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  1. At this time the college has suspended new signups, due to internal issues and staff turnover, however, we are discussing changes to the program that would make it even better and allow it to continue. They have allowed anyone already in the program to finish which takes us into 2019 We would consider a new affiliation with any other interested school, we are talking with stronger schools that could support this program. dp
  2. Hey all, We are not happy with the customer service of the on-line program we are currently using (to say the least). Can you post what programs you have used and the ones that you like and why? Please don't ask which one we are using, at this time i'm not ready to bust them out. I will do some reviews at a later date tho. This has been very frustrating for over a year now and we are looking for a more professional program. dp Wow, that was fast, if you would rather pm me that's fine too, i already got two answers. I'll put them all together when our research is done so we can he
  3. Ok folks, here ya go, over 400 shots from this year's Expo... sorry about the duplicates.. not enough time to go thru them all. https://www.flickr.com/photos/129343443@N02/albums/72157677922429184 Great to see so many of you... wasn't the same w/o Goldy & Mike.... just saying. dp
  4. Here are some photos from today: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ColoradoHeliops/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1466190146733782 Sorry if you don't do Facebook, working on my flicker account. If the link doesn't work just go to our fb page. dp
  5. Hi all, Our team will be at the Heli-Expo Job Fair in Dallas next week, looking for a couple of new team members. We also have been asked by other companies to pass on the best resumes to them (tour companies). If you can stop by please do, if not, you can send a resume to: dp@coloradoheliops.com We are looking for a contract specialist to help us secure more utility work.. Specifically; natural gas pipeline inspection (we own a Boreal Laser system with dual HD video), animal counts, power line inspection and forestry work. The perfect candidate will have experience securing, writing, a
  6. This is from the program director at the college we work with: I have immediate openings for 2-3 post-private Veteran helicopter students at Colorado Heli-Ops / Morgan Community College for the January semester. If you are currently on a wait list at another school or know someone who is or are otherwise interested, please contact me. Email: martin.achtermann@morgancc.edu. If you have separated in the last 3 years you do not have to be a resident of Colorado but otherwise residency considerations will apply. Colorado is a WUE state. http://www.coloradoheliops.com/vaprograms/ Or, you ca
  7. CHO is hosting this event next month (10th thru the 13th) and for the first time the team is inviting guests to sit in on the second day. There are some amazing people in this group and it's a great time to see what we do and meet some of the members and speakers. Some of the organizations that will be represented: FAA, NTSB, Robinson Helicopter, Air Bus, Air Methods, FRASCA, Bristow Academy, NEMSPA, Heliweb Magazine, MD Helicopters, MITRE, ERAU, Bell, Sikorsky, Rotor & Wing, Hillsboro, ALEA, Helitrak, NZ CAA, Sundance, Augusta Westland, CAMTS, and more.. Greg Feith is just one of th
  8. "Is that college gonna lease one of your helicopters, put their name on it and then keep the veterans covered 100% for private?" NO. We developed this program before the limitations were placed on the VA program, (due to some schools literally raping the VA). We decided more than a year ago to have the pilots in training pay for their private (the way the GI bill was initially set up). This makes sure they have 'skin in the game', and really want this career.. the whole program and students within will benefit from this stance. We also believe the VA will see that some are taking advanta
  9. Hey All, the College our VA Program is with is hiring a Program Director. If you or someone you know is interested please go to the link below and apply. Thanks, dp Press Release Morgan Community College in Colorado and Colorado Heli-Ops have developed a comprehensive associate degree helicopter pilot program. The program will offer great opportunities to anyone wanting to become a career pilot, including veterans wishing to use their Post 9/11, Chapter 33 & 31 GI Bill benefits. Morgan Community College is looking to fill a Program Director position to work as liaison between
  10. Astro, I have to admit that i was 'one of those guys'... i was hired to recover an R22 from the ocean off of Waikiki in '93. On the way out to the site i learned that two of my friends had been flying it. I had just started my training in a different R22 in Honolulu. Needless to say, i quit flying R22s that day and bad-mouthed them for years. Truth is, i didn't have a clue what i was talking about, i only had five hours in them and didn't really understand what had happened (might have had something to do with two people and scuba gear for each in the helo). Anyway, years later i looke
  11. There are currently three places to train in Colorado. Two fly 300cs; Front Range Helicopters in Ft. Collins and Colorado Heli-Ops in Broomfield. I'm not sure about Ft Range but we do not rent helos except to our current pilots in training. Suncrest Aviation in Grand Junction has Robinsons and MAY have an Enstrom, i think they did in the past, not sure about now. I would highly recommend if you plan to fly an Enstrom, that you look into the AD that came out last year, make sure the ship you fly has had the inspection done on the main rotor system. Rob is a great guy and good instru
  12. Hey All, I am looking for some help selecting the best Part 141 on line program to keep track of all of the records necessary. I am hoping there are some of you using the products currently available and/or someone looking to beta test some new stuff. If you don't want to post your opinions here please use the email below to touch base. Thanks for you help, dp dp@coloradoheliops.com
  13. Hey all, The Expo was good for us, it’s always great to see old friends and make new ones. We were so busy I didn’t get much time on the floor, have to figure out how to plan that better. There were much fewer helicopters, which was a bummer. There were also less people but some said those that were there were serious about business so I guess that’s a good thing. When I was on the floor the crowd was much less intense so it was easier to get around. It was great to see the folks at the get together, the restaurant was a cool place and the people awesome.. food was good too. Louisvi
  14. Hey All, The show was good for us, lots of business and safety stuff. It was great seeing everyone at the get together, and meeting up with old friends. There are some photos on our fb page, i'll try to get them posted here for those that don't go there. Some say it wasn't the best place for the show, to us, it seemed good. There weren't as many helicopters on the floor which was a bummer, but, it wasn't overly crowded. Also, the folks that were there seemed more serious and focused on the industry instead of other stuff. The locals were very nice and the bourbon was even better...
  15. He All, See you tonight around 6:30. Looking forward to see everybody. I finally get to spend some time on the floor today as well. dp
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