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  1. Rather expensive beer opener. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JckIax0YThU
  2. Check with Marpat 304-792-0094, a site advertiser. They are in WV I think. Bossman should be along sometime and give you some details
  3. I was last at Fort Rucker in 1973. The Lake Lodge was a part of the O club and yes it was a bar, frequented by Junior officers and warrants. I don't recall any cabins. Bingo was played a couple times a week at the main club and the place was packed, yup a lot of wives but the lure of winning an airplane attracted many of the students also. How about the bar at the BOQ, there was one that was one of only 3-4 modern buildings on the post (about 3-4 floors,brick building) with a O club bar on the main floor. In those days the post was open to the public, many of the local girls hung out at the BOQ bar. The Chevrolet dealer on the highway going into Enterprise typically had 10-15 corvettes in stock at any one time. Fort Rucker airfields had more aircraft operations per day than ORD or ATL. Guess there aren't nearly as many folks there these days. We must have graduated 500 orwac/worwac students a month in 1970-71-72, plus I think most of the transition courses were there also. Did you know that VHPA estimates that 40,000 RW aviators of all the services, served in Southeast Asia from 1962-1975? I was a tactics IP (the last 4 weeks of ORWAC/WORWAC) in UH-1s. The students got about 25 hours total, of which (with their sick buddy) about 12 hours was solo. We flew all over SE Alabama and LA. The training included support of the, ranger jungle course at Eglin. Enough of the reminiscing, but it really was a good time in my life. I was also surrounded by some really great people. I'm also from FL, where is your unit? How much do you get to fly? Have you been, or going to be deployed? How old are the Hooks you're flying these days? Fly Safe!
  4. FLHooker, "lovely Ft Rucker" Do I detect a bit of sarcasim...... didn't you like your stay there? Heck I thought it was a, real life experience. Where else can you find a statue of a peanut? Traveling tent revivals, traveling carnivals with strippers in a tent.......and if you care to go all the way to Dothan....live raslin every wed night. Actually, I thought "Mother Rucker" was a pretty good place to be stationed, at least for those of us that good IP jobs. There were so many officers around, you rarely got any kind of additional duty. I think I was OD for a 12 hour period during one of the 13-14 days the school was closed for the Christmas holidays. It might have changed some in the 35 years, since I was there. Back in the good ole days, the O Club bingo prizes were things like C-172's and his and her cars. Does the lake lodge still exist? Pretty good golf course, free of course. Skeet and trap range, also free including ammo. All the unmarried company grade Officers and Warrants had corvettes and PC beach was only a six pack away. You could almost always get a UH-1 for proficiency flying and go to Atlanta or New Orleans for a weekend. The Aviation school closed for all the holidays so there were a lot of 3-4 day weekends. Other then the shortage of girls that didn't chew or dip, I thought it was a nice place to spend a couple of years.
  5. HawkDriver; What is the current time line for the WOC program? How much time in enlisted training? How much time in WOC training? How much time in flight training? What is the pay grade for each phase, including flight pay? Would the Army even consider any prior civilian training in helicopters? It might be difficult for the OP to make payments on his/her loan prior to reaching WOC pay grade and receive flight pay. Is the 6 year active duty obligation from date of graduation from flight training? Upon completion of initial flight training what aircraft will the WOC be qualified in? Seems to me it is likely that it would take almost 2 years before completion of flight training and then a 6 year obligation, heck only 12 more and they could retire?
  6. Dang it! I can't get the java to run on the ADF or VOR trainer that Angelfire posted. It has been 35 years since I've seen one. You folks talking about flying the needles got me to reminiscing. Do you youngsters really find an ADF or VOR approach difficult? As I recall holding at a VOR intersection was a real pain with only a single VOR receiver and flying the back course localizer could get you confused, because the radial/bearing was backward, other than that everything was straight forward. My instrument examiner thought that having all that modern stuff (RMI, Omni Direction Indicator) was just spoiling us. He swore he made ADF approaches to LGA turning the ADF antenna, while listening for the null and void. I guess I'm going to have to get a computer program to see all the new tools (toys) y'all get to play with these days.
