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    How has your experience been? Its had its ups and downs. The flying is great. The additional duties can sometimes wear you down, especially if you are tasked with something like supply/PBO. I’ve been fortunate to have a pretty good experience so far. What was your first unit, what's a typical first unit? Im in an Air Cav unit at a post that not a lot of people request. Its been a blessing in disguise because of the people and support I’ve had. Typical first unit can vary wildly just based on the command climate. While I’m here having a good experience, I know of another unit where entire troops are dropping UQR’s. Any regrets or missed opportunities? None so far. YMMV. Advice for an "older" (late twenties) junior enlisted applicant looking to make the jump? I joined in my late twenties but was street to seat. Just be open to learning upon arrival to your unit. Guys younger than you may have a lot more experience and you can learn from them. What's your day-to-day like? Flight schedule dependent. If im not flying it was usually 9-430 plugging away at additional duties or getting some study time in. If I’m flying then duty day revolves around that. What's it like working at your unit, with peers, etc.? Like i said above, very unit dependent. Ours is pretty tight knit. As far as working with peers, as my SP said, the cream will always rise in this environment so you can see whos putting in the work and who isnt. Those that are will get their shot at PC quicker. Did the ADSO change to 8 years? I looked for the most current info in AR 350-100 but I can't find anything to verify a change (i'm sister service and still getting used to where to look). Not sure its official yet. After flight school, is there pretty much an equal chance of going to any large aviation unit? Yes.
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