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  1. The idea for a key in all army aircraft came from an incident in the late 70s, or early 80s where a disgruntled student stole a UH-1 from Fort Rucker an flew it to the White House. At least that's the legend that everybody is told.
  2. I'm a prior Army commissioned pilot in the CG. I've obviously not been to CG OCS, but there are several pilots here that have been. According to them, there are 5-7 flight school slots in every class (numbers vary from class to class), which is also how they got into flight school...direct from OCS. That said, just because you don't go direct to flight training does not mean you'll never get your chance. You'll either go "afloat" or "ops ashore", then you can reapply.
  3. Wish I could help you on that. Unfortunately, I can't remember much from when I took it back in 1992.
  4. Tru-Dat! And depending on what airframe you fly, you might not have to deploy on a ship either.
  5. I'm preparing to get my ATP certificate, and I have a question before I get in too deep. Do I have to take the test for the helicopter specific ATP, or can I take the regular ATP test? If I can take either, is there an advantage to taking the regular ATP over the helicopter specific one? I'm currently using the Dauntless online software, and they offer both options.
  6. I thought it was 1.5 degrees. But whats .25 degrees between friends.
  7. That's a good lead. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm new to the board. I've been flying for about 15 years now, currently with the Coast Guard. I'm looking for information on anybody able/willing to give an ATP check ride in the H-60/S-70. I've talked with a few other folks about this, and from what they've said this has always been problem due to the lack of a jump seat in the 60. As I see it, the only way to do it from the back and still be in a position to see the controls is to be on a gunners belt. Does anybody have any insight or additional information regarding this?
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