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  1. Chopperjess

    RC Aircraft

    Haven't posted here for a while, however I thought I'd post this video. Seeing as i've done some flights in areas with RC airplanes who get too close to comfort sometimes when I've been flying through an airspace, i'm sure others have as well. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ab3_1282653276 Would love to hear your opinions
  2. I can guarantee it's not an easy road. I got my private pilot's license spending my money and tax returns as much as I could on flying. I literally kept enough to live on. When friends or family wanted to go out and have dinner, or go to a bar, i'd say no and I'd save my money and study. It's hard, and I am still struggling, but if you keep to it, there's so much reward in it. I've had some of the most amazing experiences of my life when I was getting my PPL and when I kept continuoing on for my commercial. And i've met some helicopter buddies, off this forum in fact, who are great! It's rough, but you can do it. I went into this knowing how hard it would be to get a job, which is why I didn't take out a loan. It's taking me longer, but there's no huge rush. I'm personally going to be getting married in 2 weeks now (yikes!) and will be continuing my commercial flying soon after. Welcome aboard!
  3. Hey goldy! Let me know when you're around the torrance area again. Would be great to meet up for a drink!
  4. Thanks! How have YOU been doing? Haven't talked to you in forever! Still flying I hope?
  5. Hey all! It's been quite a long while since i've been around here. Just wanted to say hello to a few of the familiar faces. I've not been flying for some time now. Getting married in another 4 weeks (eek!) and life got hectic, and money got tight. After the wedding, I plan on getting back into the swing of things and i'm quite excited! Hope everyone's happy, healthy and flying safe! Safe and Soft landings! Jess
  6. My instructor taught, and is still teaching. He loves to fly, never seemed to despise his other cfi's as well as had a pretty straight path, career wise. The flight school I was at had a very organized and well planned schedule for both ground and air instructing. They had tests, and oral exams and flight exams. They were very organized. Generalizing your bad experience isn't always the right road to take. You say you've been in the fixed wing industry for 30 years, however you are so able to make these observations about helicopter instruction when, as you said, you are new to the industry? Give the helicopter industry the same chance you did for fixed winging.
  7. Squawk the mouse and call the mechanic!
  8. Howdy My fiance actually lived there for 5 years, as well as his family currently lives there. Send me a message and I'm sure he'd be happy to let you know about the going ons around Anchorage. I've been there a couple times, and I absolutely LOVED it.
  9. I agree. I hope all is well. You were in my thoughts and I thought i'd bump this to see if you were doing okay
  10. What happened to Justin? How is he doing?
  11. Boy, do I know how annoying it is to be very short and trying to fly (I am 4 foot 11 inches). I carry a pillow with me every flight so I can reach the 22's pedals =O
  12. I'm not yet to a point where I am looking for a job, I just wanted to comment on your english. It's excellent. Hell, you write better than most who have english as their primary language.
  13. Heya I am HORRIBLE at written tests and government tests make me cry. I took a week off of my work, and basically became dead to the world. I took my ASA prep book, and went online and did the free test online for a week non stop. I forced myself to do nothing but that. Turned off my phone and everything and just ironed it to my brain. I was doing the sitting down to study, and then getting distracted and doing something else thing. I took the test and passed it the first time a week before my final cross country which then was followed by my checkride. Sometimes, it just takes turning everything off and doing NOTHING but eating, drinking and living the material to get it. Atleast, that's what I did. I loved the ASA however. Just remember. Once you pass it, it's done. So it might take you buckling down and just stop looking for a quick way or easy way. Just have to do it. And if you have questions, call your instructor. I actually had my instructor come over to my house a few times and sit down with me to go over some of the things I was confused about. He was more than happy to do it (i'm sure not all instructors would be ok with it!)
  14. Thanks Goldy. Always a bucket of information when it's needed. Glad everyone was ok, helicopter or not. Always good to hear all are alive and well.
  15. Oh man. With all the crap going on about michael jackson, it's hard to find any other information!
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