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    You the same dude as axesteel?
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    AxeSteel, your reaction to the selection results does not suggest a level of maturity that people look for in putting someone in charge of the lives of others, not to mention aircraft worth millions of dollars. An appropriate response would be to ask how you can better yourself to be selected next board or in the future. Complaining about the process/suggesting others do not make an effort on a public forum does not indicate professionalism. leadership, or any other quality that is indicative of future success as an officer or an aviator. This, like the posts of many of the previous folks who have commented is constructive criticism. I want to see you succeed but we want you to understand you will continue to rub people the wrong way if you maintain the attitude you have in these posts.
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    There's 2 seperate boards. Active duty and civilian. You aren't competing with enlisted personnel. There's no favoring prior service, what they favor is the experience garnered from that.
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    It's not fruitless. Plenty of my MTPs, nearly all, were street to seat. Simply put, your individual packet wasn't strong enough against that specific board. I would never discourage someone to attempt to apply because of speculative rates.
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    There has been plenty of people that have been FQ-NS on their first board then turn around and get selected on the next. Don’t tap into giving up so easily, if you truly want to become an Aviator keep pushing for it.
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    Or....they have a job that doesn’t just cater to you, their schedule was already filled up and Fridays are their day to administer APFTs to all the potential recruits that need one.
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    My info is a bit old as my WOFT packet was completed in 2009, but I'm going to offer some advice anyway. I was in your shoes, 20 years old, restless, wanting to fly and join the military. Back then I was gung-ho on joining one way or another and had I not been accepted I intended to enlist. Hindsight being what it is, I'm very fortunate it didn't come to that. The recruiting battalion leadership has one goal in mind. Getting you to sign up. They're going to offer avenues to you, and some of them are going to be the LONG way around. All of them will result in you signing up in the near future. They aren't looking out for you. Don't let them talk you into something you don't really want. Each board is different, and as long as you have a strong packet you're in a good spot to wait it out. Once you join the military you're competing with a whole new set of metrics, and it may not work in your favor. It's like buying a car. You want the silver GT350, so you go to the dealership looking for one. The closest they can get you today is a silver GT so they're going to try and sell you that because it will make them money today. It's a Mustang, and it's pretty quick, same color, but it's not a GT350. But they talk you into it and you buy it. Next month they get delivery of the exact GT350 you were looking for, and they even e-mail you to tell you it's there! But unfortunately for you, you're upside down on that GT and are stuck with it for 3 years before you'll have the freedom to get out from under it. Bummer. Don't buy the GT, wait for the GT350.
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    Was notified of my selection on Wednesday. Couldn’t be more excited! Stats are posted earlier in this thread for those looking for a little hope. Spent just over a year on my application which appears to be the norm. Anyway, instead of creating another thread, maybe one of you here can brief me on what to expect on my upcoming swearing next week. What will my contract look like? Anything to help me feel more prepared. Thank you and good luck to anyone waiting! M. Trexler
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    I highly doubt that the Army will allow you to enlist, go to basic and then go to WOCS based on a selection from a civilian boarded packet. It might be possible, but I wouldn’t trust that at all coming from anyone at a recruiting station.
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    A job like 15T will allow you to be an aircrew member. Again man -- why wouldn't you listen to everyone here and wait at least until the next board? If selected while in basic you might be able to divert into the WOFT program, or you might not.
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    But if yall talk to your recruiters have them look me up lol. I don't know if I can make it til next week
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    As for my stats, Age: 27 ASVAB:96 GT:136 SIFT:58 LORs: Former instructor at civilian job, College Professor, Congressman. Other info: Prior Service USMC ATC. College- 4.0 at my current University, set to graduate in Summer or possibly Spring now with this news. 3.825 GPA at my previous Junior College. 31.5 hrs flight time towards PPL. Eagle Scout. Probably missing some stuff but I have to leave for work in a few mins
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    I made it. Long time lurker, this is my first post on this site but I was just called by my recruiter and results are out
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    About to go hang out with Geronimo here at JRTC. See you all on flip side and hopefully we all get selected
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    Unless they have a LUH-72 simulator you’re not going to gain much, especially without an instructor teaching you the way you will be required to do it in flight school. You’ll have plenty of time to learn once you get there without forming bad habits on your own. Remember, just about every single person passes flight school, it’s not that difficult if you don’t just give up.
