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  1. All right, thanks a lot for the reply. My lifelong dream has always been to fly either fighters or choppers for the Air Force, since that's what my dad and his dad both did. I've gotten to the point in college where I'm just really hating it and feel like I just want to get out there and make a difference. I find out in March if I got a pilot slot with the AF..but it's just ridiculously competitive for slots in the AF right now. The army just seems like the way to go if you really want to get your hands dirty and make a difference.
  2. is it possible to apply for a PD pilot position as a civilian or is it required to be in the force already?
  3. Anyone have any ideas on if I would have a chance at getting picked up for a WOFT spot? Junior at the Univ. of Mississippi in AFROTC Private fixed-wing pilot 20 years old, will be 21 for the board Very active in sports and church Don't remember my asvab score, it was well over qualifying though Have not taken the pilot aptitude test, however I am taking the Air Force version this coming Friday And I can get some pretty nice LOR's as my dad was an AF colonel fixed-wing and helo pilot. It seems like no matter how many recruiters I talk to, none of them know anything about the WOFT program. Any help would be nice, thanks. And do WO helo pilots wear flight suits or BDU's? ...or I guess the army calls them ACU's?
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