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  1. Hi I suggest that your resume, be professional written as already previously mentioned. Make sure that you can get all of the needed information on to 1 page at the best, only use a second page if absolutely needed...no need for a book here after all Short and sweet and to the point (most chief pilots are bombed with resumes and have little free time to read your pamphlet style resume) Do a follow up letter, letting them know you will call to speak to them as well, to discuss any questions and concerns that they might have. Send this with in a couple of days of your resume as well, the phone call should be about a day or so after the follow up letter. Don't wait...be somewhat aggressive in your pursuit of the desired job! Show them you want it just a bit more than that other person! Even with this done, expect not to be contacted by a few as well (there are those with more turbine time and slightly more experience that will be placed in front of you, it is just the way it is!) The job market is in flux right now, lots a mid-time pilots like yourself out there, looking for something. If you are only sending a resume out and not following up, chances are great you'll not hear from anyone! The GOM is honestly your best bet though Fly there for a couple of years and you'll be in a position to move to a location that might better suit your personal desires. Some food for thought I sent my resume twice to my current employer without hearing anything I sent it once again, for a third time and then followed up with the follow up letter and then with a call a day later, got the job after that!
  2. Hi I guess it just really does depend on how badly you want to fly helicopters...! For me there was really no being told "No" I just didn't care what it took, I was going to fly and fly helicopters! In this industry you need to have extreme perseverance & a very tough hide It has more than its fair share of cynics and nay sayers If you would be happy with a degree and a fixed wing flying career than maybe it is better that you make that choice now (although here is nothing saying a dual rated pilot cannot be happy as well) and statr to build your plank time. You also should think about what kind of rotary wing flying you are interested in, not all careers keep you away from home and family! Know this, you will hear the same thing said about fixed wing industry too if you speak to the right person, or maybe it should be taken as speaking to the wrong person if you are easily swayed! Think this through, it is really your choice in the end!
  3. Hi I feel fortunate to have the flying career that I do...honestly! My flying duty is a M-F 10am to 7pm with two weekends of stand by a month I can elect to take the other two weekends if I wish as well...at a compensated amount. As a whole I come home to my family nightly, we enjoy a very normal lifestyle for a R/W family in comparison to many others types of R/W pilots and their families that I know. There are exceptions here of course! Big stories often require extended flying duty, and the occasional incident requires a early call in or requirement to stay late...maybe even a odd recall back to the airport to launch again. I live with my pager & phone, along with my family. I need to be able to respond to a launch request within 30 to 45 mins time from notification when not within my duty hours and within 15 mins within my assigned duty hours. If I want to take off for a given time frame there are backup pilots that I can coordinate with to ensure that the aircraft will launch and that all involved are happy with the situation at hand. Trips to the mall, movies and dinners etc. are all the norm for us on a typical basis all in all ENG flying is very good to us and affords my family and myself a very decent and normal (by non-aviation standards) lifestyle. Is it the norm amongst the R/W community...no! It is just one type of flying that can be done among a lot of different types out there, I guess it really just depends upon what kind of flying you want to undertake really! IMHO these are how I see it some types of flying: Offshore - will keep you away from one to two weeks a month and flying over open water for extended periods of time (If I wanted that I would have joined the Navy and not the Air Force!) FireFighting - well plan on a full season away and hopscotching around your region (off-season gonna have to have to think of something to do...there is always Alaska and the Grand Canyon I suppose!) Lifeflight/EMS - long moments of boredom accentuated by moments of pure satisfaction with this kinda flying (I can only think of the hurry up and wait here though!) Instruction - Not for me, maybe ok for others and yourself! Unless you have a full and steady schedule the hours are random as is the pay and then there is the simple fact that just about every "new" student is at a point where they are just competent enough to kill you and destroy the aircraft. ENG/Traffic Watch - A steady gig. with somewhat set hours...a go home nightly lifestyle! You know when and within what areas you are most likely to fly on any given day. Boring to some, loved by others! Charter/Tour - Pt 135 operations - Taxi and bus drivers come to mind here, not that this is a bad thing..it isn't at all I mean to say that you are flying after all ! There are always other types of flying as well, military, pipeline & wire inspection, heli-ski/board, scheduled carrier operations and others... In the end it is what you can make of it and yourself, of course! To be paid to fly, is still the dream come true job for me, and I think for many others as well There is some food for thought here, best of luck to you with your flying career
  4. Hello I find it all interesting reading, a perspective of a student with SSH that isn't all that unhappy... Now it should be known right up front that I am not a SSH student, or grad and have no affiliation with SSH in any way shape or form! I've been reading threads here and there about this firm, alot of bad and a few good as well! Many valid points are made in these threads against the SSH ways of operations and in favor of. If one is happy that after 24 months of their time and effort to have logged 205 hours and now has whatever ticket they have...I guess "you" might be happy with such, and if you are...well OK for you! I can respect your stance and opinion, that you personally feel you have gotten what you paid for and what you worked for in that time frame. However I think we would have to agree that we will disagree here! 24 months with 205 hours averaging 8.5 hours a month for a pilot in training is truly shameful of any school, even more so for one that has you pay your tuition in to up front. I do realize that there are always variables that are out of the control of pilots and flight ops, weather...well fog would play a factor for you on some occasions in the Chino area, but over 24 months I don't see it being a huge problem (last year I believe we had about 10 days of IFR and could not launch from KVNY) Maintenance squawks ok it is a machine being operated on a near daily schedule (however not by you apparently) Call Group3 and ask them how long it would have taken you to get what you currently have and along with that how much as well (NO...I don't work for them, didn't do my training with them either...just know that they are not SSH) Well this thread really sums it up when it comes to the raw numbers of it Goldy's SSH & Do the math thread On the EOS the most recent thing I found was this from Rotor&Wing R&W SSH EOS Take note of what the only poster had to say about his visit to the SSH open cattle call after hearing their mass media ad on the radio! I guess when it is all said and done, if you are happy with 200 hours after 2 years of your time, effort and money...well OK for you! Myself I wouldn't be posting such in all honestly, I would actually be embarrassed to admit as much after letting them have my 70K+ and the interest on it as well. Now I know how SSH perpetuates themselves and their myth of doing right by their students There are so many other ways to get your training completed and yourself to a CFI marketable level Sadly you are not even 1/4 of the way to your real first entry level flying job (1000-1500) is the current accepted entry level. And with the rate you are building hours with SSH you only have about 8 to 10 years to go until you hit the hours, are you really thinking that as a CFI for SSH you'll be flying that much more that you did as a student? I just have to wonder is all... Aviation is a very finicky business and the R/W side of it even more so, SSH has earned their reputation beacuase of what hey haven't and didn't do...not because of what they have done! If it all sounds to good to be true, it generally is just that too!
