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  1. Thanks guys...got the small shots of N207PJ, just thought anyone might have shots of that great looking ship. Any other UH1H shots are most welcomed
  2. Hi everyone, Anyone have photos of the UH1H in commercial service? I am making a simulated version of this chopper and I am looking into making different paint schemes for it...one particular scheme I am looking for is N207PJ which is owned by PJ Helicopters, that has to be one of the most striking schemes I have seen on a Huey (commercial wise). Any help is most appreciative.
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can obtain info, specs, drawings, etc on the FH1100 aircraft? I've contatced Van Nevel 3 weeks ago and I didn't get an answer from them. I need the material for a project I am working on in a few months and I am trying to collect as much possible on this aircraft. Videos of the aircraft in action will also help me out alot. Thanks for any help offered.
  4. bossman, Got any pics of your new ride to show us? I had a chance to see one up close many years ago (I think the reg was N4034W)...nice black and silver scheme. Also, will you be putting videos of your new machine online? Would like to hear the sounds of the blades at full power
  5. Hi all, I put together a roster of past and current news helicopters along with station, callsign, registration info, aircraft c/n and owner of aircraft. I've attached the roster to see if it has any value to anyone. It is an on going roster so if anyone has any input to the roster, feel free to modify it, etc...I'll keep modifing it for my own personal use. ENG_Helo.txt
  6. In no particular order, the following stations operates R44 Newscopter aircraft: WTAE-TV Sky 4, N7030J, Pittsburgh PA Bay News 9 Sky 9, N7027U, St.Petersburg FL Central Florida News 13, N7511W, Orlando FL WHO-TV Chopper 13, Des Moines IA (replaced by Bell 206B3) WISN-TV Newschopper 12, N7007F, Milwaukee WI (lost in crash) WISN-TV Newschopper 12, N8369F, Milwaukee WI (current aircraft) WPTY-TV Air 24, N8365Q, Memphis TN WOIO-TV Newshawk, N7094J, Cleveland OH WBAL-TV Live Team 11, N7119U, Baltimore MD (Replaced by AEC AS350B AStar) WJXX-TV Newschopper 25, N225TV, Jacksonville FL (No longer with station) There are several canadian TV and radio stations operating the latest R44 Newscopter based on the Raven II airframe. Same applies in Europe.
  7. Hi all, I was recently reading on various forums including JH that Helicopters Inc has begun acquiring all of Helinet Aviation ENG helicopters and contracts, can anyone point me to the right direction for a news release or something similar? Its about time Heliinc starts operating the AS350, I had a chance to fly in one of there last AS350 back in 1996 before they transitioned to an all Bell fleet. To prove that I am not making this all up, this should prove it.
  8. Looks like bad trouble for Robinson http://www.dailybreeze.com/news/articles/8569122.html
  9. Hey Heloplt, You have anymore shots of the Hillsborough County AS350? Been searching for pics of this bird all over and this is the only one I can find. ::thanks:: ::jumpfire::
  10. My first time posting, These are some shots I took a couple years ago
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