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  1. My ride was in a Bell 412 with an Inspecter that had only been in 212s..and s61s S58s.ect...RFM, RFM, and study the RFM...did I say study the RFM???...if you are reasonably familiar with IFR then you should have a decent ride if you study the RFM....AND a good point made previously, KNOW the performance and WT/BAL charts....did I say study the RFM? Also, later in your career when and if you go for a Type rating, you will find that it does NOT matter which A/C you take your initial ride in, but the same old KNOW the RFM still exists..but at that time you will have greater knowledge... Good luck
  2. The more you become familiar with the checklist, the more you will find that it should Flow....not jump from one side of the cockpit to the other in no order..let it flow and you will find a reasonable and Professional rythem with OUT doing it because you Have to, but recognizing why you are doing it... Roger
  3. As much as they pissed me off, I do not deny that PHI is the Gulf Company to shoot for...the training and upgrades are worth the pain...They, Phi, Will train you in a Pro manner and it is Gold should you ever leave....... Roger...33 years PHI....Bell 47 to the S92 BTW...I quit during the Strike with PHI...BUT...as mad as I am, I will NEVER deny how GOOD the old PHI was to me, but how Pro the New Phi is....As far as FUN...VERY LITTLE!!!....BUT flying being Fun and a joy in itself is a mind game...What a beauty to enjoy a short minute without pax and remember where you are AT and the LOVE o
  4. Please Excuse me, but I am very Proud of all of you...what a life all of you have to endure.. I pray it is only temp for you...Bless you ...A former Loach Pilot...RVN.... Roger
  5. Should have said I am now retired..got caught in PHI strike, and after 33 years, quit....didnt like the attitude...
  6. The S92 weighs in at 26500 and Pics need a type rating and a security check...More and more 92s showing up on the Gulf and around the world
  7. Salary on the Gulf is just that...Salary.....8 hour duty days or 14 hour duty days, flying or no-flight, pays the same, although some GOM companies pay a flite hour bonus, but not PHI..at least in the last year that I know of...for the young and new helo pilots, as much as they pissed me off, PHI is a very good company, and when I left the company it only took the new hires to obtain an assingment and schooling for an S-76C model in a few short months...ALL ROBBIE ONLY pilots included....as the reg's read, a 2 pilot crew can amass up to 10 hours of flight time a day with a max of 14 hours for
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