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  1. There's not really a class for the instructor endorsement. You just need the required number of NVG operations to qualify, then you request the endorsement from DPE. Rod provided my endorsement.
  2. Sorry about your daughter's accident. I am glad the the right tools and people were in place to get her to the care she needed. I hope she has a quick recovery.
  3. My guess is aircraft size and ability to get into the compound. Also, if these were modified 60's (as some reputable reports indicate), then the low observable nature of these aircraft offered a benefit that the V22 can't.
  4. Judging from the photos, the detail, fit and finish and overall appearance of these ships look a lot nicer than every Robinson I have been in. The cockpit looks a whole lot nicer than an R22, and it has two standard cyclics. I just never had much love for that T-bar.
  5. Here's what the Army Times reported. http://www.armytimes.com/news/2011/05/army-mission-helocopter-was-secret-stealth-black-hawk-050411/
  6. I saw 811HP in the repair hangar in Grand Prairie a few years ago. They had "cleverly" painted over the tail number and agency markings with black spray paint for the truck ride to Texas. That ship looked moderately "bent".
  7. I suppose these could fill the mission profile in the limited application they outlined in the article, but other than that it's a neat toy. When they can keep up with a pursuit, sling a Nightsun from it and put a thermal imager on it, it might be worthy.
  8. From what I read on it (briefly) it's a Ukranian kit. I wonder if there are any here in the U.S. I suppose you could do a search and see if there are any in the FAA registry. Looks like a neat little kit though.
  9. EC120AV8R


    Wow, it started out as such a simple question (solicitation of input), then old Max went sideways, when he got input. Perhaps he should write a book on how to win friends and influence people. By the way, Max, before you flame me for commenting on your lack of maturity and total lack of respect for what you perceived as a slight by others who only provided input at your prompting; yes, I am a working pilot, and yes I am a whole lot older than 25, so perhaps my opinion counts for something.
  10. If anybody has Mi-8 time, I have a contact looking for some contract pilots in Jordan. They are looking for pilots with considerable Mi-8 time, so if you fill that bill, PM me and I can give you the details.
  11. Another option would be a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). This can be earmarked by the city manager (or whomever your municipal/county manager happens to be)for "public safety" and you can use this to purchase new equipment. With CDBG funds, you could do a one-for-one swap for a new imager, even if it was the same model you previously had. There is no stipulation that it has to be "new technology" or upgraded technology over your existing equipment, as in the UASI funding.
  12. UASI is probably the best bet going right now. I believe there are quite a number of stipulations though. It has to be new technology and provide a capability you don't already have. We were looking at some grants for other technology, let me find out what they were.
  13. You nailed it. Pilots can certainly violate other laws. You can't always hang your hat on the FAR. The Marine Mammal Protection Act, specifically mentions aircraft under "Level B harassment".
  14. With one *minor* exception: the German Police helicopter in the photo is not towing the boat.
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