  7. Looks to me like the fixed wing was probably in the right. The Bell was taxing high and fast. The R/W pilot looks to be a hot rodder and he should have seen the fixed wing much sooner.
  8. I have been in contact with the folks at military records in St Louis. They want to know the form numbers of the records I desire. Does anyone know the number of the military form that shows flight hours and qualifications? rick1128; Had the weather talk with the owner. He seems pretty realistic. The company he founded (it is now a public Co. and he is still a board member) has had a fixed wing for many years. He understands weather limitations and maintenance costs. He is also aware of the payload, speed and range of the BH47. The new panel he mentioned is all new flight instruments, radios and the transponder will be encoding. He does know that it will only be a VFR ship.
  9. I really don't remember my first successful hover. However I vividly remember being very close to washing out of flight school because I had not soloed and was nearing the end of the time allotted by the US Army, to do so. My instructor said "I have never had a student wash out and you are not going to be the first." He put the TH-55 down on the takeoff pad at a stage field, told me to make the three trips around the pattern, take off from the ground, make approaches to the ground. Three controlled crashes later, I had soloed and his record was intact. My thanks to Mr Payne. If it had not been for his confidence, ego, or perhaps stupidity I would have missed some of the most thrilling days of my life.
  10. Thanks for all the info everyone. The suggested websites were very helpful. The FAA emailed me a certificate number, I located a medical examiner. The next problem is obtaining flight records. I understand that there was a fire some years ago and that many military records were lost. I'm guessing that the insurance company is going to want records of flying experience. I met with the BH-47 owner this week. The aircraft is not in a barn. It is in a hanger, on a dolly at the ranch and cocooned(sp) in foam material. The main and tail rotor have been removed and also wrapped in foam. The owner has sent the logs to the maintenance facility. They are supposed to send a truck to pick up the aircraft in the next week or so. Could not tell much about the bird except that it appears to have been properly prepared for storage. The owner says it is going to get a new panel & avionics package including a transponder and GPS. He didn't mention what this is going to cost. How much is a BH47 worth? It appears that I was incorrect in thinking he wanted to travel between the ranch and the beach house, which isn't on the beach but on the inland side of a bay and still under construction. He travels for business 2-4 per month and wants to travel between either the beach house or the ranch and airports served by airlines. Some he mentioned, PBI, MCO, MLB, TPA, RSW & SRQ. I'm worried enough about just learning how to hover again, now it looks like I'm going to have to learn high traffic area rules, regs and procedures. The bright spot is he is willing to pay well and provide a benefit package. The dark spot is that many of his trips are, day trips and will require early departures and late arrivals....lots of night time and early morning fog.
  11. No free rides huh? You reckon the FAA will worry about who pays the instructor? Can an individual that is current in a B47 and a IP train me, or must he/she be an instructor for a certified flight school? I assume I would have to take a check ride with an examiner and some type of written exam. I don't think getting current on instruments will be possible. Hopefully the FAA can delete the instrument rating.
  12. Thanks for the help gmsemel & 67november. It seems that I can not order a replacement certificate because I am not able to establish an online account because that requires a certificate number. I tried using my SSN, that didn't work either. I was able to search the airman records and did find that the FAA does still show the certificate exists. I'll call them on Monday. The reason for my interest is that I have an acquaintance that has a ranch and a beach house about 50 miles apart and a B47 in his barn. The 47 was used a an ag bird and has been in the barn about 6 years. He says that he is going to have the spray rig removed and all necessary maintenance performed. He will provide the aircraft and pay all the expenses for me to become, current and insurable if it is a reasonable cost, in return for a couple of trips a week between the ranch and beach house.
  13. This is a bit off topic. However, my question is in the general area of what is required by the FAA to obtain a pilot license(s). Many years ago (26) I had a commercial rotorcraft & instrument ticket. This was obtained courtesy of the US Army. I have no idea when it expired as I have not flown or had an aviation medical exam since 1972. What is the likelyhood of the FAA still having records from that long ago? Is it possible to renew that license? What would the general requirements be?
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