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  1. Hello Richard-It comes as no surprise to see how your approaching maintenance and piece of mind on your newest ship-the 500.Thank you for the pictures and narrative on the overhaul/upgrade.My first thought was is it that much more cost effective when compared to a new 500 E in the vicinity of 1.6 mil,when all costs are tallied and depreciation taken into account,versus a 14 or 15 year old ship,that is having done what you are undertaking? I wish you the best-keep us updated,if I ever make it out your way,I would love to see your toys. Best Regards, Jim
  2. Hello Richard- We spoke when you were exploring the Jetranger purchase vs R44,and it seemed that maintenance and insurance were your biggest concerns,followed by resale value.Your new ship is beautiful and I wish you all the luck in the world with it. I'm assuming you'll be flying with a turbine rated CFI until you meet the insurance man's requirements-Very anxious to see your plans for the 500. Regards,Jim
  3. I interviewed for a co pilot's position and was offered the job in 1989 for a whopping 13K per year,I had a little over 200 hours,and stayed at my regular job.
  4. Tough Choices!!!!!! In 1990 I interviewed for a co-pilot position flying S-61's with New York Airways( since defunct for a variety of reasons).I was a new comm rotorcraft pilot using my own funds to pay for flight training and still working a regular full time job with house,wife kids-you get the picture.I was offered the job for the starting salary of $13,000.annually! Needless to say I passed and have no regrets to this day. Fast forward to today-I've retired have no turbine time to speak of,and have been told by experienced guys quality time and not pattern time in an r-22,is what will get you into a heli job.I don't have and can't justify spending thousands more for turbine time to get a job that pays no $$$$ for the experience and dollars it took to get there. Just my own experience.
  5. Mechanic-NICE PHOTO'S,Thanks for posting-Question???? What's up with the black & White Jetranger with LAPD markings-I thought they all drove astar"s and the 412 "State Trooper Ship",Those are New York State trooper car colors-is that their ship?????Keep the Pics coming!
  6. I tend to agree with Bossman,which is why I posted this topic.the veteran pilots and operators I have spoken to on this topic would take a turbine time pilot over an R22 instructor with the same amount of time.I wish I would have spent the extra $$$$$ back when I started,it definitely would have made me more marketable,and a more diversified pilot. Take the military for an example,before the TH-57 came on line(civil B-206III),it was 40 or 50Hrs in the piston ship,then on to turbines.Just my $.02 on the subject.
  7. I am new to this forum(3months),and look to hear feedback from the turbine drivers.I'm at the last half of my CFII training in R22/300C pistons.It seems to me that turbine time is more of a resume builder no matter how many hours you have under that 1000 to 1500 hr resume requirement. Should I bite the bullet and "go turbine" from this point forward,or soldier along to 1000 hrs,and hope someone will hire me to train and fly their turbine ship??
  8. Hello Helojunkie- Congratulations on your new ship-was following all of your posts on the turbine purchase,but think you made an INFORMED decision,and will enjoy the 44.Please post some pics when you take delivery or PM them to me. Just curious-was the purchase price of the turbine with the Insurance/maintenance cost the real wake up call?? Good Luck
  9. I have noticed recently reading through the various used heli publications what seems like an unusual amount of used Robinson's here for sale,specifically the R44.Compared to the 300C/300CBI used ships out there(which seem to be very few),I am curious having learned in an R-22 HP and R-22 Beta before there even was SFAR 73.Am I missing something??? Also Having spoken to Northeast Helicopters in Ct.,they don't even own an R-44,and have become a Schweizer dealer,but continue to train in the R-22.Looking for some factual answers before proceeding with my CFI training
  10. New to the site and close to my CFI in rotorcraft,curious as to the wages paid to flight instructors,and if different locales made more or less???,if 141 or 61 schools make a difference.Thanks
  11. Stay in your present position and get your ratings on your own,think towards your retirement/pension and choose the flying job you want after that.I retired after 30 yrs in the PD,knew all the pilots in the unit-they were always looking over their shoulder-hrs,ratings,how you fly doesn't count.It's not worth it.One day your there,next day your out because the mayor's cousin wants to fly,who's got two years on the job-stay put!
  12. Having just over 100 hrs in the original R22/Beta II-I am going to continue my training in the Schweizer 300C/300CBI.The Robinson is a very sensitive machine and you better be on your toes at all times.Size does matter having flown a B-206III for an hour,it's the old saying "you get what you pay for"
  13. I am new to the forum and looking to start my second career flying helicopters,hoping to have my CFII by late winter,are there any age limitations on GOM/EMS/ENG heli pilots,PIC vs Instructor time.Thanks,any advice appreciated.
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