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  1. R22Butters, Participation requirements should be checked with program administrators. "I know you want to see these concepts open to anyone and they are. Just go to one of the schools offering participation, commit to a career in helicopter aviation, complete the steps, get interviewed, and possibly get hired." I believe both programs begin at the initial flight school levels. Contact the programs for exact details. Mike
  2. R22Butters, It is not my intention to speak for either of the mentioned programs but rather offer some info on them in response to your post. For details on either program, contact the sources in the articles. Both programs in the articles are designed to not just take someone "off the street" but rather to interview pilots that have committed to a career and demonstrated that from day one and through out the process. The industry has been interviewing "off the street" and it creates trying to select pilots from an "unknown pool" which has shown itself to be costly, time consuming and inad
  3. Here is one we published with permission of Shawn Coyle. http://www.ihst.org/Portals/54/insights/energy.pdf Be educated before you attempt something different. Then, be both current & proficient in what you are doing.
  4. https://www.verticalmag.com/news/aviation-futures-to-provide-career-paths-for-helicopter-pilots/ There are a few industry individuals that have shared their ideas on this and worked hard to take them forward. I have collaborated with them in the past as we worked on other initiatives. Aviation Futures has pilots currently proving the value of the ideas to provide for pilots.
  5. https://app.ntsb.gov/pdfgenerator/ReportGeneratorFile.ashx?EventID=20170923X01730&AKey=2&RType=Prelim&IType=LA
  6. WolftalonID, Respectfully as an industry professional I know you do not adhere to not following industry SOPs and manufacturers requirements. Accepting the procedure of not writing up an exceedance leads to accepting other procedures that become standardized (accepted) in the company structure. I do not believe you would teach this as the company 135 chief instructor! The USHST has addressed this as causal factors in accidents and is certainly not an industry SOP or Best Practice. When we have questions about maintenance that are not clearly defined, go to the OEM for guidance. Company DOM
  7. Guys, All exceedances of limitations should be written up (documented) with quantity and duration "Every" time. When there is no subsequent action listed in the MM for the exceedance, OEM Tech Reps either in the region or at the factory support center should be contacted for guidance. This limitation is about mast bending in an area that was not tested during initial engineering calculations. The exceedance puts pressure on the mast, mast bearing and other transmission locations/components. I do not believe this limitation was listed in the early B206 models but grew to be an issue with
  8. Tail booms are not made to hold 50# within 3 feet of the T/R. Did you figure CG movement during fuel burn to near zero fuel?
  9. I am looking for some current 135 check pilots/check airmen, qualified to perform checks in a R66. If you give me the company name of 135 R66 operators, I will make the phone calls. Single pilot 135 operators do not meet the requirements. As a heads up to 135 operators, search on faa.gov for N8900.432 Thanks Problem solved at this time 9/21/2017 2PM
  10. Received from my peers at HAI today in a daily email. Attention all FAR Part 135 R44 operatorsNews Staff posted on July 06, 2017 10:39Note: This applies only to "N" Registered A/C that are operating under FAA regulation FAR Part 135 Effective April 25, 2017, to conduct operations under FAR Part 135 your R-44 was to have been equipped with a “Radio Altimeter.” On June 5, 2017 the FAA published Change 527 to 8900.1 (Part A Operations Specification). This change effectively extended the compliance date for your Robinson R-44 to October 24, 2018. If you wish to take advantage of the above
  11. Guys, FSIMS 8900.405 https://www.faa.gov/documentlibrary/media/notice/n_8900.405.pdf can be used to get an extension but installation will be required! The LODA was never intended for the R44 or R66. HAI & USHST are working on getting a revision to the RA requirement as it was initially intended for accident reduction in the HAA/EMS world of night operations. The R44 has a factory kit for installation. I assisted a local 135 operator get this done for a R66 which has no retro fit kit from the factory. STC & DER required. Robinson does ask if you want the RA installed during p
  12. OP/Sir: So you want people to notice that you have achieved performance and at the same time have experienced professionals disregard standard industry practices for determining performance, weight and balance, ballast operations? Do you verify what the max designed skid loading was? As a member of the US Helicopter Safety Team, many of my peers have discussed these kinds of videos and the example and mind set it shows. My USHST peers have written a Safety Bulletin about showing the correct example. http://ihst.org/portals/54/training_videos/Setting_the_Right_Example/story.html http
  13. The FAA requires UAS operators to hold a pilot certificate (Sport to ATP) for the 333 COA commercial operations.
  14. Of course they are still doing all of the same required training. That never changed but AOPA did put something on Facebook to the contrary. If anyone actually read the PTS change 1, they knew this and did not go off on the FAA? ASIs & DPEs can still require it on the practical test at their discretion even if an endorsement is made. The Touchdown endorsement is a risk mitigation tool for examiners to use if desired.
  15. Here is the press release I mentioned above https://www.rotor.org/RotorNews/June16/USHST-2.pdf Mike
  16. No sir, Compare the wording in change 1 and change 2. There will also be a press release from the FAA communication office today or tomorrow about this with quotes from industry notables. Mike
  17. See the link to the latest CFI Rotorcraft Helicopter PTS change released today. https://www.faa.gov/training_testing/testing/test_standards/media/FAA-S-8081-7B.pdf Mike
  18. Butters, Lots of respect from a deeply involved USHST member that is focused on accident reduction for recognizing that you were heavily fatigued and not flying. It is a difficult thing to do when your job is on the line but more so you are alive and did not injure your pax. Professionalism -doing the right thing when you do not want to! Kudos to you. Mike USHST JHSIT, SMS & HF work groups FAASTeam Representative
  19. HAA/EMS is a transport role and not a rescue role.
  20. Best wishes in your moving forward as a career helicopter pilot.
  21. It amazes me that pilots come to the internet for advice, read the advice and then make a decision based on a gut feeling. I wonder will flying and other life decisions be made by gut feelings?
  22. With two years on the ground how would you retain any flying skills? Part time Ag part time instruction means you will only fly in the off season. Will you have any CFI knowledge and flight skills to bring forward? You may have to renew your CFI before ever using it. Will you have time off of Ag to do the renewal?
  23. Oh no, books autographed in BBQ sauce. See you there Rich. DP is presenting in the Safety Symposium for USHST on Feb 29, 8-10AM and I am presenting with the HAI Training committee's CFI Mentoring session on Mar. 1, 8-11AM.
  24. AS350, The AS350 that landed on Everest was totally stripped and not in its original OEM configuration. AS350(H125) - BH407 Love the one your with!
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