspeed: Hourly operating cost: Payload with 2 hours total fuel on board: Some other questions are: How do your mechanics like the machine? How much maintenance do the machines require? Can it carry 200 liter/55gal drums on their side with the aft seats removed? Do the aft seats remove easily or just flip up or both? What do you dislike about the machine? Whatever input anyone might have would be great!
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    No they did not. Typed only, and no BN interview. I have the official message if you need it .
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    There is no interview process, this would have been helpful in my case. The handwritten essays are still a thing.
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    AGE: 28 (29 in May) ASVAB GT: 127 SIFT: 61 APFT: 278 EDUCATION: A.S. Information Technology 3.98 GPA, 12 additional credits towards B.S. so far FLIGHT: None LORS: CW4, O-5, O-4 OTHER INFO: Civilian boarding with the CA Army National Guard PHYSICAL: Stamped WAIVERS: Moral I’ve been building my packet for a year and 4 months, finally time to get it in. Boarding on the 24th. Good luck gents!
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    He posted all his scores.... Heres one. Attention to detail: 0
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    I was able to be board ready for this month, nervous as hell, but I’m hoping for the best. Age 24 Sift 40 GT 111 Pft 270 letter of rec. from Congress Rep, W4 Pilot, 2 navy pilots. moral waiver and haD PRK done to put my application in. Made a mistake when I was younger and hoping they won’t hold it against me, I rode on the back of a bus drunk and the court threw out the case. I just finished up getting my bachelors with a strong background in sciences, Never did well on standardized tests but was deans list while in school. Played D1 rugby and was a captain. My coach was the W4 pilot and advised I go for this slot, wouldn’t have tried if he didn’t bless me for it as this position is one that affects more than just myself. Good luck everyone and I hope to hear the news soon from my recruiter.
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    If you think I answered like an a**hole you should wait to see what your life in the Army could turn out to be. Based on your presentation of yourself here I would not select you as a candidate even if your stats were better. The best answer is what I have you already. Post in the appropriate forum or just read through and compare your stats with a multitude of others who have applied and been accepted or rejected and make your own assessment. The only way you'll know for sure is to submit your packet to the board.
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    The aircraft is cool, the community is cool, and the missions are cool. This is going to hurt a lot of butts but I was never impressed with the UH-60 community. There are good people there, but there's also a lot of arrogance within their ranks.
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    Selected March 2018, WOCS April 2019, IERW March 2020. I had a September IERW date but took a later date since we had a baby this fall. This isn't a good metric to go off of, as each state, flight school allocations, selected applicants waiting for school, etc, will vary. I know guard guys who were in IERW within 6 months of selection. Again, varies wildly.
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    Idk, there's different thoughts on it. My buddy had similar stats to me and was selected first time look in November. His essay filled the entire Summary block. I decided to go with short, sweet, to the point. Only filled half the block. Dont take any stats you see to heart. The only way of knowing whether or not you'll be accepted is to just drop the packet and let the board decide.
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    You CAN use your GI Bill for your PPL, even in 2020. Quantum Helicopters in AZ is one school where it's possible to do the whole thing with the GI Bill.
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    Selected 1st Look - NOV19 AD U.S. Coast Guard Age: 35 MOS: AET / Flight Mechanic (Crew Chief) with 750+ hours NRCM experience, NRCM Flight Instructor and Examining Board Member. Rank: E-6 / PO1 TIS: 10 SIFT: 57 APFT: 272 College : 25 credits towards Technical Management degree. 55 credits total. LOR: O-4, O-6x3, CW4 Instructor Pilot. ETP: Age, AFS, and Moral (the trifecta). Medical: No waivers. Note: I was denied Age / Moral waivers in July 2018 (AFS was still 12 or less when I submitted). I was just over the age limit at the time. I was selected by the National Guard (modified "Street to Seat" sister service) in January 2019. I won't name the state as it really doesn't matter at this point. I may have mentioned them in previous posts, oh well. Waivers were approved by the NGB in May 2019. Recruiting command and myself could not reach an agreement on my acession process (way more complicated than I care to share). As I began to feel that process fall apart, I decided to submit another AD packet. I submitted on time in early September for the November Board and waivers were approved in October... I officially turned down the National Guard in late September before I knew of my AD waiver status. If you have any questions about any of these experiences shoot me a message. I'm glad to help anyone. There were several people on this forum who were crucial to my selection. I was given invaluable guidance on my packet structure, LORs, and waivers. My process began 2 years ago, never give up! Best of luck to everyone!
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