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  1. Does anyone know of a school that's specifically dedicated, or has a "section" dedicated to training for work in ENG? Just a thought that came to mind from another thread - Prefer something near Las Vegas our So. Cal. Thanks
  2. Oh ... just saw there was a recent post ... good idea though
  3. Is there a school out there that trains people for this kind of work?
  4. Sallie Mae is, indeed, offering private finance loans to students who meet certain credit criteria; but there are new factors involved beyond just SSH ... the real estate and mortgage crisis - the fact so many financial institutions are on the credit brink themselves - makes for a skeptical lender, or any agency that guarantees loans. The lending criteria for Sallie Mae can be stringent, but as long as your credit is good, or you have a co-signer with good credit - and provided you are going to attend a helicopter school that Sallie Mae likes, you can get money. Search for a quality school that is approved by Sallie Mae - do a Google like this: "Sallie Mae"+"Helicopter School", and you'll probably have a slew of results. Good luck!
  5. I have interviewed for companies out of town and out of state, and I've never had them pay my freight when I went for an interview. I don't know of any helicopter school that would hire somebody on the phone. I was never hired for any position on the phone. What's unprofessional is Mr. Shapiro (think, wah wah wah) posting a diatribe like he did. For heaven's sake, this guy cries like an Iraqi torture prisoner on display in the White House Rose Garden, with the thorns still in him. Shap looks like a kid, still, by the pictures on his website, and he seems to have a lot of drinks in his hand in a lot of pictures. Whoa! Let's go fly for America West, Robbie!!!!
  6. From what I've ready, they did offer an interview ... read their first posting. And the website for this clown - my god ... talk about a Pamper-wearing creep!
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