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  1. Thanks for sharing. Iam sure most of us here on VR had their fair share of "oh-$hit-moments" thanks to poor decision making. And yes, flying IMC on an IFR flight plan is much more relaxing than scud running. Whenever the wx is turning towards special-VFR, I change to IFR right away... I scared myself and did stupid stuff in the past..so I learned my lesson. In my early days as a greenhorn helicopter pilot, I remember flying a helicopter from a controlled airport to an uncontrolled airport which was like 30minutes away. My departure airport was fogged in but became 800ovc with 3 miles vis later that morning. My destination airport had blue sky all morning long and was supposed to be like that for the rest of the day. It was a Friday and I wanted to see my girl later that day, so I pressured myself to fly and thought, well it's crappy here but it will be blue sky shortly after take off. So I took off special-VFR and after 2-3 minutes the clouds came lower and the vis dropped down, it crossed my mind to turn around but I pressed on. I knew there are towers around so I slowed down and dropped lower and lower. I then picked up a major highway and followed that at low altitude. The height of the clouds slightly increased and the vis got better. I didn't have much extra fuel for the trip and following the highway all the way to my destination would have taken longer than flying straight to my destination. Again, in my mind iam thinking, great, the wx is getting better already so why not taking a short cut and fly directly to my destination. So I did and after 10 min, the wx got worse and worse to a point where I thought: you are so stupid...why are you flying, why didn't you wait for better weather before taking off...... All the sudden I find myself facing a wall of clouds right in front of me, starting from the ground up into the next ovc cloud layer at like 300ft over a swamp, knowing there are huge power lines somewhere ahead of me. I started turning away from the wall of clouds and then I saw the sun shining through a little hole in the cloud layer right over me. at that point I realized its way too dangerouse flying down low, my only safe option is to climb... So I did and broke out of the clouds around 1000ft and continued VFR on top to my destination. After 10 min or so the could layer just stopped and i could see my destination on my horizon in server clear. I had lots of luck that day and iam glad iam still alive today....since then I became more careful with weather and change to IFR as soon as the WX gets scatchy.
  2. Well in this case, the helicopter industry will be perfect for you As far as pay goes, to my knowledges, papillon pays the lowest, followed by sundance and then maverick helicopters. I heard 80-90K+ seems to be normal at maverick. But iam sure other guys here can give you more accurate information.... But before you are able to fly for those bigger operators you would need to get around 1200-2000 hours to get in and by then you should have more inside I formation. Falko
  3. Just because you have 1000hrs doesn't mean you will get an SIC job with Croman, HTS, Ericson, Columbia. Sure, more flight time helps but don't assume that your flight time is what gets you hired. Some people don't the see the value of SIC jobs, where you get to fly with highly experienced, high-time captains in complex multi engine heavy helicopters. Just because you don't get hardly any PIC time doesn't mean it's a waste of time. Especially working on Fires with TYPE 1 Helicopters, working with AirTac, IC, ground crew, other helicopters, AirTankers in confined airspace, and listening to 3 Frequencies at once can be really busy and demanding. Depending on if you are working on a EU or CWN contract and depending on the intensity of the fire season in your region , you may or may not fly a lot. But I personally enjoyed the time at the base, talking to other flight and ground crews....but yes...some days are longer than others.
  4. Thanks for sharing Matt......iam sure all of us here did something stupid / unsafe in their career.
  5. Also, Air Methods pays VFR and IFR pilots the same..at least that was the case when I worked for them at a Hospital based IFR program 2 years ago.
  6. Oh boy, someone is running out of cash and is desperately looking for people to cover his annual helicopter costs.... Also he said his helicopter is / will be flying up and down the coast, so that sounds like someone else is "hopefully" paying for that already. AD13, if you like to come across Iike you were helping low time pilots, try to give those pilots some free ($$$) flight time. Other members on this forum let low time pilots fly along for free on turbine helicopters in the past....just saying.
  7. Interesting.....I guess the recently published article about the VA/ GI Bill might have triggered something
  8. Thanks for the pictures rob.....
  9. Or hold on to your current well paying job and enjoy your life.
  10. He mentioned in an interview that he moved the CG further back. I have been to air shows in Europe and saw couple military Bo105 flying even more aggressive maneuvers then Aaron does. Don't get me wrong he is a good pilot but he isn't really pushing the limits of the Bo105. Watch some videos or Reiner Wilke or charly Zimmerman, who actually died in a 105 during a sells pitch..... after watching them you will understand my point
  11. iam glad you had fun, I did 2 long ferry flights across the U.S in an R22 as well. Good times. seems like most ferry flight options mentioned on this webpage entitle you to pay a certain amount $ per hour. In 2009 I took a VR member on a 7 hours long ferry flight in a 206 and let him fly as much as he wanted to.... All he had to pay was his plane ticket to me and from the destination back home, as the ferry flight it self was paid by our client. But sadly free ferry flights seem to be more and more uncommon these days.
  12. Unless you get to use a Level "D" Simulator which counts as real flight time, but those ones are usually more expansive than regular sims at "regular"flight schools.
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