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  1. S-61 is what you want. Or even an S-62 for the budget minded.
  2. No it's not. A pilot will not/cannot leave their seat to go about the rear of the helicopter.
  3. He's still around, just doesn't post here anymore.
  4. Here is Mike's contact info and website. https://marpataviation.com/
  5. Don't get married, ever. That's the best advice he'll ever get.
  6. If you were arrested for speeding then it was a reckless driving charge at a minimum. And arrested means, car impounded, booked into jail etc...I've never heard of anyone just getting taken to the jail to be fingerprinted and then released... But, unless you get charged a felony it won't make a bit of difference, a misdemeanor means nothing to anyone.
  7. It's the USFS FireWatch program. I was offered a job with them back in college (GIS major) to do the mapping operations in the van. I didn't do it. Basically they fly around with a FLIR to map the fire and look for hot spots. I'm not sure if it's really a useful operation or not.
  8. Nah, at the end of the day they always find a warm body to fill a seat. The only real issues I've seen is not being able to get checkrides done due to COVID restrictions.
  9. Nate, Have you done a demo ride yet or have you ridden in a helicopter before? Straight up, some people just can't handle it so get a few demo rides under your belt and a Second Class medical out of the way before jumping into anything. If you're okay with living under minimum wage and moving your family all around for 4-7 years before getting your first "real" flying job and you have a supportive spouse then go for it!
  10. Ya know, it may not have been to regionals yet now that I think about it. It may have been just a 135/cargo operator. It's been a while since I talked to him about it.
  11. Sell your house...move close to a flight school...get a part/full time IT gig to have some income. Then get your private fixed wing and add on a private helicopter. Now rent for a while, fly your family around, get up at 3am and fly at night dodging wires, sleep in the helicopter, etc and see if you actually LIKE flying or just the THOUGHT of flying! If you enjoy it, then continue flight school and get your commercial/multi engine/IFR fixed wing rating and then add on a commercial/IFR/CFI helicopter rating. Now that you're dual rated you can start looking for jobs. But, even going f
  12. The one and only time I had an "engine problem?" was when the bleed valve failed and it built pressure then rolled the engine back to idle by itself. Luckily it was in a Bell 212 at low weight and elevation so we got it figured out while flying on the 2nd engine.
  13. There's a few videos on youtube of guys holding onto 205/214 blades on startup to prevent it from happening...
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