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  1. I'm sure that freaked the dude out on the ladder against the large blue plane behind the a-star.
  2. No value at all? I was considering one to build hours in conjunction with CFI'ing.
  3. What about something like a Helicycle to build hours?
  4. Coupled with some of the new software for recognition and tracking/acquisition the chopper above might actually be an example of homeland defense money spent properly. Some of the newer software for facial recognition is incredible. I saw a demo on one of the tech channels where the software tracked all individuals across multiple cameras in multiple locations along the subway system. Not only did it accurately recognize people, it did age progression and identified people off of sometimes decade old DMV photos. In addition to facial recognition it also tracked what people were carrying. If you got on in station X with a briefcase and got off at station Y without it the software would throw an alert tag over your head and triggered additional scrutiny as you moved through the test area. If the object left behind was visible to the camera it also had a tag on it, otherwise the room or subway car where the item was left was tagged. They also had people intentionally try to sheild their faces by looking away from any cameras or by sheilding their facial features with clothing (hat, mask, large sunglasses) as they made their way through the test stations and eventually the software tagged every one of them as well. The software also tracked security personel. It would predict intercept points for suspects and would guide the correct (based on proximity) officer into position. They also showed another street camera system that detected gunshots then ranged and focused on the location in 1/2 second. It attempted to determine what type of round/gun was fired by the sound. The camera would then jump from object (in motion) to object and record amazingly tight and detailed photos and videos of people and cars (and occupants) until they left the cameras range. ..................... It's a different world now.
  5. It is impressive flying but it looks (to my untrained eyes) to be exceptionally dangerous and the helicopter and boat pose a serious threat to each other in the event of error or mechanical failure.
  6. It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to use my TRA funds for helicopter training because no helicopter training schools are certified for it. I'm considering using the money at Skyline aviation to get my fixed wing license. What fixed wing training would be beneficial to my helo career (ie, save me *some* money in helicopter training)? I plan on getting a helicycle to build turbine hours when I start helo training.
  7. How many hours did you have in helo's before you started flying AG?
  8. Video is shot in frames per second. A video is really a collection of still photographs that are shown fast enough it gives the impression of fluid motion. Imagine that your video camera recorded video at 24 frames per second. Now imagine that a wheel made 24 revolutions per second. Because the wheel would make one full revolution every time a frame is captured by the camera, the wheel would actually appear to not be moving at all. If the wheel made 23 revolutions per second it would stop just short of a full revolution at each frame capture giving the appearance of rotating backwards. What you refer to is an illusion created by the difference between the frames captured per second by the camera and the RPM of the spinning body being recorded.
  9. Again, you are limiting your options and making yourself less employable. You have to be ready to take a CFI position ANYWHERE. You can't expect to just stay in the same area that she has to finish her school out in. You also can't assume that the school that trains you will hire you. The hardest part of a career in helo aviation (to my understanding) is not paying for it or finishing school but getting from the 200hrs to an employable 1000-1500 hours. You can attend a school in the same region as her but getting a job in the same area while she is finishing her school is probably highly unlikely.
  10. I went down to ft. Campbell and he put me in their Chinook simulator for several hours just after christmas. I did some high alt mountain flying and then navigated to and landed on several ships. He even had me do longline by picking up and moving a vehicle. We went over to the hangar and he gave me a tour of a new Chinook.
  11. I'd be interested in hearing more details on those jobs/situations where policy or regulation prevents you from cohabitating w/ your spouse. My wifes career is flexible enough that she can pick up 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 month contracts pretty much anywhere in the United States.
  12. It's a mistake to make critical life decisions on the basis of what your girlfriend is doing. When my girlfriend started college her mom wanted us to get married and for her to move in with me and attend school here. I said hell no. I told her to go to the school you were planning on attending and get your life started. Her college was very difficult and required her attention 100% of the time (BSN RN) and I would have been nothing but a distraction. She graduated and got her career started. We got engaged the year after she graduated and married the following year. She now has a great well paying career that affords her the flexibility to move anywhere (with no loss in wages) in the US that I have to go to in pursuit of my own career in helicopters. If you are already demonstrating inflexibility in chosing a flight school on the basis of what your girlfriend is doing how is that going to work out down the road when you have to be flexible enough to move anywhere for a job?
  13. Thanks, Good to hear from you again. I'm still going through the pre-training process.
  14. My brother is a Chinook pilot (and warrant officer) and is getting plenty of flying time.
  15. I found a link for online practice tests for the FAA exams but can't, for the life of me, locate it. Could someone help me out? Thanks
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