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    x15 E175 x5 E145 0 CRJ700
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    I know this is anecdotal, so take it for what it's worth. I am currently in Honors on hold. (WOBC starts next week.) I can't speak for current selection rates, but I can tell you that right now there is a significant amount of non-prior service flight students. (Maybe a 1:3 ratio) Furthermore most of the prior-service students were E5 and below, mid to late twenties, with not much post-secondary education. Most of the civilian applicants were around the same age group, but with college education, flight time, etc. Comparing street-to-seat and prior-service is almost like comparing apples to oranges, but it appears to me that overall the street-to-seat students are more qualified on paper. (Education, flight time, etc.) Regarding the choice to go 15T: If I can make a suggestion, don't give up on going street-to-seat. The earlier you can get into the program, the better. Myself and several of my battle buddies were picked up on the lower end of the average qualifications simply because we had some factor that made us stand out. If you can find something to set yourself apart for the board, then I would give it a shot before enlisting. If you fall short, see where you land in comparison to the other applicants. At that point, you can go into the Army as 15T, and try again knowing exactly what you need to improve on. However, because the boards are completely separate between the two, what they look for could be different. I can't speak for the Army board.
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    I'm not sure how the process would work for a prior Officer, but for anyone curious about prior service applicants in general I just signed my enlistment at MEPS today. As I understand I am supposed to show up to the same MEPS in early August and get inspected for height/weight/ still having all my appendages. Then I'll swear in and walk out the door, get in my POV and drive to Ft Rucker for my class date which is roughly two weeks later. They said I could alternatively arrange for airline tickets but I feel like I'd have a hard time collecting all my uniforms and gear I'll need with a taxi. Apparently they do not pay for this move if I do it in this manner- gas and hotels and such are all on me if I choose to drive there.
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    It's gonna be an awesome day! Good luck sleeping the night before!
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    Was selected on the November board, I went to MEPS the Monday after I was notified, they'll do a quick physical just to make sure nothing has changed, I would expect a June ship date, my ship date is March but I heard people on the November board started getting June ship dates. If your contract is like mine you should be signing up for the 09W MOS which is Warrant Officer Candidate and your contract should say option 12 which is flight training (I don't claim to be an expert so if I'm wrong someone correct me). The staff at MEPS should be really helpful though they'll explain it all to you and make sure you understand everything! Congratulations on getting accepted!
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    Don't sit around. I went to college and did my best to built up my military resume before I dropped my packet. Stop rushing and try to be productive.
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    Instead of sitting at home rotting work and/or volunteer somewhere. Get the number for a local flight facility and see if any pilots would be willing to meet with you to write you a letter.
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    Oh, reddit and 1st Sergeants, the final say in military policy. But don't listen to anyone here though. You know, aviators and those in the pipeline.
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    Reclassing is no where near that easy, whoever is telling you that is selling snake oil.
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    Don't know what you're trying to say, but what I was getting at was Uniforms and Tangos have the opportunity to actually fly and get a better feel for how flights actually go, along with bonding with all sorts of pilots in missions.
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    I had a handful of 18-19 year olds in my wocs class last spring. I would say objectively they were "less mature" than those who had been around the block, but they were still mature for their age. I wouldn't say it's fruitless, but it's an uphill battle. I don't know how indicative of your attitude your demeanor on this board is -- afterall, it's just a message board -- but it doesn't appear you are showing a level of maturity consistent with the 18-19 year olds that get selected for WOFT right from high school. Even your current thinking and ignoring all advice here is indicative of that. I wonder if any of that came through in your application for WOFT. I'm not knocking you, 18 year old me probably should not have been selected either. I'd wait around until the next board, and if that fails, go to college, gain some enlisted experience, gain some guard experience, etc, and go from there. FWIW I would find a Guard unit in a state that has the guard subsidize college and do that. I work in R&R for my state and many if not most of our pilots came in as enlisted at 18, knocked out some college or progressed in their civilian career, and subsequently applied for our WO program and were selected.
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    Unless you’re hurting for a job I’d improve your packet and wait two months for the next board. Waiting two months could mean you’re a pilot four years earlier than enlisting now.
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    That's not how that works at all. I get you might be frustrated due to the recent board, but don't speculate on these types of things. Yes, the Army is short on pilots. That is a fact. As of 2019 they filled gaps from 731 to 700. They have a long way to go. Accepting pilots isn't the issue, you have to consider the pipeline that it takes to create pilots. The Army can only produce so many at any given time with the resources it requires. Think trainers, classes, airframes, instructors, ect. The pilot shortage is global and everyone is feeling it.
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    Just the way the cookie crumbles. I suggest enlisting for a while in an aviation MOS if you’d like to serve. Like someone said before, it’s a marathon and not a sprint, which is why most candidates are SGT+ with quite a few years in.
