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  1. This kinda brings up a weird question... Professionalism aside... Does one really need to be dressed to fly or is it kinda a no shoes no shirt kinda deal... or just enough to keep away the charges of indecent exposure Course if you were flying at night... and there weren't any rich chopper pilots around (oxymoron) with NVG's...
  2. The FAA is talking about replacing current radar infrastructure with a new system relying on satellites to show all the information (course, speed, and elevation) of other aircraft within each aircraft. The system will also supposedly also show current weather in your area... Plan to Replace Radar Surveillance and Broadcast Services What are your thoughts on this? Will this take out ATC?
  3. While looking through the members listings I noticed quite a few members that haven't logged-in in a few years that have few (If any) posts... My suggestion would be to clean out the members that haven't logged-in in the last twoish years that have less than 5ish posts... It would give a more accurate representation of the active VR community Just a Thought
  4. Bud, i think you may have met one of our more famous members/moderators PhotoFlyer As far as I can tell they're a good school... Enough to have me drive across the state, quite literally past two other helicopter schools, to check them out PhotoFlyer works there as an instructor, if you have any questions you might launch them his way...
  5. I was cruising around the Transaero site and I found this little honey , and i remembered watching "The Perfect Storm" and seeing the helicopter crew using these when they had to ditch in the ocean... So, while I was looking at this I was wondering if the GOM operators used these, or if it was even needed. I guess all it takes is one time when the floats don't activate, or you land funny, and you end up up-side down. You lose your cool because you don't have air and you can't get reoriented... and you drown... My question is, could these beasts be useful, and are they common in over-water
  6. Yea, I know I was pokin fun I must agree, they went to extreme detail in their joke
  7. Are you people seriously that gullible?? OK first, look at the date on your computer... Yes, it says APRIL 1, 2008 we all know what that means... HERE'S YOUR ANSWER !!!READ THE WHOLE ERROR MESSAGE!!!
  8. I saw something that was kinda chilling last night on "Future Weapons". It was the ULB UAV AH-6J, it was able to pick-up, hover, fly a course, come back to a hover, and land without any human intervention during flight... The "Little Bird" was then paired up as a scout for the AH-64D, and used to clear targets dangerous to the AH-64 prior to its arrival. I'm sure its been mentioned before The AH-6J ULB UAV
  9. And we all would hate to lose another Friend... P.S. I know this isn't the right place to put this, but have they released his full report?
  10. If thats out of St. Pat's in Missoula thats Marc D's chopper... You could ask him...
  11. Ok relyon I'm sorry if i came across as ignorant... I guess I'll add something intelligent to the conversation. The only times where I could see fires happening with Hydrogen, would be during refueling or if you were to get in a crash severe enough to breach the tank, the helicopter would be torn to pieces. The tanks are crash-rated for the application but if it were to be completely impervious to a breach, the tank would be really heavy. Yes, I do have a general knowledge of how a hydrogen fuel cell works. Regarding electric helicopters... The batteries required to power the helicopter un
  12. Keep the responses coming!!! Does anyone have anything to beat the MH-53E "Sea Dragon"??
  13. Is it really that dangerous to tow the sled in the Sea Dragon? Well, it sounds like you had a good run... Are you still in the Heli industry?
  14. I think that the Helicopter Industry is going to be the last to convert to alternative fuels and Hydrogen. A normal helo fire is hot enough without throwing in a hydrogen tank
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