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  1. I too greatly prefer forums over FaceSpace... You can learn so much more reading a forum. I feel dumber after browsing MyFace and Twatter. Hate to see declining traffic here. Also hate to see declining traffic at the local airport too! We need to come up with solutions to both.
  2. Just read this whole thread but I agree with HeliNomad and downloaded the Gyronimo app. It's awesome!! So intuitive and easy to use. Well worth the $$.
  3. For the first time in many, many years, Louisville, KY has helicopter flight training at Bowman Field KLOU. Cardinal Wings Aviation is the flight school and there is one R22 with more planned for future. $200/hour dry (weird that it's dry rate, I know). Good for folks who want to fly a lot or have a custom training designed for them, as it's not super busy and schedule is usually wide open. And you can rent the helo after you get your rating. Website http://cardinalwingsaviation.com. Disclaimer: I am affiliated with this flight school, but I did get my Commercial rotor add-on here last month!
  4. Haha. Just flew through there eastbound couple weeks ago in an R22. Let's just say we had lots of time to enjoy the scenery! Good luck with the turbine, let us know what you decide on. I hope to join the turbine club before too long.
  5. Because he probably has the same problem I did. There are no helicopters to learn in at the home field. So we have to buy one.
  6. Ahh, that's who I saw at HAI in the MD booth. I was wondering why there were people flocking around her.
  7. Anyone have an extra guest pass? I really want to go to the show for a few hours but can't swing $155 for a 1 day pass... Just a poor pilot...
  8. That looks awesome! Sounds like a weed-eater though! What does the FAR/AIM say about the smallest aircraft you can log time in?
  9. That has to be a tough decision for EMS pilots. Somebody might die if you don't fly, but you and your crew might die if you fly in bad weather.
  10. Can somebody explain to me what the difference between hover and air taxi is? I'm new and couldn't find the answer by searching or googling. thanks!
  11. I use a Lightspeed 20XLc ANR, it works awesome. Passive and ANR is great. Only negatives are no coiled cord, and the earcups are pretty big making you look a little like Mickey Mouse... 2 AA batteries last me around 50 hours. Very comfortable and it doesn't slip off my head.
  12. Awesome! I loved it. I have 2 more lessons set up this week. Jim Robinson did my intro flight. We did 0.6 and I was able to hover briefly (like 20 seconds :-) with all 3 controls before he took back over and we headed back. I hope to be able to get out of Louisville though, and head south to a flight school full time. Too many distractions here! Just need to rent my house and sell my Arrow!
  13. I just saw where they posted a help wanted ad for a "Flight School Manager/CFII". Guess somebody quit or they're getting busier?? I do my intro flight there in the morning!
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