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    You'll learn over the course of your career to respect someone who's a straight shooter. Some people sugar coat things (does you no good), some people are assholes just to be assholes (again, does you no good- they're probably wrong anyway), and some people are straight shooters. Analyze their experience, take it into consideration, practice self-reflection, and do what you can do improve. You'll appreciate the criticism because you'll ultimately be better for it. I haven't read your post history and I don't know you, so I can't tell you whether it's warranted. My advice? Relax and improve. Do what you can to just chill and realize this is a marathon, not a sprint. Consider obtaining a degree (associate's, bachelor's, master's, trade school, whatever), enlisting, joining the reserves/NG, or a combination of any. You'll gain a significant amount of insight and experience. Do you feel ready to be in control of a multi-million dollar machine, responsible for the lives of everyone inside? I know that the (soon to be 30 year old) flight school version of me, sure as hell wouldn't want to fly with the 18-20 year old version of myself. Good luck to you, an exciting journey awaits.
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    Hello Jlopez13 can you email me I don’t have an account here submitted my packet for this weeks board just wanted to ask a few questions, thank you. jacobdominguez95@gmail.com
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    Keep your head up. Lotta guys on here post their selection on the second board. Plenty of pilots were in this exact same position.
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    I can’t really provide any professional advice, but I am going through a similar situation. When I met with the NG, my recruiter and I had a heart-to-heart about my situation. He was super supportive in whichever route I wanted to take, but the route I wanted they weren’t offering. What planted my decision was when he asked me (and I did take a minute to actually process the question), “at the end of the day, do you want to be a Soldier or not?” Because if the answer isn’t a yes with no strings attached, then I shouldn’t join. So I feel like that’s a good question for you too - do you want to be a Soldier? The flight stuff will all fall in place some way or another if you keep fighting for it. But it’s going to be a long 8 years if you join the Army when you don’t truly want to be there. I’m sure you already know about the guard paying for in-state colleges? At least in my state you can double major for your bachelor’s degree (like having aviation as your minor) and get some flight time in before you finish your bachelor's program.
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    this thread is from 6 years ago...
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    I was selected!
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    To answer your questions, your best bet is to find and ask your new recruiter. What will transfer can be unpredictable but, as mentioned earlier, I would stay within the same Battalion, preferably Company, to eliminate the need for a Meps to Meps. You can call a different station and ask which MEPS they use and if they are in the same Battalion/Company or message me your location and I’ll let you know what your options are.
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    Flight sim is different with real life flying.
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    Yeah man, keep pushing till they (the board) tells you no. Stemming off of a previous comment, network amongst your flight school, guaranteed someone was a Army Pilot at one point. Try to get a face to face with the Chief Instructor or Owner. I will be resubmitting this coming November after a waiver denial, stick with the mindset that you will keep trying till someone legitimate tell you no (again the board), that how I am going about it. Good luck man, worse worse case, sign a three year contract, get out and get civilian training paid for by the VA. I have posted in a previous thread, the Army can get you wings one way or another.
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    If you are already waiting for the March board (or later), definitely get an LOR from an Army aviator for all the reasons that have already been said. This is an extremely important piece to the packet. Good luck with the new recruiter, I had to switch as well, hopefully you can stay with the same MEPS district to make life easy
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    from what i have heard is that, asvab and sift are a pass or no pass kindve thing they dont care about the score, nor does the gpa come into great effect, also flight time doesn't mean a lot to the board from what i have heard, it just shows a little, and the biggest thing i would see if the apft score is what is holding you back, what about your essay and lor?
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    Sent some last minute updates in today. Headed to JRTC so hopefully good news this time around coming out of the box.
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    Yes. A civilian may conduct the required elements of the eye exam and fill out the appropriate paperwork/include testing results (i.e. corneal topography). This paperwork will be brought in for your flight phys and accompany the rest of your stuff to Rucker. Get a list of all of what is needed from whatever unit is conducting the phys.
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    It did it automatically and it wasn’t a primary means but was a nice reminder.
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    They now are issuing a flight approved fleece in the wrong color scheme as well
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    I am aware of this factor. In my current MOS I’ll most definitely serve 20 years. If they allow me to serve as an Aviator I’ll do 30 if they let me. It isn’t about money to me.
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    Packet officially submitted after a year of squaring it away. Weight lifted, anxiety kickin' in! Good luck to everybody submitting in November for the January board.
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    Sorry for two separate posts, but I think there is a size limit for attachments.
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    Yeah but you know what you're getting in to- that's the military. I worked my ass off for a top spot in "A" school so I could pick my next duty location, only to get hit with "needs of the service" for something never before seen. Everyone else got their number one pick. Murphy's law.
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    Yes. My local recruiter is only allowing me to have an APFT administered on this Friday. Either it's a whole part of the process, or the bureaucracy of my local recruiters just wants me to get tired of trying and leave them alone to their devices. It gets pretty warm with all this wool over my eyes. 🤯😲
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