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  1. McClain, Im not tracking a shortage, number wise there may be. If you get selected youll just have to find out for yourself. Make the best of it. That does not mean that youll get to your first AV unit and start flying and getting trained up. Just due to lack of flight hours, money for gas and there being another looming shutdown. I dont know what the future holds, I just know what Im seeing right now isnt very promising. I would obviously weigh your options and decide based on whats best for your career and your sanity whether or not to try to get into flight school. Unfortunately, theres no way to predict whether it gets better or worse, but if this war really is over...
  2. So, its been a while since I posted anything on here...a long while. But I stopped in to see if folks were talking about this sequester non-sense and future of Ft. Rucker. It sucks to have to say this but Army aviation right now is not what it used to be. Even with the money temporarily somewhat turned on there is no real end in sight to this situation. Theres no gas, no money, and I can surely see them getting rid of Kiowas soon. They sent most of them home half way through the last rotation because there really was no use for them and it was higher risk letting them fly around. Its back to the peacetime Army of the post-Vietnam, and early 1990's. Its gonna get ugly...I dont think Im gonna make my minimums this time around, which is pathetic and demotivational in itself. Really wish I had something positive to say!
  3. Dudes that I know that fly them for the NG are in awe from the outside.... and then, they realize how great the UH-60 is.
  4. In a brief with MG Crutchfield at Ft. Rucker in late June, we got a detailed explanation of how he is making "cuts" to the aviation branch and how he is able to justify increases in funding for aviation. In actuality the cuts that are projected to be made are only notional and "on paper" and they dont translate to any less flight time or less people coming through the pipeline. Aviation is growing, if you didnt notice, the Army is building two new Brigades of aircraft and personnel. If anyone knows what is happening in the branch, I would say he is probably the dude in the know...seeing as how he is the main cheese and goes to DC to lobby for money and justify his branch budget to Congress.
  5. Where are the numbers? I dont see any names of people who are in dire need of pilots? This article is a straight faced lie. Call around and ask if anyone has a short stack of resumes of worthy applicants.
  6. *Long Sigh* Really? Im just gonna be frank, this sounds rather....douchie. I think I just invented a word.
  7. Nice, I wanted AK but wifey says no way no how. Not doing that. So Im stuck here at FCKY. Lewis is super nice too, but the unique experience of AK would be awesome
  8. So cool! My crew dogs do my fuel check, I have a PPC done in about 60 seconds and printed out 30 seconds after that. Most of that planning would be done prior anyways. Under proper conditions I can start dual engine. Might take a little longer under some circumstances but...whats the rush when you can fly faster that 50 knots.. Where you headed after Rucker?
  9. HAHA! Good one.Just as long as you dont have to carry any weight or fly above 50'agl. You're like the little birds cousin that nobody wants to fly. Kind of like the Apache is the stepson that works okay until you have a real gunship like the DAP. Just sayin. Like I said. They dont fly in icing. Bad communication between Boeing and DA...whatever, point is that someone built a big ass helicopter that you cant fly in icing conditions. Fail.
  10. The worst thing the Army did was over gross a Bell 206 and take it to war as a temporary fix to a long term issue. Thats you 58 jokers Chinooks can fly fast and high...unless there is icing...WTF? You cant fly in icing in that giant ass airplane? Good job Boeing. Apaches, hangar ornaments, flying in tandem...period. Of course you wanna fly this sexy, Igor built, genius, first flying built to war helicopter ever. Plus, our huevos are huge.
  11. Flying 60's has little to do with what you fly in task force, sometimes you get a choice, usually you dont. 60 time wont mean that you fly a DAP. Talk to a 160th pilot and get pointers on the oral eval, the flying eval, and youll want to learn the local flying area before then. They wont take you without at least one deployment and some experience/hours. Get stationed at Campbell or Lewis makes it all that much easier to test. Its more about character when it comes to 160th and who they select for green platoon. That's enough from me, there are way more experienced guys on here who can tell you about it. I would focus on graduating from flight school and stocking the fridge at your new unit first.
  12. If it comes from the USAREC website then it applies to active duty only. The questions I got in the interview were lobbed up so I could stroke it out of the park. They wont ask you anything unexpected or off the wall. Your well qualified but character is everything. Be Army...especially if you get interviewed by a SGM 1SG or some infantry soldiers. I think you know more than you are letting on considering you have letters from more people than I know and Im in an AVN unit in the 101 CAB. Let your instincts guide you...good luck.
  13. Got the dream job covered, theres no dream pay here though....
  14. Wow guy, let me speak from actual experience in both civilian and military applications. The R22 and R44 require more control acclamation and control touch muscle training than something like a UH-60 after you have been in an aircraft with hydraulic boost, SAS, FPS, trim hold and bunch of other systems that would make your mind explode compared to a Robbie. Someone as experienced as your self should know that most G5 pilots have trouble trying to fly a Cessna 152 after 10 years in a complex Jet. You are comparing apples to oranges there. . If we put you in a 60 and sent you out for some external load would all your time in an R22 come into play? Again, not comparable. You punch racetracks in the sky, theres no actual mission besides getting a 1.2 and a paycheck. Ive been to both sides and I just want to make it clear that your post was uneducated at best. You have no clue what military pilots go through and what they do every day.
  15. What does the end of Iraq have to do with Army aviators? The most of the pilots deployed now are in AFG, so I would say that it has no impact. The budget ....thats a whole other issue.
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