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  1. I remember seeing that somewhere, it was part built when I saw it - wonder if it ever got finished, if so, wonder if it's still flying?
  2. Great video - that ship looks in amazing condition!
  3. Sounds like a quiet and peaceful place - what would the neighbours think about it?
  4. Great read NR, thanks for posting.! The forum has indeed been a bit dead of late, however, I'm a permanent lurker, and have been for quite some time. I'm with you on all the comments above, however I feel the checklist, in particular, is important. Sometimes most mistakes are made when we are carrying out a repetitive task, it's sooo easy to omit something - 99.9 times out of a 100 this would be something more or less trivial, something that won't have too much of an effect - that other 0.1% though represents a catastrophic omission that could result in a bad day.
  5. For anyone else reading theres some video / pictures here: https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/225121
  6. Wow. What a great post. It's the best response I've read to date that explains it like that.
  7. Bonjour Alejandro, avez-vous essayé ce site? Ils vendent des pièces MD500 reconditionnées: http://www.helicopterparts.com/f_hmd.html?2 J'espère que ça aide!
  8. That was a great read- thanks for posting!
  9. I stopped reading the digital issues a long tme ago, they are way too difficult to read on a PC - constantly zooming in and out all the time, it's a terrible format. Have you thought about releasing a PDF version to go alongside it? I'm sure it'd be way more popular.
  10. Great video.! I liked the waste gate set up. What would be the rough guide to total costs for those 10 improvements?
  11. I wondered why they didnt get a drink, then all was revealed - They forgot the donuts too.! (you have to have a donut with any MacDs).
  12. I run a forum, have done for years. I also run a huge social media network (60+ channels) unrelated to helis. We keep the forum running as its an easy to search repository for the knowledge that is contained within it. We've seen traffic fall off a cliff over the last 4-5 years, most other forums - this one included - are suffering the same. The immediacy of social media has taken hold, affecting the attention spans of a lot of users. Most questions we see posted on SM tend to get repeated, users are reluctant now to actually search for anything they need, they prefer to post a question, get immediate answers and then watch that information disappear in the timeline, only to be asked again, by another user sometime in the near future - the cycle then repeats. The users we get who drift over from SM to the forum all report it as being a breath of fresh air - being able to easily find answers to their questions pleases them. There are still users out there who prefer to have their industry specificinformation presented in the shape of an indexed forum like this, but their numbers are dwindling.
  13. Given the massive amount of Islands belonging to Japan it's amazing they haven't had a larger input - I'd be interested to see thoughts on this too..
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