  5. Yes it does sound very nice too! I wouldn't doubt that the per hour charges are very close to one another, but I would still believe that the cost per hour operation might have a spread to them...can anyone confirm the actually hourly operational cost of the two? (Not what the going rates block or hourly are) but the actual operational cost for the owner/operator are!
  6. Hi I've flown both types, and believe it or not both are helicopters when it is all said and done! I believe the overall hourly operational cost on the 47 is better than that of the 22 so for a dollar to cents game I'd use the 47 here, since the bottom line is usually dollars and not just sense! All the above is IMHO generally true I really enjoy the overall visual while in the 47 along with the additional shoulder room too autos in the 47 are more forgiving than a Robi (again my personal opinion here...)
  7. Hi Not sure if I take your question here properly or not? Well I haven't seen this video as of yet, the link is broken After all if you are flying down a street are you already beyond translational lift? regardless if the street is with or without traffic here. Is it wise to depart over a full street? Well not really but without knowing the full situation I'd personally use what I can to get out of a bad situation actually... Are you talking about TFE by chance?
  8. Hi While I cannot say with any certainty (as I wasn't part of the team that participated in the raid) there often is more likely than not, taking the stance that "we" will bring forth the more than is needed mentality here! aka "over engineered" the process Often when these things happen they bring charges far and above what is actually being investigated knowing that some if not most of the charges will be dropped or thrown out as the process continues along. In court many charges are reduced and or dropped in a plea bargaining agreement process. So when swinging the stick the government often wants to swing a big & fully loaded stick, often only to be satisfied in the end with much less than was initially brought forth!
  9. Hi Yes, I still have one...my X-Cell .60 Been thru a couple of accidents with her and subsequent rebuilds Now I rarely find time to fly R/C My X-Cell
  10. Link to the video is broken, did or does anyone have this that they can share it with me?
  11. Bell206Pilot

    Near Death

    Oh man do I know about kite lines... Fishing line & Rotorhead While flying a afternoon traffic watch the aircraft no doubt crossed the line and wrapped it up (I always wonder what the person who was holding on to the line, did when the remainder spooled out at supersonic speeds) any way after landing it became quite clear just how fortune truly was on our side that day Years ago back when I was newly minted and thought I knew it all about flying a helo and the local area... (newly minted = dumb enough to kill ones self quickly) I took a friend up for a quick flight, it was his first time and thought we would have some fun too! Cows were known to graze the local area and when you chase a cow in a helicopter they kinda panic and run along at full speed their tail vertical in the air (and often shitting themselves all the while too!) Well even though I knew the area very well, it never factored that the local utility just might come out and string a line across any given area at any given time. Low level and the bovine running at break neck speed suddenly I see this utility pole and the wire at the same moment, directly in front of me as it would just happen to be. Lotsa aft cyclic and even more collective and the seat cushion sucked between my cheeks I know I just missed that damn wire! and with unknown amounts of luck didn't kill my passenger nor myself. Since then I never take a area of operations for granted...never & I don't chase cows anymore either! P.S. Sorry no pics of the cows running and crapping
  12. In most cases the "rated pilot" is always flying...there are always some exceptions here of course, but 99% of the time the "left seater" is doing the flying. The pilot is not alone or "solo" Sorry but there is NO WHERE you get a Bell 206 "solo" @ $170 or some dollar amount there abouts! Not to even mention the insurance issues with hours and such...another thread for that kinda nonsense. If they (the "rated pilot") were to buy time in a R-22 or a Bell 206 they would still be paying for their flight time. They are just given a chance fly an aircraft which is normally way out of the price range for someone who needs to build time early on. The "right seater" doesn't have to be a CFI as long as the pic is a rated pilot and has under gone the transition on the aircraft. If the leftie were not a rated pilot then it would be different all together of course!
  13. Federal Raid At Century Helicopter Company This was posted but 2 days ago! Here is some of what has been reported...
  14. Hi It is a all around great choice for the price range...I have the same camera myself! The memory cards are everywhere and very affordable It boots up very fast, shoots nicely and the color is typical of canon cameras, nice... Recently I shot these images with it Carson S-61 Let me know what you think of your camera as you get to use it more...I'd like to hear what another owner thinks of it! Regards, Capt. Kirk
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