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  1. Oh ok you pulled out the dictionary, you win the internet, thanks good bye.
  2. Yea amazingly enough there are gun enthusiasts out there that know a great deal about military weaponry and go figure they like to talk about guns on the internet. If the reader can't decipher between someone full of sh*t and someone who isn't then tough sh*t I guess but to blanket label that learning or being mentored from the internet doesn't work is BS. I know because when I started flying airplanes years ago someone from the AOPA forums mentored me and was a great deal of help. Sorry your life experiences have been so negative. and furthermore I got the best advice I ever got right
  3. Huh? racking on Spike... HUH ? <--- you lost me there bro, if you mean the last post I wrote all I said is I did not know Eagle was disrespectful or otherwise in a bunch of other posts, in other words - an ongoing thing. believe me I work with my share of idiots, how they ever got a commercial job is beyond me.... I knew exactly what I was getting into and its exactly what I expected, its called due diligence. Avbug ? may or may not be right I don't know I usually fall asleep after the 7th extraneous paragraph... As to all the other chest thumping - I've been around the block quite
  4. Oh I see this is an ongoing thing....
  5. bwaaaahahahaaaahahahaaahahahahaaahahahahaaahahahaahahahaa !!!!!!! QUOTE OF THE YEAR !!!! bwwwaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhaa !!!!!!!
  6. I agree with your opinion about certain people shouldn't be career pilots, met a few. Lest we forget this is a chat forum, a place to discuss things. I don't really believe the OP was here in the 11th hour trying to find out whether or not he was legal to fly. It sounded more like he was trying to stay current on his knowledge and found something he just wasn't 100% sure about. Should he have known about the MMEL ? Yes, I think so. EDIT - however, that is a deficiency of his/hers instructor more than it is his/hers. I just thought yall seemed to be overly harsh on someone who seems lik
  7. pppffffftttttt...... cuz yous guys is so amazing ya'll read FAA-H-8083-21 and taught yourself how to fly and everything else ya'll know * edited.... not necessary to say.... *
  8. This is one where the FAA is spot on I believe - "LTE is a critical; low-speed aerodynamic flight characteristic which can result in an uncommanded rapid yaw rate which does not subside of its own accord and, if not corrected, can result in the loss of aircraft control. " http://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgAdvisoryCircular.nsf/0/aba9e26c4d43dfab862569e7007463bf/$FILE/ac90-95.pdf
  9. Well the topic at hand was "entry level pilot's level of knowledge....or lack there of?" Calling a BFR a BFR when it is no longer a BFR demonstrates the lack of knowledge there of, so maybe, just maybe you should do some more aviation reading whilst sitting on the throne. As pointed out to you already, the ones that succeed in this business stay current and on point but hey what do I know I'm just a working pilot...
  10. I was going to blah, blah, blah a bunch of crap but.... to put it quite simply - I know 3 people, all "low" hours, that all were given opportunities that 100 people in line would all kill for - opportunities usually reserved for people with 3 times as many hours. The one thing they all have in common is not how great stick skills they are, its how much total knowledge they have and not even "helicopter" related knowledge per say. Knowledge about the local area we are giving tours in. Then there are some employees who listen to their Zulu 2 Bluetooth music instead of talking to the tour
  11. Yea, pretty much no matter how you look at it - this is total fail.
  12. Pretty cool. Was there supposed to be sound ? Also I don't know if something is wrong on my end but it started out clear, then got blurry, I tried reloading bunch of times then it got clear at end again.... ???
  13. Okay not sure why the argument over semantics unless you have some need to be right. 2nd floor still higher than the first. You used dirtbag to talk about an A$$H*LE that did stuff right.... anyhow... whatever. So what's your top of ladder opinion of scenario in post #29 - http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/topic/16851-what-do-you-do-if-the-operator-is-breaking-the-law/?p=137004
  14. Ummm... greenhorn and never worked a day is two different things in my book. I get what you are saying about blind leading the naked, this is however a discussion forum.... Again, misunderstanding of terms - "dirtbag" was meant to mean an Operator that refuses to repair equipment correctly based on the context of this thread. Lastly, thanks for finally providing the three scenarios - I know what my duties are. 1 - If its working its working, if it fails then worry about it 2 - Have to trust the mechanic, if not then get informed 3 - Not familiar with A star but are they 30 minute run d
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