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  1. I used Touchstone to lease a Raven II w/AC. Fantastic outfit. John Ward Nielsen Touchstone Helicopters 434 Lorraine Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90020 (323) 939-7719 (323) 843-9846 fax (323) 376-1969 cell john@touchstonehelicopters.com www.touchstonehelicopters.com
  2. I am currently leasing an R44 from John at Touchstone Helicopters in LA. He has been fantastic to work with from the very beginning.
  3. Thanks! Got involved when my oldest son was in the Scouts.... As pilots, I think we have a great responsibility to expose the next generation to aviation and hopefully encourage some of them to become pilots, much like someone did for me when I was 10!
  4. Well, not for the Girl Scouts but for the CAP and Boy Scouts. Over 1,000 kids flown via the BSA and around 500 for the Young Eagles. Best way to get kids involved in aviation is to introduce them to aviation! This Saturday we have another group of 30 Scouts coming out to KOKB do their Aviation Merit Badge which culminates in a Young Eagle flight in my MD500! I do the flights and two other helicopter pilots help keep the kids occupied while the other kids do their flights. We bring a grill, burgers and hot dogs, football and frisbees and have a fantastic time.
  5. Hey Everyone - Been awhile since I was around, huge backlog of work in the IT world but back in the flying game! Had the opportunity to join San Diego's finest (best friend is former SWAT now Field Lieutenant for SDPD) for their annual SWAT demo and dinner, this year we got permission to fly in to join them! Good Fun!
  6. When I was looking at putting in the G500H into my MD500, I had extensive discussions with the FSDO and Garmin about doing just that - placing my helicopter into experimental category, getting the work done enough that Garmin could use the info for an STC, and then switching it back. No one ever said it could not be done. In fact, I think that is exactly what Corporate Helicopters did when they loaned their 500 to MD to get the TC for the G500H. It went into experimental and then back out once it was done according to the mechanics there.
  7. HeloJunkie

    Flight Suits

    The flight suit topic has come up from time-to-time as has the helmet issue. For me, I started flying with a flight suite for a very simple reason having nothing at all to do with safety. Sunburn. I fly back and forth from CRQ to Phoenix almost every weekend and when weather permits (which is most of the time) I would take my 44 (and now my 500). I would wear what was comfortable - shorts and a short sleeve shirt. After a couple of times doing this I realized that I was getting sunburned on the tops of my legs and arms thanks to the wonderful forward view I had in my 44. I choose the flight suit because I can easily slip it on before I jump in the cockpit, I did not find it uncomfortable or too hot and I never got sunburned again flying in 110 degree weather over the desert. A secondary issue was about safety, but like many of you, I have seen the pros and cons debate on headsets and flight suits since I joined VR and didn't see a clear winner either way. Having been in the Marines, I do know that all military flight crews wear flight suits, I know that every police department that I have ever seen flying wears flights suits, I know that every EMS operator that I have seen personally flying wears flight suits, I know that every firefighter flight operation I have seen wears flight suits. That's a lot of professional pilots wearing flight suits. In the end, all I REALLY know is I don't get sunburned any more and that is good by me!
  8. Yep - Pretty much every wekend for three years back and forth from CRQ to DVT. Loved the air conditioning in the 44, even on the hottest days it would give me an ice cream headache. As far as the turbulence (which there was a LOT of in the summer months), just slow down to a reasonable speed that prevents overcorrecting and all is well. The Robby is like any other aircraft - buy it for your mission and then learn to work within its envelope and deal with it's limitations. If it's envelope does not work for you, you picked the wrong ship. It always cracks me up that a lot of people bag on the robbies, but Frank is laughing his way to the bank every day. For such a 'crappy' machine to be the best selling helicopter in the world, there must be a lot of really stupid helicopter owners out there! And lets remember that the Robbie is not the only 'no negative G' bird out there, its not a Robbie thing, its a two bladed rotor system thing. Looks at the Huey's record in Vietnam until they figured that out. I currently own and fly a 500e model. Is it more fun than the 44? Yes, is better in turbulence? Yes. Does it cost me three times the amount to operate? Yes! I can tell you that I had a lot less down time with my 44 than I have with my 500, a lot less cost to operate and maintain the 44 than the 500 and if I ever sell my 500, I am going to go back and look at another new R44. And while we are at it, if you don't drive the new Audi A7, I think you have the worst car in the world and you should go out and sell it and buy what I think is the right car for you! :-)
  9. Nomad110 - I know mine was done under a field approval but I also know that my G500H was not installed since they would not do that under field approval. I think each FAA office is different. The same office that did my 750 refused to do my TCAS, so I had it approved through a different FSDO. I would not give up, just do a little shopping around to see who you can work with to get it done. Absent regional directives, I have learned that it is up to the local FSDO to make the call.
  10. I put over 1300 hours on my R44 Raven II in about 3 years. Rotor never fell off, it never crashed itself, was enjoyable to fly, cost me just over $260.00 an hour all in after 1300 hours and selling it, did everything it was asked of and never complained!
  11. Installed the GTN750 in my MD500 - did a field approval.
  12. Hey Goldy - I was just told by another rotorhead that he just parked his car right where the west helipad used to be, so I think they like the idea of getting parking revenue over allowing us helicopters to park there....
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