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    I'm on VR, what do you think? :D
  1. Actually I had been thinking about the same thing. Not necessarily a paying job, (though that would be nice), but if expenses were paid then I would be willing to donate my services to help out. I know 283 hours don't mean much, but if there was a SIC seat someone needed filled or if someone was using 300c's in any capacity, like a spotter aircraft, I'd go over to fly it and help out. Being unemployed leaves me with lots of free time, though no money so I couldn't pay my way or anything. But it beats sitting around here with my thumb up, if you know what I'm saying, and I'd like to help.
  2. Ha ha ha...way to go me! Yeah I knew that. I guess that's what I get for working on it late at night . Changed
  3. I'll do that, round the time off. The PIC time was 219.0, so that's why its a whole number. I tailor the objective to the job I'm applying for, "To obtain a Second In Command position with advancement potential" or "To obtain a Flight Instructor position" and include something specific about the job/company that I'm applying for. Thanks for the suggestions so far, please keep em coming!!
  4. I KNEW I something was wrong with it!! I have perfect eyesight I swear!!
  5. Back again with another resume related post! I'm looking for some opinions on my resume i.e. layout, flow etc... I'll take opinions from anyone, but would really like some comments from people who have experience reviewing resumes or hiring. It is what it is, as far as hours and education go. I blurred some info out, don't like to put all my info out there if I can help it. Any questions just ask, thanks in advance!
  6. For my CFI plans I found a set online done by another CFI that I really liked the layout/format of. I downloaded and rewrote them, just keeping the original format and clip art. I'm more visual and having color graphics with written explanations for each step of a lesson makes more sense to me. I have various random ACs and other information in there too, all in a 3" binder For my CFII I went the other route and made them from scratch in Word, making liberal use of (again color) graphics from the Jepp and FAA books, (my all in one was the best investment I have made in awhile, the scanner got a workout). It is around 16 sections and about 200 pages including an IFR flow of the flight thing I got from another instructor. Sits in a 2" binder. Looking at the two I like my CFII one better. I'm proud of it because it was all me, it looks more professional, everything matches and flows together better I think, and I learned more building that one than rewriting one I got from someone else. As an ongoing project I think I am going to re-do my CFI binder like I did my II. I think you gain more as an instructor by making you own plans. I'll attach a page from each of my lessons so you can see what I mean. As for your other questions IMO: Start out with components and systems, the student will understand aerodynamics better if they know what and where a rotor blade is and the basic operational concept of a helicopter. As far as template, it depends on what your school teaches from. For CFI I would say structure your plans based on the RFH supplemented with the PHAK, and for II either the Jepp book, the FAA Instrument Flying Handbook and Instrument Procedures Handbook, or a combination. We use the Jepp so I built my plans off that supplemented with the FAA books. As far as format you can't go wrong with Word, if you don't have or can't afford Word (flight school student and all ) I would recommend you check out OpenOffice. Its a freeware "Office" suite. In the end they are your plans, so build them in a way that makes sense to you, good luck!! By the way, did you move to Bend for training (I assume with Leading Edge) or were you already there? I ask cause I'm from Bend, though I'm living in the valley now flying 300s, little too big for the 22
  7. I'd love to see the Lear painted in aggressor colors
  8. Wow I don't check in here for a day or so and I come back to find this thread lit up. Never though people would actually be defending that guy, whatever I guess. Yes Trans I know that's what we do, some operations more than others, it's part of the job, but is anyone actually saying that doing it for S's and G's or to impress a bunch of kids on a dock ISN'T a dumb idea?? Or an unnecessary risk to yourself, your aircraft, or the people on the water/dock in this case?? Goldy is right, "Operating out of the HV curve, over workmen trained and in communications with the helicopter, with a safety briefing, with people wearing PPE, could be a perfectly safe operation within the FAR's" isn't the same as some random dude flyin down to the surface of the water around people who (more likely than not) were not prepared or involved until he showed up...FARs...Undue hazard...not smart. And another random FAR, was he operating under hire? Did he have flotation devices/gear on board, cause that looks like "beyond power off glide distance from shore" to me. Not saying that was the case, just another one that occurred to me. If you go around busting FARs and putting uninvolved people at risk causing undue hazard, AND someone posts a vid of it AND includes the tail number, don't be surprised if the FAA come a knockin. Case of really poor decision making, and everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it but calling out those people who said it was dumb with "who do you work for/what do you do?" blah blah blah is a little schoolyard don't ya think? No one that I have seen jumped on any of this guys defenders right off the bat. Whatever your opinion we have to agree that what a handful of us do can effect the whole industry right? Especially with the plethora of video cams out there. A few "wrongs" can undo a whole lot of "rights" in the general public's view it seems.
  9. The youtube vid has the N number posted on it, awesome. Now I know who not to fly with/for. That was ridiculously stupid and dangerous, both to the pilot/passengers and the people on the deck and the water. Engine failure? Ditch in the drink, rotor tears itself apart and maybe pieces hit people/boats, maybe the people in the aircraft get out, maybe they drown. If I trained you, you'd never fly like that, that kind of stuff kills people. The moment you put yourself in a position where an engine failure could kill you, it will. Ugh. Showing off is dumb, a good pilot doesn't need to. Brings to mind that joke about rednecks and last words, "Hey y'all watch this!" Don't mean to come across harshly or anything, but when accidents happen due to stuff like that it puts all us pilots and the helicopter industry in a bad light.
  10. Anytime, good luck with your training!!
  11. My two cents! I was in almost the same position as you, diag'd ADHD when I was a kid, on Ritalin for a year or two around 13ish. Went to get my initial 2nd class medical two years ago to start flight training, and (I can't remember the wording) there was a question about childhood medications or diagnoses or something and I filled in my ADHD and Ritalin information stating that I hadn't taken Ritalin since around age 13, (I was 30 at the time). The Doc said that if I hadn't put that on the form he could have issued my 2nd class right then and there, but since I had he was required to send it to the FAA Medical offices in Oklahoma for review. Couple of months later I got a response from them stating that I had to go to a shrink and complete the entire battery of mental evaluations and tests (my shrink called it the "shotgun approach") and send the results to them for review to make sure I wasn't crazy or anything before they would issue my medical. It took about a week of testing and evaluation sessions (that I had to pay for of course), then about a month of hounding the FAA for their decision after we sent them all the results. Put me over a month behind since I couldn't solo without the medical. So I guess my advice (and what the initial Doc told me) is don't volunteer more info than you have to. Or start the medical process 6 months to a year in advance of starting your training. Almost forgot, the shrink tests and evals cost me around a grand. Any questions feel free to PM me.
  12. Exactly like Goldy said, slow everything down and keep you eyes scanning outside. Only thing I would add is relax your grip on the cyclic and collective. Its really difficult not to death grip the controls when you are just starting out, but once you have a nice and relaxed three(ish) finger grip on the controls you will notice a world of difference in your stability. It took me awhile to relax back when I was new and nervous, but once I did my performance was so much better. I fly 300s so I don't know if that works in a Robbie with the T-bar but I would assume so. Just chant in your head "relax, eyes up and out, breathe, relax, eyes up and out, breathe" etc... Its nice to hear someone's experiences just starting out, brings back memories
  13. (Super deep voice) Welcooommee *creaking door*
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