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  1. Those bubbas are across the hall... I'm with the Assault Unit... Charlie 2/224
  2. The Great State of Maryland... "Hooah" is like the universal answer to everything, I swear... just imagine how many times a day I have to suffer through it!!!
  3. Chad, my apologies.. I forgot you work for a living! You're exactly right... its a MAJOR crap shoot, and the more I think about it... I can always go AD from the guard side, but not the other way around...I'm with an Assault unit that stays pretty busy on drill weekends as well as with state missions... not to mention we have a deplyoment coming up sometime in '10/'11- I didnt know you could go AGR as a pilot... thats something I'll have to look further into, I know we have a ton of AGR/Tech mechanic positions but I didnt inquire about pilot positions... I think I'll continue down the current path of sticking with the Guard HOOAH!
  4. Whats up sir! long time no talk! I had to coin a phrase for those us Tango's/Union's that have a mutual respect for each others frames... the more i find out about the 47's the more I start wondering... hummm to be or not to be UH-60??? FLHooker/other posters..., need your .02, while I absolutely LOVE the Guard- HOOAH 29th CAB! I'm starting to debate leaning more toward 153 on the active side of the house- primarily for the experience and hour building, not to mention some of the other opportunites the AD bubbas get... While I don't mind AD, I remember why I got out in 2002...But damn I love my civilian job and hate to leave, but Aviation is whats important...(been scratching the head all week on this..) What to do, what to do , what to do....
  5. HOOAH HOOAH my Squid brother (I can call you that as I'm prior Marine)... I read where FLHooker mentioned the try-one to you... I'd say go for it, I'm on a try-one right now, and I was actually lucky enough to get a shortfall to 15T school, while I finish my packet for WOFT. The try-one is a good deal but be forewarned.. being prior Navy they may schedule you for Warrior training... I think its like a 2 week or maybe a month long course... There were a few Navy guys in my gateway to the guard class that were surprised they had to attend... While the guard may not offer the official "WOFT" program that Regular/Reserve Army does in writing... there are ways around everything... if that state is hurting for aviators and they like what they see, they'll go above and beyond to get you in the right direction...in the Guard we take care of each other...Seriously. Whatever you decide.. good luck! and go Chin-Hawks (47/60)!!! HOOAH!
  6. Could you PM that number to me as well, I'm in the same boat down the road in Maryland. Thanks
  7. Good post! You and I are in the same boat... I've been forwarned about "try ones" mainly most commands wont take you very serious being you may not have enough time to complete all the steps and also you wont have the required school time on your contract- but I'll take my chances- I've done much of the footwork I can do as a civilian- My suggestion would be to get an MOS that will put you in the AVBN, not sure what state you are from but just about everyone has Blackhawks for 15T (UH-60 repair) is almost a universal option, if your state has multiple frames 64/47/58's and so on... you have more options to choose from, worst case if they have no mechanic slots, you can also shoot for a 15P (Aviation operations), you're not learning the birds but you'll get the face time in the bn and learn the paperwork side of the house. But definitely get something in the AVBN, aviation takes care of their own, not that any other section wouldnt, but it just makes more sense to stick with the aviation community.
  8. If you've got a study guide, I'd focus hard on that... I took an intro ride with a civilian school prior to taking my AFAST but in working up until test day I made it a point to take 2 or 3 practice exams a day and time yourself, thats whats most important. Initially I had trouble with complex movements and cyclic orientation but you'll develop a rhythm and understanding which will help you on the actual exam- the intro flight does help but those run about $100.00 on average... just apply yourself, MAKE time each day to study, make your own flash cards if you like and it'll all make sense GUARENTEED. Good Luck
  9. Zach, you might want to send a PM to Dolphindriver... he's a USCG pilot (prior Army)... he could probably give you some insight to CG aviation... Good Luck
  10. I havent posed that quesiton to him, thats the difference with Virginia- I was able to meet the SAO shortly after taking the AFAST but... they wanted me to enlist to get a Flight Physical... MD on the other hand gave me a flight physical but havent stepped foot in front of the SAO. I don't know how the current OML looks or what order I'd rank compared to others.
  11. Billybob, I hope so too... I dont trust recruiters as far as I can see them- they have all the right responses initially but once you get the wheels turning or start digging deeper the story changes, I'm trying to avoid getting screwed over but its seems like the recruiters I am working with have very little experience with aviation applicants and what they are saying versus what direction the unit is giving is different scoop.
  12. Chad, MD is the only state relatively close ot me that has 47's (I think PA might have them, and of course the news about NY) or if I go the Army reserve side that would land me at Eustis. The CW4 UH60/IP is the one who is pushing for the shortfall so they dont have to use one of their 5 FY09 slots, I'm not sure how the OML looks at the moment or how many candidates are already in the pipeline. The MD recruiter is concerned with the enlistment, he told me after I've enlisted he'd reccomend me to the Col. and based on the steps I've already completed I'd be more competitve in the running to get a slot. As for the Class 1, the Army reserve recruiter for the most part isnt concerned with what the Guard has already done- I may just shoot an email up to NYARNG WO recruiter on Tuesday just to see how they do business.
  13. Chad, Glad you sent me a message... If you recall where I'm at with the MD guard based on the physical I took a few weeks ago, well... Guess who I get a call from on Thursday... The Army Reserve recuruiter, apparently the reserve is still recruiting for aviators- he wants to meet up sometime Tuesday morning- he claims he'll accept most of the NG paperwork aside from the physical, and he'll send me through another Class 1 for the Army reserve and work with me to get a packet completed, from then he said It'll go in front of a boarsd who will review my qualification and pending approval of that board, I'll have about a week to get sworn in at MEPS... so in a nutshell he's telling me I can go through the entire process with out swearing in... I'm a bit hesitant about whole ordeal- he's telling me I'd be flying out of Ft. Eustis and I have a choice of 60's, and 47's but as I recall Eustis only has 47's... maybe he knows something I don't... I still think the Guard is better gig than traditional reserve but right now I'm concerned with getting to WOCS,... what's your take? MD Guard is ready to move forward asap, they want to use a shortfill instead of their alloted slots for FY09, maybe I'm just a bit skeptical but I don't trust recruiters as far as I can see them...
  14. That sucks, not that the A2CU's don't look good, but the green "pickle" suit and desert flight suits were distinct- you knew the aviation crowd from everyone else, not to mention they just look better in my opinion.
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