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    How has your experience been? Its had its ups and downs. The flying is great. The additional duties can sometimes wear you down, especially if you are tasked with something like supply/PBO. I’ve been fortunate to have a pretty good experience so far. What was your first unit, what's a typical first unit? Im in an Air Cav unit at a post that not a lot of people request. Its been a blessing in disguise because of the people and support I’ve had. Typical first unit can vary wildly just based on the command climate. While I’m here having a good experience, I know of another unit where entire troops are dropping UQR’s. Any regrets or missed opportunities? None so far. YMMV. Advice for an "older" (late twenties) junior enlisted applicant looking to make the jump? I joined in my late twenties but was street to seat. Just be open to learning upon arrival to your unit. Guys younger than you may have a lot more experience and you can learn from them. What's your day-to-day like? Flight schedule dependent. If im not flying it was usually 9-430 plugging away at additional duties or getting some study time in. If I’m flying then duty day revolves around that. What's it like working at your unit, with peers, etc.? Like i said above, very unit dependent. Ours is pretty tight knit. As far as working with peers, as my SP said, the cream will always rise in this environment so you can see whos putting in the work and who isnt. Those that are will get their shot at PC quicker. Did the ADSO change to 8 years? I looked for the most current info in AR 350-100 but I can't find anything to verify a change (i'm sister service and still getting used to where to look). Not sure its official yet. After flight school, is there pretty much an equal chance of going to any large aviation unit? Yes.
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    Advice is to submit your packet. Your chances are good based off of your stats. The boards select you based off of your potential. You are exceeding physical fitness standards and working towards higher education. Strong LOR's and Resume will speak volumes.
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    I was selected in the July board with a 44 SIFT score.
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    Call your nearest Guard unit and politely ask one of their CWOs if they would be able to sit down with you for an interview. I got a LOR from a CWO4 after going to my nearest guard unit. He sat and talked with me for a couple hours then agreed to write a LOR. I wrote one up which he didn’t use, wrote one even better than the one I provided. I did give him a resume and a background of my service as a Marine. All these dudes at one point or another we’re in the position of looking for LORs. As they say in the streets, come correct and I’m sure they’ll entertain you. Good luck, bro.
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    The board members can use whatever they want to make selections. For Army soldiers their ERB is included in what the board sees, therefore the GT score is included unless that section is blanked out. I've seen guys not selected on promotion boards or for special assignments simply because their DA photo looked bad. Regardless of all that, Aricamp needs to submit the packet and let the board make the choice rather than disqualifying himself by not applying.
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    GT is not a factor. It is not included in your packet before the board. Look at the checklist. If you are sister service it is on the REDD report which is part of the qualifications section (supporting documents). That section of the checklist is to verify you have the minimum qualification to apply for Warrant Officer selection. I don't know why so many people are hung up on GT. The minimum score is a value that you only need to be above. Don't worry about it so much man, I have viewed almost every page I can find on the internet and there are numerous examples of people with low everything to include GT and SIFT. You have an EXCELLENT APFT score so that is a great start. Work on fine tuning your packet in your resume and letters of recommendation. Specifically key on your resume summary as it is one of the only areas you can address the board directly on why you are such a great candidate. Your LORs can be great platforms for this as well but are more limited due to whether the recommendation authority knows you well and document format. My advice is to forget about your SIFT score now and move forward. Almost every packet will have weakness. Best of luck!
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    I wouldn't sweat it too much. Ensure your packet is strong in other areas, well written LORs, and anything else you have direct input over. I only say this because I've know a wide range of scores get selected.
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    I was denied last year and the letter stated that I would be allowed to resubmit one year from date of memo unless you can provide dramatic changes to circumstances for denial. You have to submit a waiver citing the circumstances to submit your waiver(s) prior to the full year. I waited the full year and improved everything within my control and my waivers were approved last month. It can be done. Don't lose all hope.
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    Yes, my physical expired shortly after my board and I had to redo it before going to Rucker.
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    So, my R22 flight review just expired,...now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say.😥 Anyway, here's a video I took once of what I used to like to do with the little guy. Sorry the quality sucks,...just pretend you're near sighted and forgot your glases. 🤣
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    So you’re saying there’s a chance.
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    Just trying to put it out there that alot of packets are "green", mine isnt at the moment but even if it was or is, it looked like alot of poeple to be competing against, which yes does make me nervous. On the real though, last year every civilian board had 20 applicants being accepted no matter the time of year. This is just my assumtion but if I were a beting man, 20 will get picked up this board. This is the first board of the fiscal year as well, got a buddy Im flying with now, who was a Kiowa Mechanic, mention that the ass end of the fiscal year is always the most competitive due to less slots. Now that information, like most found on these threads pertaining this subject matter, is all hear say. No one actually knows why the Army (Board Member) selects who they select. What I do know, the Army makes flying extremely realistic to individuals willing to put in the work and get things done i.e. an application, service, flight school etc. The process just blows a little. Whether your prior service getting civilian training paid for by the VA, Active Army to WOFT or a civilian trying street-to-seat, the Army can get you wings. My bad for the little extra b/s at the end, I really like to fly!
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    Keep offshore oil/gas in mind once you get 1,000 hours PIC. All of the major offshore helicopter operators provide excellent training, and you are paid a full salary during training. No legitimate helicopter operator should expect new employees to work for free while receiving federally mandated training.
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    There are two RV parks in Juneau. One is the Auk Bay RV. I lived two summers in a 5th wheel in the otherone which has since been renamed. Its on the Back Loop Road. Very very do-able. Only a 10 minute drive to the office. Just be sure to DRIVE to Skagway, then ferry to Juneau. Ferrying to Juneau from Bellingham will kill your bank account.
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    As everyone said. Go street 2 seat.
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    Stop egging Butters on, we can't afford to loose him to the airlines.
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