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  1. I have never signed up for the course...but I can tell you that the guy who owns it has some very good videos etc. Check out his videos on youtube etc. He shares on all social media formats etc.
  2. Passes have been given out. Thank you . I hope everyone who gets to go, remembers those of us who can't Share photos
  3. Looks like I have a complimentary day pass to Heli Expo. Anyone interested, please let me know. Happy to share. My preference is that it is someone who is actually planning on attending and will not waste the pass Please send me a PM
  4. Sorry that you are going thru this... hang in there.
  5. I would throw in that Intro flights (and lessons) are a good cause. This is what gets people interested in aviation. Who is going to complain about a like this from a child who just finished his or her first flight? Or an adult for that matter ...but there's is more like .....(how can I afford to continue?)
  6. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I hope his family and extended friends make it thru these tough times.
  7. Our club was contacted by an organization that is having a huge event in West Virginia in July. They are looking for an R22 or R44 owner (or similar size, general aviation rotorcraft) who may be willing to display/show off his/her aircraft during this event for approximately one week. Complete details can be obtained by contacting me or sending an email to vahelicopter@gmail.com. No flying (other than by you to/from the location)...heavy security to protect your aircraft etc. This is not a paying gig. They are looking for a general aviation aircraft. This is an opportunity to share your aircraft to approximately 10,000 people during this week in July.
  8. Could be costly, start saving now for them
  9. https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2011/06/17/2011-14246/airworthiness-directives-robinson-helicopter-company-model-robinson-r22-r22-alpha-r22-beta-r22 Here's the federal register site on the AD.
  10. Our organization has a few members in your area. I will be happy to send out a note to our members and see if anyone is interested. http://www.vahelicopters.com/ What are the prices? Share basic info and I will be happy to send a notice to our members and post on our fb.
  11. I have read a couple articles the last few days on this rule making proposal. Was wondering what Robinson owners think of this possible updated AD/SB. I also read a bit about AeroWolf who created some tape that may help delay the problem. But, painting is also an option? Curious as to whether anyone paid for new blades? Tried the tape etc? "The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing to supersede existing airworthiness directives (ADs) for certain Robinson R22 and R44 and Agusta A109E helicopters. The FAA published a Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in the Federal Register to supersede an existing AD for Robinson Helicopter Company Model R22, R22 Alpha, R22 Beta, R22 Mariner, R44, and R44 II helicopters with certain main rotor blades (blade) installed. The existing AD currently requires inspecting each blade at the skin-to-spar line for debonding, corrosion, a separation, a gap, or a dent and replacing any damaged blade with an airworthy blade. Since the FAA issued that AD, a terminating action for the inspection requirements of that AD has been developed. The proposed actions are intended to detect debonding of the blade skin, which could result in blade failure and subsequent loss of control of the helicopter, and to correct the unsafe condition by replacing the main rotor blades with new blades that do not require the AD inspection."
  12. Good list. I will say your list is nice and long... I also bring the spare glasses. Spare handheld radio, I also bring my cell phone fully charged.
  13. Required VFR Equipment C Compass A Airspeed indicator M Manifold pressure A Altimeter F Fuel gage O Oil temperature O Oil pressure T Tachometers (engine and rotor) S Seatbelts R22/R44 required equipment (POH) G Governor O Outside air temperature gage A Alternator L Low rotor RPM warning system (light and horn) T Electric or hydraulic trim (R44 only) Here is a good link from one of my favorite vertical reference posters (hmmm) http://wikirfm.cyclicandcollective.net/ground-lessons/acronymns-and-mnemonics/
  14. Not my story, but sharing from a fixed wing friend. During a real cross country (east coast to west coast), after a short pit stop..and a preflight before taking off, he discovered that one of his props was damaged. It appeared to be hit from behind and was significant enough for him to decided to not fly any further. To this day, he is not sure how or when it happened other than he said he always preflights, post flights and checks between legs of his flights. The assumption is it may have happened during taxi after landing. He ended up having to leave the aircraft (jumped on a commercial flight to his destination) behind and it took a couple months to get it fixed. He flies an MU2.
  15. I will agree with counterrotate..first part is the seat belt has to be buckled. 2nd part, if child is 2 years old they can be held, in laptop of parent in an approved seat (something like that).
  16. http://fwhihelicopters.com/ Fort Wayne is very active online. I have not taken any of the courses, but have watched many of his free videos etc. Offers alot of social media content.
  17. Could be a good bonus point quiz question
  18. Noticed this on the sectional today, while flight planning to visit my brother in NC. Anyone know what Objectionable is, on a sectional? What is objectionable.tiff
  19. I was thinking Augusta because of the nose. Now, where is it going? I have no idea
  20. http://youtu.be/c6fOPJD-Ohw Saw this on our ride home from Blacksburg, Virginia
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