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  1. Sniff sniff.... Is there a bull in here somewhere?
  2. I remember seeing that somewhere, it was part built when I saw it - wonder if it ever got finished, if so, wonder if it's still flying?
  3. Great video - that ship looks in amazing condition!
  4. Sounds like a quiet and peaceful place - what would the neighbours think about it?
  5. Great read NR, thanks for posting.! The forum has indeed been a bit dead of late, however, I'm a permanent lurker, and have been for quite some time. I'm with you on all the comments above, however I feel the checklist, in particular, is important. Sometimes most mistakes are made when we are carrying out a repetitive task, it's sooo easy to omit something - 99.9 times out of a 100 this would be something more or less trivial, something that won't have too much of an effect - that other 0.1% though represents a catastrophic omission that could result in a bad day.
  6. For anyone else reading theres some video / pictures here: https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/225121
  7. Wow. What a great post. It's the best response I've read to date that explains it like that.
  8. Bonjour Alejandro, avez-vous essayé ce site? Ils vendent des pièces MD500 reconditionnées: http://www.helicopterparts.com/f_hmd.html?2 J'espère que ça aide!
  9. That was a great read- thanks for posting!
  10. I stopped reading the digital issues a long tme ago, they are way too difficult to read on a PC - constantly zooming in and out all the time, it's a terrible format. Have you thought about releasing a PDF version to go alongside it? I'm sure it'd be way more popular.
  11. Great video.! I liked the waste gate set up. What would be the rough guide to total costs for those 10 improvements?
  12. I wondered why they didnt get a drink, then all was revealed - They forgot the donuts too.! (you have to have a donut with any MacDs).
  13. I run a forum, have done for years. I also run a huge social media network (60+ channels) unrelated to helis. We keep the forum running as its an easy to search repository for the knowledge that is contained within it. We've seen traffic fall off a cliff over the last 4-5 years, most other forums - this one included - are suffering the same. The immediacy of social media has taken hold, affecting the attention spans of a lot of users. Most questions we see posted on SM tend to get repeated, users are reluctant now to actually search for anything they need, they prefer to post a question, get
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