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  1. So I ran across this article about a woman who was on a commercial airliner that broke apart in midair. The woman in the story apparently fell 2 miles and survived. She suggests it might be because the seat (and the other seats attached to it) might have been "rotating like a helicopter." I've attached a quote and the link if you want to read the rest of the story. Anybody think there is a possibility her helicopter theory might be right? As the plane broke into pieces in midair, Koepcke was thrust out into the open air: "Suddenly there was this amazing silence. The plane was gone.
  2. You must hang out with my old CFI.
  3. since weather is such an integral part of flying, I thought you all might enjoy this photo of a volcano taken from the space station. http://www.komonews.com/weather/blog/49053591.html?blog=y
  4. my pickup "popped" a spark plug the other day, so I was down to 3/4 power, and when I looked under the hood, the engine was jumping around as far as the motor mounts would stretch. fortunately, I only had to pull to the side of the road. that said, I guess I can understand how a helicopter's torque in an auto would provide the oomph to get through the bum cylinder. congrats on the new addition to the log book FizT4Hire
  5. So what you're saying Chad is that it was in fact Murphy's law that sent Blackhawks and not the Chinooks of good karma?
  6. Those first couple takeoff's and landings while solo in an R22 are completely nerve wracking. Without the extra 150 or so pounds that are normally in the left seat, I remember feeling like I was pushing the cyclic into the glass trying to compensate. Good times. Great video, and congratulations on the first solo! ohman
  7. "On a side note, if you believe in fate or carma... then i think i've been given a sign. Twice now i've put down the phone after talking to my recriuter, looked up and seen a national gaurd black hawk flying toward's me" that sound more like murphy's law than karma. if it were karma, the blackhawks would land by your house, come knock on your door, and ask if there was anyone there that wanted to fly a helicopter for the NG. good luck with the Karma.
  8. cnn posted this video earlier today. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2009/0...riverrescue.cnn
  9. Hey there HeliZach, I would be interested to hear about your expience as well as requirements. I have been considering going military to finish my flight training. I noticed that the CG has pretty high requirements as far as eyesight, dental condition, and college, and so just assumed I wouldn't be qualified for a number of reasons. Could you give me the "real story" on all of that? Is getting into the aviation side that difficult? Thanks, and congrats again on your training. josh
  10. my guess is the power line gets cut...
  11. As far as the flyers being scripted...I dunno about that...the guys flying don't seem to need any script to keep things interesting...last episode I watched the hook hit one of the pieces of equipment on the ground pretty hard. There was also a shot of the load being brought in to the landing horizontally, as opposed to straight up and down, knocking off limbs and bending tree tops, then swinging the load around the landing pendulum style...maybe that's just a part of the job. Americium95 have you ever done that while logging?
  12. yep, that's the one. on previous episodes they've talked about Steve, the pilot with 100hrs of long line time, wrecking a helicopter due to some sort of collective malfunction, I can't recall what exactly the failure was, but it was definitely not an EP I'd studied for. So he's already starting from behind. I'm not trying to rail on him, but, again, according to the show, he's got a bad attitude, can't ride shotgun cause he gets sick, doesn't like to have anybody riding shotgun with him (cause he gets nervous I guess), and definitely doesn't like to be told how to fly. How did this guy m
  13. Hey all, sorry if this has already been discussed and dropped by the forum, but I was wondering if anyone has been watching the History Channel show Axmen? They've been following around a heli-logging crew in Montana, and frankly, watching their pilots scares the crap out of me, especially Steve who, according to the show is at roughly 100hrs long-line (no offense Steve if you're on the forum). I hope it's just the gimmicks in the editing of the program, trying to make everything look worse than it is, but there seems to be a serious lack of safety, logging regardless. If any of you pilo
  14. Thanks for the help fella's, I am serious, and am currently looking at Houston with some interest. I sent an email to their recruiter (I didn't know PD's had recruiters), and he informed me they were in the process of hiring close to a thousand officers, as well as getting another helicopter. Sounds tempting to me, any reason I should be on the lookout with Houston? My wife was born in Dallas, and though we prefer Montana or even the countyside here in WA, neither of us are opposed to Texas. Thanks all, I respect this forum a ton for insight and advice, keep 'em comin'.
  15. Is there any site (open to the public, I'm not an ALEA member) that might have a list of air units in the states? I'm in the Pacific Northwest, but am willing to move if necessary. Thanks for the help.
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