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  1. Find a machine with the nose already on it...but they aren't really an "upgrade" unless you just like the look. If I recall they actually decrease cruise speed.
  2. The Army F and FF's are hardly just a C with a different nose and a bigger engine...I doubt there's a single interchangable part except perhaps the skid shoes. If you want to run cheap (fuel burn) then find a standard C model with a C-18, and then put a Yehnert nose on it. They are out there. Don't worry so much about TT, it's the component time and inspections that matter. I wouldn't buy Gov surplus anything...ask the UH-60 guys how that's working out...and how many machines they need to buy to keep just one airworthy.
  3. Does the military even use 500C's anymore? You can already buy nice standard category C's for under $500k pretty easily.
  4. If you're used to long lining in a conventional helicopter, I've heard you can pretty easily "cross control" a K-Max and end up with a rotor strike against itself...
  5. If you want outdoorsy and VFR...PHI Med42 would be right up your alley. Based at o22 and fly a B3.
  6. Only 150hrs left before TBO for $70k? That would be a hard NO for me. Let's say you get to fly it 40 hours out of that 150...that's $1750/hr, not including the $200/hr for maintenance. Now lets say they sell it at TBO. They might get $100k for a timed out R44? Split 4 ways, you'll make up $25k plus a little from the maintenance fund...doesn't add up to me. I'd stick with renting an R22. Very rarely do partnerships would out well, especially with 4 partners and a near timed out machine.
  7. The initial buy in. The hours and condition of the machine. The return on tours in general isn't great so I would be cautious of how well it could be with splitting it four ways.
  8. Could be worth it...lots of variables to consider.
  9. What aircraft do they currently operate? What type of contract do they have? CWN? EU? How many years left on the contract? Do you they anything besides fire work?
  10. @iChris or @Nearly Retired would be the ones to know if anyone does...
  11. Depends on the job...1500tt and 1000 in helicopter is common. Fixed wing time helps but not all that much.
  12. Even if he has a bad attitude...he's correct on this topic. Fixed wing hours will mean very little for rotary jobs...they have rotary specific mins for a reason...insurance reasons.
  13. Where's it located? I can probably help.
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