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  1. Thanks to all those of you who have replied, I appreciate your thoughts and comments. The Rotorway 162F does not have large numbers here in Aus, with about 50 purchased and 30 completed. From those 30 there has been no incidents or accidents, so that in itself is not anything to be assured by, however it is a positive thing. Many of those I have spoken to believe that no matter which way you go you will always find those negatives and positives, so at the end of the day it boils down to the almighty dollar and the time you have. And here in Australia that dollar is always compared to the US Dollar - so at 77cents per dollar, things are looking up from last year where it has been as low as 52 cents per dollar. Dragonfly
  2. Curious to know if there are any Rotorway 162F owners out there willing to offer there testimonials? Or non owners willing to 'bag' them!
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