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  1. What aircraft do they currently operate? What type of contract do they have? CWN? EU? How many years left on the contract? Do you they anything besides fire work?
  2. @iChris or @Nearly Retired would be the ones to know if anyone does...
  3. Depends on the job...1500tt and 1000 in helicopter is common. Fixed wing time helps but not all that much.
  4. Even if he has a bad attitude...he's correct on this topic. Fixed wing hours will mean very little for rotary jobs...they have rotary specific mins for a reason...insurance reasons.
  5. Where's it located? I can probably help.
  6. Nope and never will, but know plenty of HEMS pilots and it's a "retirement" job. Straight and level, point A to point B ambulance in the air. Lots of time for netflix and internet forums tho.
  7. Just remember that HEMS is boring as hell and you'll be lucky to fly a couple hundred hours a year.
  8. If HEMS is your goal then instructing and/or tours will be your best bet. And get as much night/NVG time as possible.
  9. It's a foot in the door for a future PIC seat and possible long term career. Most operators running two pilot ships also have lighter helicopters that they may rotate you into to build time if they see potential in you... Have you ever long lined single pilot?
  10. If you're still in Ventura then you shouldn't have an issue finding work, SoCal/NorCal is the mecca of helicopters. Apply to everyone running Blackhawks and get a SIC job until you meet OAS times then move into the PIC.
  11. The Hiller in 2018 is not the same Hiller as of today...I wonder if past lawsuits were carried over to the new owners/investors of Hiller? If not, then good luck getting any money from the past owners...
  12. You're getting awfully close to the age cut-off. Stick with teaching and fly on the side as a hobby.
  13. No. Flapping and feathering only takes care of a portion, without tilting the mast you'd be compensating with the cyclic.
  14. They are also sometimes tilted sideways to counteract dissymmetry of lift.
  15. The biggest hurdle with getting your fixed wing first is that in order to become a marketable pilot you will need ROTARY time, not fixed wing. TT doesn't matter when you're trying to get a CFI job with 100+ other applicants.
  16. It's much better now than before...during the SSH heyday Uncle Sam was shilling out 100K left and right to people that never even finished their commercial, let alone ever became a marketable pilot. Making them pay a little out of pocket brings some type of assurance that they will actually follow thru with their commitment. My ex-wife is a Veteran...the amount of money the VA spent on "training" her is insane...and to this day, she's not employed in any of the fields.
  17. Correct, and that's how it should be. Too many abused the system in the past...got trained and then did nothing afterwards...they just wanted to be "pilots". At a 141 school you should be able to get your private in under 40 hours assuming you are a good stick, so in reality if you study a lot on your own, pay for minimum ground school, you should be able to do your private for around $15k.
  18. I'm pretty sure I know the school you're talking about. I know the owner and he's also a member here. I believe they are approved to accept VA benefits?
  19. 30K for a private? No way in hell I'd pay over $15k for a private!
  20. Patrol flights will be over 25 miles usually...and good luck getting any fire work as a 91 operator. Just because it's in the Regs doesn't mean that's how it works in real life. Ag work requires a Part 133 cert also.
  21. That doesn't mean much since probably 10x more Robbies exist than Enstroms.
  22. Don't forget you need to be a Part 135 operator and most likely a Part 133 operator to be able to contract.
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