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  1. LogTen Pro for me. My employer always asks for ridiculous combinations of flight time and LTP is so easy to workout night-XC-PIC-landings-on Tuesdays-on a bad hair day (alright maybe not that bad!) Still LTP works for me...
  2. I don't post very much and didn't read any of the above but I had to chirp in and say Im a VERY happy pilot. 42 days on/off and tax free $$$ makes Jack a happy man! It's like a flying vacation every 42 days, and when it get's boring (day 35'ish) I go home the next week for my 42 days off. Cheers' fellas!
  3. Hi all, I have a tow cart for the R22 or R44 no longer being used and need to clear it out of my hangar. $1800. PM me if your interested. Rich
  4. I just checked, the test prep CD will work for either add on (wasn't sure). Cheers' Fly By
  5. To clarify, you are adding on FW CFII from RW CFII? Fly By
  6. Rotorrodent 20 questions and 1 hr to complete it. I'm studying for it now, just finished the CFI add on test. Want the disc? Yours for just $20 & the small S&H fee of whatever it cost to ship it. Email me at helicopterATP@me.com Fly By
  7. Hi Randy, I am in Central FL with access to 2 x R44. Heli1pilot@hotmail.com is my contact. Best, Richard
  8. Feel free to call me (I am Travel Air) 407 406 0463. If you buy 10 hrs, your on the stick 10 hrs. Regards, Richard
  9. I am about to start doing some ENG in an R44 and was wondering about using a Garmin 296 with street's capability. My question is, do any of you ENG guys fly with a GPS in street's mode to help find your destination? I know the GPS is handy for checking your whereabouts’ in relation to airspaces, but, I am more curious about flying the street mode and if it is of any help. Thanks in advance for any help....................Rick
  10. Hope it all works out for these guys, I have put in my resume as a CFII for them...........
  11. We own an R44 here in FL and looked at PF Ins. You pay out the nose and in return if you have an accident (significant accident) you get squat back in comparison & you have to ship the heli to Robinson in CA (your cost). Add to that as soon as people see you have insurance they come after you for damages and such. Every hour stick $XXX in a piggy bank and self insure yourself, it most likely will work out cheaper! Rick
  12. If anyone is interested in building R44 time in central FL over the next few months my R44 Raven II with A/C & leather interior is available for PIC endorsements and Instructor sign off's full time. The price will include running cost per hour & instructor (me), safe to say it will be a fantastic deal for whoever needs the time. I do have two full time students and several add on students who I will be flying with so let me know ASAP before I book up completely. We will be flying out of a private ranch just south of Ocala and utilizing Ocala Intl & Dunnellon airport for instruction. XC can also be obtained by flying in to Orlando Executive airport and others. Send me an email at heli1pilot@hotmail.com for initial contact and price then we can go from there. Rick
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