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  1. FlightPlan is a great app, very helpful support site too. I bought the app pretty early on and it had no way to do longitudinal CG so I brought it up on the forum, a little bit later he came out with an update for it! Various test taking prep apps, just search FAA and you'll find them if you need them. I used them for Inst, Comm and now FOI. AOPA Airports is great, think you have to be an AOPA member...but if you're not already you need to be! I had an Aviation Abbreviation app, but after jailbreaking my phone I couldn't find it in the app store to replace it. Found a new one that costs $.99 but haven't really messed with it yet. The old one was handy for figuring out strange abbreviations and tricky METAR/TAF abbreviations. Also does Airport lookup for/by its identifier. Also make sure to bookmark i.wund.com. That is weatherunderground's iPhone site. Great for checking the wx before driving to the airport! Clay - Is ForeFlight worth the cash? I keep eying it, but the $75 price tag scares me away every time. What does it do over the other apps?
  2. If what you took from this thread is that people are school bashing maybe you need to go back to lurking instead of posting, a bit more reading may have saved you some ridicule. The topic of this post is the process and vetting of potential schools in which a CFI is looking to gain employment. Do you disagree that it is in the best interest of all pilots to be informed on this subject? I agree the 300 vs R22 topic is tedious and unnecessary, but who made you read it? I think you should have skipped that thread entirely as soon as you saw the title and instead read up more on the Delta-3 hinge (for example) to improve yourself as a pilot. You propose that other pilots look to improve themselves as pilots and help improve the industry, instead of seeking advice on how to avoid a potential bad employer sitchuation that could possibly involve moving/emptying the savings account. I don't know many pilots that don't look to constantly improve themselves, but this cannot be a process that takes place 24/7. I have to take my head of of Wagtendonk's book every now-and-then otherwise my head would implode. But please...do explain how we are to fix the industry. I am curious to know! When it comes to other's careers please save tired "this thread sucks" post and instead post something else just as useless..."FIRST!"
  3. Anyone going? I'm flying into San Diego on the 2nd for the airshow, then driving up to Torrance for the course the 5th-8th. Would love to meet up with anyone if you're in the area. Adam
  4. 10-12k for PPL? That sounds LOW! I got my PPL in an R22 at 62 hours, somewhat low hours compared to the "average" 80 hours, breezed through ground and it still cost me a hair under 20k! A word of advice is the school quotes FAA MINIMUMS! Most people require more time than this so quotes they give are going to be the low end of the spectrum. I'm sure I'll be closer to 70-75k compared to the 60-65k minimum I was quoted. Also, I was flying and doing ground EVERYDAY in conjunction with a full time job and it took about 2 months to knock out my PPL. HIGHLY recommended that you go often, especially when you start out. It will save you money and a ton of frustration. Ask how you will build hours after you get your CFI/CFII done. Do they hire students back on? Most places don't guarantee this so consider how you are going to go from that to your 1000 hour job. The Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge is another good on in addition to what they have mentioned here. I'd ask the schools you are looking at which books they use so you can get them and study. Will save you some money so you aren't purchasing entry level books after you read a different set, like I did. Good luck!
  5. I've heard of dudes burning in on parachute jumps and walking away, but this takes things to new heights! (pun completely intended) She must have been wearing her lucky knickers...
  6. This one place called Silver State had a bunch of schools and went bankrupt. That was just before the recession...may have kicked it off actually! Sorry...couldn't help it.
  7. Congrats Em! Thanks for all the help over the last year or so, you will be an excellent instructor!
  8. Hmmm apparently I have a different opinion than everyone else in here. I fly the Astro as much as possible because I get a nice discount over our two Ravens. At first I hated it since it really doesn't make much of a difference with or without trim. One of the other students even asked during trim check "Ummm it feels the same, is that normal?" Yup. Anyways, after getting used to it I prefer it over one with hydraulics, especially when doing hydraulics failure It also seems to have quite a bit more power than the Ravens. The Ravens are pretty gutless, always have to take what I can get for climbing on warm days whereas the Astro climbs easily. I don't mind flying with hydraulics, but I tend to over control the Ravens when I switch back from the Astro. Either way it's just like a bicycle. A few minutes back on the stick and it is just another helo. Personal preference I guess. I'll take the extra power for a bit of an arm workout
  9. I giggled when the guy on the ground said "Aw sh*t, here comes Steve."
  10. We had a pool (indoors) at our FOB in Baghdad, until the building took damage from incoming fire. I was talking about pool tables; though, as they are more common...
  11. I don't know too much about conditions about the Green Zone, but the few times I stopped through it was pretty cush living. They do get rocket/mortared pretty regularily, but that was when I was there almost a year ago. Could be different now. Living accomidations are nice there, generally speaking, but vary by location. At most of the built up locations the food is pretty good, but the menu is the same every week and tends to get old (repetitive) after being there for a few months. When you aren't working there are usually limited amount of things to do (no clubs downtown of course!) Hit the gym, go to the shops (if there are some at your location), go to the MWR for pool/ping-pong/etc. All depends on location a lot over there. A lot of the bigger places even offer internet service in your room for a fee. Good luck!
  12. iPhone's new software update coming out this summer is supposed to unlock the bluetooth chip to allow A2DP which will allow streaming music along with the usual calls. Supposedly they are also allowing syncing with your computer this way, too. Here is a list of some of the features in the new OS coming up: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/...and-ipod-touch/
  13. To scold someone for seeking help before a medical issue gets serious is ridiculous. After being in Alaska for 3 years I can tell you it does get pretty depressing waking up to pitch black, going out to lunch...pitch black, coming home at night...yep still pitch black. I'm a California boy too so it took its toll. Did I need meds to help me through it? No, but many people did. Some turned to alcohol. The point is don't judge someone when you don't know what they are going through. Who knows, maybe he did just want some pills. Still not your place, IMHO. As for the original poster it is time to figure out what YOU want to do. You'll get a different opinion from every person in here and in the end it is only going to affect you. I got hooked on flying almost two years ago and I got my PPL a few days ago (no it didn't take that long to train, just to get started!) and don't regret the decision yet. I passed up a good paycheck and steady job for an unknown future because this is what I want to do for a career. You got one shot at life, so I'm doing what I want to do. Enough with the pep talk, take the time to think it out from a financial standpoint and also with what you want to accomplish in life and then make your own decision. Good luck!
  14. Don't know where they are getting the database for their programs. I used Heliprep personally. Not bad, but pretty barebones. I also used gFlashPro to make my own flashcards based on my school's sylabus, the Rotorcraft Flying Handbook, PHAK, etc. If you have that program for the iPhone/touch I can send those to you I'm pretty sure. They are mostly just for your PPL; though. Send me a PM if you are interested in those, no charge of course. That program is pretty cool because you can make all your own questions, use videos, sound files, pictures, etc and it runs off google docs.
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